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Dream 2023-01-24 Disturbing injection

Dream or prophetic dream, of 2023-01-24

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding, especially in the interpretation.

Beginning of the dream:

I was going walking and spoke with some people and a group of people about if they are vaccinated (speaking about the so-called Covid Shot).
So almost all the people there said yes somehow with a smile, happy to have it for the reason, playing the game of the back to normal life.
In that group 3 or 4 people there is a young blonde woman, in the age of maybe her 20’s.
She said, no, she is not vaccinated, but will get her shot today.
And by saying that, she was super excited as she could hardly wait to get it (for whatever reason she didn’t have it).
I would say this excitement sounded to me that she can now join “the club″ – and not being an outsider anymore.
She did not tell directly the reason, I only can assume from her reactions and body language.
I tell her; but that jab is not necessary nor mandatory anymore – you can go around and do everything without it – and anyway it is useless as it does not prevent from getting sick, nor protecting from any virus at all.
But she was so excited to get it, that she did not listen to me…
And she want away.

As we know in dreams sometimes things we don’t know in the natural.
So in the dream I knew somehow that she will not be alive anymore the next day.
Basically saying this injection she is going to get now will kill her within the next 24 hours (possibly less) – in whatever way, but it will kill her.
I could literally sense that this is suicide…
And not only this, also for all others I felt like they committed eternal suicide by taking this injection called the Covid 19 vaccination.

Further on my way I could find only one young boy, maybe the age of 10 who was not injected, and was very confident actually about it. He don’t want to get this injection, which sounded to me more like he did not want to get anything that is called injection or vaccination, just wanted to remain healthy and pure as he is.

So the feeling for those who got jabbed was something like when the stomach is turned upside down – I had enormous grief and pain for these people.

End of dream.

There is a lot of room for interpretation in details.
But I want to point out as I knew in this dream that this injection has eternal consequences and not only about affecting the physical body.
From a biblical perspective I know two significant factors to be eternally separated from Adonai.
The one is if someone blaspheme the Holy Spirit and the second is for those who take the Mark of the Beast.

When it comes to this Covid injection, there are a three different main groups with different opinions.
Basically one says, it is not the mark, others say, it is a pre-cursor, whatever that means in details and the third group say it is the mark of the beast (and possibly a few other directions).

I am not going into the discussion of who is right or wrong or whatever.
All groups have missing parameters regardless how much they argue or try to convince.

However, when I knew in the dream the injection is eternal suicide, it raises a lot of question about these missing pieces of the puzzle of what we generally understand from scripture.

Even without the question of the mark of the beast it is already known that this vaccination is extremely dangerous and toxic.

I leave this question open why this young woman is so excited to get it.
While the 10 year old boy who was the only one person in the dream who was confident not to take it.
But recognize 10 in a biblical symbolic language:
It means for example: authority, completeness of order, divine order, law or complete judgment.
So, it gives a whole lot of variations in interpretations.

But at least there’s a bit a hope with people out there that are aware of the deception of wicked sorcery with pure blood.
Not many but they are there…

I’ll leave the rest up to you to prayerfully seek an answer for yourself.

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