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Dream 2022-12-08 Animals, Aliens, Last (lost) Generation

Wild animals, Aliens and the Last (lost) Generation, Dream, recorded on 2022-12-08 at 6:47 (file date)

The dream contains of 3 scenes that don’t seem to have a connection and even sound a bit confusing.
But there is a relatively clear message in the dream.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom for a proper understanding of this dream and ask Him to speak to you for encouragement.

Beginning of dream:

First scene:
I am along my way with a bicycle.
Somewhere along the way I am cycling through apartments/buildings and whatever but also outside in nature.
Twice something drops down (while cycling along) and I pick it up again.
One time of these two that as I want to pick it up a big truck comes along, and I jump quickly aside as he passes by (he did not stop).
I am not able to pick up what dropped down.

Then I reach a place (possibly in a town/city) around a corner to the right – I make a right turn, just between buildings on both sides.
I see in not far distance a tiger in the middle of the (small/narrow) road.
It is a full size big tiger.
I get down from the bike on my feet. I am still on the bike but slowly and very carefully I walk backwards.
I go around the corner and go into a building.

Besides the tiger actually there is a person.
Seems like he has this tiger as a pet.
Additionally there is a dog that comes out of the trunk of a car that parks there.

Though I am not in visible range (from a natural understanding), I still can observe everything.
There is this tiger, the dog and then another animal (don’t know what it is).
All the animals are really big, the dog is even the size of the tiger – and I will avoid to pass by as long as they can run around without being on a leash.

Second scene:
I am in a building.
There is something like a helicopter that is not really a helicopter – just something like it – yet it just looks like a helicopter, or some type of.
In this building I sit on a couch and a young woman sits beside me to the left.
A bunch of other people are here and all of them are wondering what this is – what is going on here.

The helicopter (more like a dark green, olive military color).
It is hovering over the roof, slowly getting lower and lower.
Though I am inside the building I can see also everything that is going on outside.
The building could be a church or some kind of a house for spiritual life, maybe a good size private house with fellowship like a house group or so.

The helicopter lands on top of the house, but then, it destroys the roof.
The roof is slightly slanted.
As it lands, wooden boards are falling from the ceiling/roof.
We cover ourselves as much as possible.
More and more of the roof get destroyed and the helicopter lands – somehow, somewhere, which is actually impossible to describe how and where he lands.

But then I see, it’s actually not a helicopter but it is two dark skinned people.
These are not Africans.
Though their skin is dark is appears to me it’s not a natural skin.
Maybe some sort of synthetic leather or whatever skin like material.
So they are dark skinned, but I am not able to assign any nationality to them.
And the more, their behavior is not really like humans, it’s just strange (I don’t know how to describe).

The girl beside me does not even want to look at them though I push her a bit to the front.
Though I see these two people only briefly but long enough to realize they simply appear weird to me.
If these are humans or aliens or whatever, I don’t know.
All the people who are in this room keep hiding – or try as much as possible.

Third Scene
I am together with a man who is approximate age of 30 to 35 years.
I offer him clothing for free.

He himself , says, he didn’t need anything but he has a niece or another relative of him, which is a young girl or rather a child (maybe around the age of 10 to 12).
There might be an instance to give her a gift – whether because of a birthday or something else.
I show him the clothing that I have on a big table before me that I have to give away, which is quiet a lot.

He complains, that here is some dirt here and there is something crinkled…
He found a couple of things that are basically brand new.
And actually all clothes are as good as new.
Only a few items have a few flaws.

Then he picks up a black jacket where there is a bit dust on it – and he complaints and say this is useless.
I put down the jacket and sweep the dust away with my hand.
But though this is only a bit dust he still find it faulty.

Not all clothes are black but also red and white and whatever (all kinds of colors).
Then I have a nice white shirt that has only a few buckles – but he didn’t like it either.
And then rubber boots with a tiny kink on top.
And he say: no, but they are used
I say: no, I have tried them once and realized, they are too small for me, but that’s it – they are brand new. But still he refuse to take them.

So he continues to complain and complain about every tiny flaw (or he suppose to see).
After a while I start to go very hard on him – fair, but hard with a clear message directly addressed to him.

I say:
first of all, everything is for free and he doesn’t need to pay a single cent.
The most people in this world, especially the ones in the poor countries would fall upon it.
If there are two people (in these countries), they would fight for anything even if there would be way more spots and wrinkles on it.

Then I continue and turn the message more precise.
The gift of salvation is free, really free.
If we come to Yeshua and ask for redemption and eternal life, would he say to us: No, here you have a mole on your skin and that’s why I can’t accept you – or… here because of the one wrinkle on your forehead I can’t take you.

And this man is actually a friend – he is not a very close friend, but a friend (and not an unknown stranger that I would go possibly different on it).
So with my speech I risk this friendship because eternal salvation is far beyond any friendship.
I actually can’t even express, how intense I rebuked him.

With the rubber boots I told him even that he shall ask the girl (his niece) to come and check the boots – if she likes to have them.
And if they are too big then it is solved on it’s own, then it’s not question.
But simply to say she don’t like it without knowing or asking herself is stupidity.
Also to withhold or block someone else to receive eternal salvation is insane and criminal almost.

To refuse a gift to someone else is stupidity and arrogance.

End of Dream:

Overview for interpretation:

I might jump a bit back and forth a little bit through the different scenes but you can read the transcript, that is posted on my website.
So you can connect the things better and may you have more and slightly different revelations about it.

Obstacles are on the way
First the obstacles are nature, then aliens.
Then the strange people – these are not humans, whether aliens or whatever
And everybody is hiding because they are coming.
And they’re destroying the protection, the roof.
They destroy it, they have the power, with their power, with their machines, whatever it is.

I speak to the the friend who is the generation after the generation in my age and his niece then the youngest generation.
I try to give these things to the next generation, but he does not need and even don’t pass it on.
This is happening.
Because the generation after us made it very hard for their next generation.
And we are at a time when the greatest deception ever is coming and they are going to rip the roof off.
And nature is going to be dangerous because the animals are going to be out there and some of it we don’t know what they are.

Interpretation in more details:

The two generations after us are definitely in danger.
The next generation express the corruption of this world.
They are not willing to receive what is considered to be flawed garments.
For them our stuff is unacceptable.
They don’t want anything of us.
They don’t want what we wear, what we think, not anything yet our generation was in many ways really the last generation of sanity.
The world began to go insane somewhere around the end of the 90’s and now the days of Noach are dancing.
Though I think, 89 was maybe the pre-cursor so to say with the fall or the iron curtain, the Berlin wall.
Which some years later it got basically settled with the introduction of the Internet in the form we know today – that was in 1996 and came out of CERN (what a cioncidence).
If there is a conCERN…

The young people even can’t see anything what is valuable and what we have to offer.
The church is getting the roofs ripped off and the demons are here.
They are dressed like in leather skins and they are pretend to be humans and they are coming.
They are already here actually – they probably already here and walking among the young generations and deceiving them and seducing them – it’s bad.

And there are wild animals around (see it metaphorically).
We can even get to go anywhere, whether it’s the city or it’s the country, whether it’s nature or civilizations.
Wild animals are roaming the streets and we can’t move (freely) because of them.
This is actually a good picture of everything that’s going on right now in front of our very eyes.

And what it means to us is to preserve of what is possible to preserve of the goodness of the wholesomeness, of the spiritual, and even natural truths.
Our generation was the last one to know them the last one to exemplify them.

The young generations have lost touch with reality and are like wild beasts roaming the streets and they’re protecting them and they are using wild beasts to get around and to threaten us.
The young people actually do wanna kill and to be like a tiger to the elderly, to the older ones.
They don’t have any respect anymore to their parents and to older people.

Look around, we see it everywhere.
Why you think in so many countries young leaders have been installed by the Wicked Evil Forum?
Young leaders who rule in ruthless insanity – and all (enforcement agencies) follow them.
Yes, there are a few exceptions but in general that’s how it is.

This is the dream, there wild beasts roaming the streets, threatening our generation, threatening of anything what is left of the truth in any kind of healthy culture, in any kind of true spirituality.
The beasts are out there, and the citizens are wak ing with them and taming them and using them and launching them.
And the demons are at the doorstep, ready to rip off the roof of the church.
The young generation doesn’t even want the good stuff that we have to clothe them in.

When speaking about actually the rubber boots in a spiritual sense.
A symbol for that reminded me of Ephesians 6 with the armor of Elohim.
The boots might be not appropriate (as we have been taught with sandals of Roman soldiers) somehow but it’s something you can use to walk through a lot of dirt and muddy ground.
Much better than with sandals, physically, which can be translated also to the spiritual.

But in the dream it was basically rejected or blocked, from the next generation to give it to the youngest generation.
So the next generation doesn’t want to give chance to give the youngest generation a chance to decide for themselves if they want to go into the harvest to deliver the good news or not.
And not wearing garments of righteousness because the old righteousness does not seem to be good enough – the dust of ancient times is not desired anymore.

What is being preached today?
Garments of humanity, prosperity, tolerance and whatever colo red stuff?
I don’t know so much about as I don’t follow modern movements, yet it was told to me

3 Sections in a dream about the times we are living in.

What is the older generation doing, when they try to kill us off with medical treatments and euthanasia.
In Canada mercy killing is actually now the number one cause of death right one – Number one.
Just get rid of the elderly, get rid of useless eaters…
Brave new world is on the horizon or almost here .
1984 has arrived in several countries already.

And now is Christmas… I wouldn’t be surprised.
Christmas is gonna have different types of gifts this year

Let us pray for the few of the young generation that might listen to the voice of wisdom (of the Holy Spirit).
Most of the young are pretty corrupt,pretty self centered, disobedient to parents, seeking pleasures, living for their foolish and empty dreams and support the system of transhumanism.
2 Timothy 3:2

Its almost over
Let us pray for the small remnant of the two generations of this dream, the Gen-X and the Millennial’s that they will find the way of truth, the narrow path that leads to life.
Pray for a big harvest among among these young people.
Let them put on the good clothes even if they seem a bit flawed, old fashioned, a bit dusty or a bit bent, the clothing of righteousness and truth.
And for the old generation to repent of destroying the culture with hippiedom and all the things we have embraced and taught when we were young.
I think a lot has to do with the 68 movement (whatever the correct term)
May the Lord Yeshua rescue as many as possible from the younger and youngest generation.

End of interpretation

If you seek for more wisdom understanding, ask the Holy Spirit. HE will give you everything you need to get the maximum out of this dream and guide you in all prayer into righteousness.

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