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Dream 2022-11-05 Everything collapse, First to the Jews

Prophetic Dream, given on 2022-11-05 at night.

As for the dream itself I don’t go into all the fine details, but will scan more or less through the important aspects.
Please ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom, especially for a reasonable interpretation.
Though it appeared first emotionally in the dream as literal but after a while I came to the conclusion it is mostly symbolic and metaphorical.
There are some interesting details towards the end.

There is a bit more information and a personal opinion in the video, as in this text.

Beginning of Dream:

In the dream I am somewhere in a building.
Don’t know the country, nor the city where I am.
But suddenly parts of the roof (of the building I am) start to collapse.
So I go to another part of this building and warn the people to leave and go to a safe place.
This building appears to be something like a school or similar building, a taller one, or a hall or factory.
There are 2 or 3 other people who run with me at the beginning.
In this certain building I even got hit by some of the debris from the collapsing roof.
It started slowly (to collapse), starting from one end of the big section I am standing, but then more and more.

There is no earthquake, no war, no nothing that could cause this collapse.
Simply everything start to tumble down out of the blue.
First the ceiling, then the walls with brickstones and concrete pieces .

(personal note:)
I have a lot of knowledge in building/ construction but even most lousy constructions would not tumble down in such an unusual way out of nothing and for no reason.

So, me and the other people start running through the city where more and more buildings start to collapse without any reason.
The city we’re at is fairly dense built (very close/tight together the buildings), that’s why we run very fast to find a safe place without buildings around.
We also shout and warn other people to leave and to run.
Now we run into a forest. Could be this is a big park, I don’t know for certain, just a lot of trees there, big trees.

But there, after a little while we figure out, it does not appear here to be safe.
I see trees and branches just start snapping everywhere out of the blue.
There is no storm, no earthquake or any indication what could cause this to happen.
We do towards an open area – at least it looks safe here – without any buildings no trees around, only grass on the ground.

But we are not able to go far (further) into this section as there is a river passing.
Not a big river, maybe 10 meters (30ft) wide.
The river is a bit lower than the ground we stand on, it goes down maybe 2 meters (7 ft) a slope.

Now on that river I see a boat slowly passing by.
That looks like such a typical tourist river cruising vessel, not too long, maybe 60-70 feet (20-25 meters).
I see people watching out of the windows, yet their look appears more something between apathetic or ignorant, don’t know what the best description would be.

As I stand here in a bit distance I say suddenly, no, we are not safe here, RUN!
Run away from the river.
As I am running away from the river, actually back towards the city with still all the buildings continue to collapse I can see all around, like having a 360° view.
Behind by the river I see then a landslide, mudslide or sinkholes, where the soil sinks and the collapse moves toward us.
I also see some people who did not run away get swallowed up by the brown soil.

I am in a group of 8-9 people who made it to a relative safe place – at least for now.
I can see towards the town/ city.
It looks most buildings and trees there already tumbled down (dust settling).
One standing thing I see is a relative high crane that still stands there, but then, just as I look there it starts to drop.
First the arm hits the ground with a lot of dust and debris.
Then it flips sideways completely down and buries quiet a lot of people (and whatever more) who did not run away quickly enough.

In the dream me and or someone else say: “This is judgment.
It is not a general judgment but specifically against the Jews”.
Also it says: “To the Jews first and then to the Gentiles”.
Maybe this dream plays in Israel, but could be rather a view worldwide.

We have now experienced about half a day running and just miraculously survived between everything tumbling down.
There is a thought or someone says: just imagine, this will go on for 7 years in the big tribulation.
It will not be only half a day running but constantly running for the entire big tribulation.

End of Prophetic Dream.

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