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Dream 2022-09-28 Along a dark unknown road and WIFI

Prophetic or non prophetic dream from 2022/09/28

As there is something beyond the dream, that drew my attention read with the help of the Holy Spirit all in context.
For the dream itself there can be many different interpretations presented just one, whether you agree with it or not.

Beginning of dream:

I’m on a road along that has as much as I would say a relative new pavement (the black tar) with orange lines.
It is a fairly wide road downhill into a city, very likely Stuttgart, Germany as much as I could sense in the dream.
(I know Stuttgart somehow in the natural but not that area in the dream)

Then I end up on the road downhill in something like a tower – appeared to be of stone or this type of sand stone, where the color is not clear, maybe some kind of greenish gray or beige.
Me with other people are climbing down this tower that appears to be the continuation of that road.
It works out relative easy at the beginning like with steps going down.
Yet the steps became larger and larger and I have to climb down like on poles or some other types of bars and handles to be able to get down.

After a while I end up outside, without hardly having anything to hold onto.
Beside the tower is a tree and I step a bit on the one branch that reaches close to the tower.
I think to climb over on that branch and then down the tree.
Yet the tree does not look very healthy and it does not have any other branches below the one I am standing on – there is only the trunk going down to the ground.
The height I am might be between 50 and 80 meters (150-240ft) (though I know to guess height is always difficult, but it was really very high).
To climb up back into the tower I need a lot of strength.
As much as I could remember, someone else offered help, but I could make it on my own.

Then I am on a safe platform in the tower like in a room. Maybe 20 other people are here with me.
The room here most the color is red.
We all wonder how we will be able to get out and down the tower.
To go back up is impossible because of the large steps with nothing to hold on to.
At least in this room it feels fairly safe and comfortable.

However, somehow it switches into like another scene of the same journey and I am in a city along the roads. Could be in Stuttgart.
It’s not a very attractive area but I go along while other peoples are also walk around.
Basically they walk that city in all different directions.

I have something like an old man’s walking staff in my hand, yet this one behave somehow strange.
Instead to move it along it seems like it moves in a grid.
Hard to describe, but it is not a smooth movement no matter how much I try.

Then there is one place I have to pass that looks horrible.
It is all covered with dogs excrement’s, some typical light and dark brown, some like as diarrhea, but then also some of it a amber-beige color (or whatever the correct color name) that might be vomit of the dogs.
It is just all over the entire road for a section of maybe the length 10 meters (30ft).

Hard to explain but I use the stick somehow to make wide steps trying not to touch anywhere into the dogs nasty poop.
Though the stick is very annoying with the grid movement somehow I can make it to cross that section without trampling into the brownies.
Most people here seem to step into it.
I don’t see anyone else with such a walking stick/ staff that I have, nor with anything else.

Afterwards I tap on someones shoulder.
This man turns around and looks a bit puzzled, wondering what I want from him.
Surprise to myself as it is not the one that I was expecting to be.
I tell him that he looks exactly like another person that I remember (like a person that I knew in the natural some decades ago, yet forgot his name).
By the sound of his voice I recognize, he is someone else.
I tell him, yes, sometimes it seems like we have doubles, like clones. I experienced the same thing towards me
before (also in the natural).

I continue to walk along and it gets late evening.
Somewhere along the way I ask someone on the way “where I am”.
I have no clue where I am at.
It appears as much as I understand from him the area here is Rotenberg (formerly named Rothenberg).
I know this town is somewhere near or it might belong to Stuttgart.
(I actually had to look it up – if Google is for nothing good with their censorship at least google earth or maps is sometimes useful for things like that).

Near the place I am standing I see some roads and one of them I can identify as a Autobahn (German highway) because I can see the blue color road signs above that road.
I ask someone, how or in which direction I shall/can find my way to home.
I also ask if this is the A8 (number of this Autobahn).
He seems to say yes yet it appears to me he is not really certain about it and just give an answer to avoid more conversations and can go away.
(I actually looked up that as well, and the A8 does not pass Rotenberg)

Never mind, though I ask in where to go home I even don’t know where my home is in the dream.
Truly, I have no clue in the dream where my home might be.
But for now I am just thinking, to find any possibly place to lay my head for this night, a place somewhere, no matter if inside or outside.
By that I think, maybe the next day I can figure out more, where I am at and which direction I have to go and
maybe to know my home in hope it is not so far away that I might be able to walk home during the day.

End of dream:

A few thoughts on the dream itself.
I think it speaks about the majority of people – and this world is basically on a wide road downwards.
The appearance is fancy, new and attractive.
On our ways there are trapped by these towers – you can fill the blanks about what towers it could be.
And we have to make our ways in a grid system like a matrix through through all the filth of this world.
We might make it yet most people might step into it and carry it along in their walk.
And the “system” is telling us, we are all the same like clones without identity.
Further it wants to tell us we don’t know where our home is and how to find our home.
Though those who believe in Adonai know that our home should be in heaven, yet the system want to make us believe we don’t know anything nor where we came from and where we shall go, which is perfect for slaves.

Enough of my thoughts.


I mentioned that I observed something interesting:
Let me start to explain.
Usually when I go to sleep, I switch off all possible electric items except the fridge and freezer but everything else including the router, the WIFI.
The phone I put away as far as possible.
I just don’t want to have too much radiation nearby when sleeping.

However, sometimes it happens that I simply drop to bed and so miss to switch of the electricity/ wireless.
Usually my sleep is relative calm.
Yes, occasionally I have some dreams, but they are rare and if so, they are relative straight and clear whether prophetic or Pizza – and I shared a few of them on this channel.

But whenever I have a very confusing vivid or intense dream in the morning I figured out that I forgot to switch off the wireless for the night.
It truly makes me wonder.
And since I noticed that the last maybe 3 years, maybe once a month, the consistency of this pattern really draw my attention.
I had already suspicions about it but it appears to me this is really something to look into it.
The phone even when it’s placed closer does not seem to have much an effect.
As I use it anyway only for phone calls and SMS I have wireless and Bluetooth permanently deactivated.

Yet my question is:
Could it be that from the Router WIFI there are some messages coming where my hyper sensitive sensors in my knowledge or consciousness or whatever picks it up and translates it into a dream.
Or maybe it connects to my spirit and soul that picks up some dark messages.

Now for you, the reader!
If you dream a lot or not so often, maybe check it out for a longer period if something changes when you switch off all wireless in the house.
If you live in a bigger complex where there are tons of wireless radiation around, it may not do much a difference at all.
But if there is not much radiation coming from the neighborhood, check it out.

It might be that some people don’t have a sensitive reception for these invisible electromagnetic waves.
But.. you can figure it out for yourself.

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