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Dream 2022-07-19 A journey through trials and tribulation

Prophetic Dream, on 2022-07-19 around 0:15.

If you doubt this is prophetic, ask the Holy Spirit: He will tell you!
But in any case, it is good to keep in permanent connection with the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you every second – not only through this dream.

Be aware, that this dream is full of symbolism and metaphors. Watch the whole story to understand the context.

Most of this dream I was not able to describe.
Measurements I use the metric scale.
For the foot and inch or whatever, convert it on your own

Beginning of the Dream:

The place where I start to remember in the dream is somewhere outdoor/ open area.
There I am on a journey.
A cat is together with me.
I have something like a small cart or trailer with a tow bar to pull (like the size of a bike trailer for example
but probably this one has 4 wheels).
In that cart I simply carry my belongings.
Somewhere we arrive (I think by bus) in a complete unknown area outside with a forest around.
There I cross a relative wide road with very little traffic.
Somewhere the cat clings to me, almost like hugging.
This is not an ordinary cat but one that is like a small person in size and I think she could even speak, but I don’t know if we even talk to each other anything at all.
However, for the rest of the dream as much as I remember all conversations were in English.

There I travel together with a good friend.
The cat at one point disappears – or better to say I can’t see her anymore.
But now I am with this friend in a train.
Many other people are in that train.
This friend sits not far away from me, maybe across or a seat away.
Though I know he is a very dear friend, but I can’t identify him by name.

We arrive in this scene at a place, where beside where the train stops, there is a big building.
And this building is burning/ in flames.
The building may have only 2 floors but a huge space (covers a huge area).
Could be either a factory or a school from the style.
I would say not a shopping center because the windows are not down the floor like mostly in shops.
However, as it is completely engulfed in flames there is no way to identify more about it as just to say very big.
But inside this building I see people.
They don’t seem to die or consumed by the fire (to ashes or so), but still somehow alive and they have a certain kind of strong pain.
No, it’s not hell, but the pain they encounter is surely clearly noticeable.
Some of the people walk out of the building.
They appear somehow, but not really burned, but like a form of Zombies.
(don’t know if this is the best word to explain, but I will refer to Zombies a lot in the rest of the dream).

We arrive (and the train stops).
I know it is very dangerous here.
To avoid big trouble I will declare myself, my identity as a firefighter.
My friend who travels with me declares himself as a medical person (whether specified as a doctor, caretaker or whatever I don’t know)

Then a person comes to the train and offer us cookies.
Actually to all the many people that are with us on that train.
This are some kind of these dry beige biscuits.
The size of each piece is relative small, maybe 2×3 cm to 3×4 cm and the thickness is about 3-4 millimeter.
Most the people here seem to be very hungry and as much as I can sense.
And everyone receives the same offer.
So also myself and my friend..
we receive one of these cookies/biscuits (for free).

I pretend to eat my piece but throw it away (basically in a moment where no-one pays attention)
As much as I understand, nobody realized that I tossed the cookie.
But I see that my friend eats his piece.
And very quickly after he ate it I saw, how his face grows full with pox or eczema, a lot, relative big dots and red like blood sprinkled, somehow all over his face.
As I see his face impression, it appears they might be also painful – if it has other effects I am not sure.

But from that moment on, this friend does not continue on the “journey” with me (and a group other people).
Then there are a couple of other strange scenes coming up, I can’t remember anymore.

However, there are always some other people who are traveling in the same direction in the same group with me.
On this journey, over and over we are getting attacked.
I can’t say, it is from a specific enemy.
It appears to me the enemies always changing, or altering their faces.

Then I have to go through a section with several very personalized physical attacks.
Guess other people have their own personalized attacks as well, but all is individually different.
I know only the attacks against me.
Each attack is so very bizarre that I am able to remember or better say, describe only one of them that I can pack somehow in words, which is the last one.
In this scene, there is some kind of a strange looking thing I would describe it as a steam generator.
The boiler is mostly red (with some blank metal areas) and very big, of about 1.5 meter diameter and the height of about 1 meter.
For a pot surely a huge size.

This thing starts to simmer and then a white cloud (a mixture between smoke and spray) comes out.
And this smoke is very precisely directed towards me and actually hits me (a hot and possibly poison smoke).
This was actually the last attack of the serial of at least 5 to 8 attacks.
This type of personalized attacks against me is basically for the purpose to assassinate me.
Yet also as the other attacks before, like this one did not do any harm – I only find myself in this boiling smoke mixture.

All other people who did not had this special protection shield had severe burning or whatever injuries from these personalized attacks, and the people who perform the attacks were truly puzzled (about me and a few others who also did not get harmed at all).

So in this section there is extreme aggression where I and other people are constantly being attacked.
But there is also always a wall of protection around.
This is a very close wall, but not visible.
Well, the other attacks beside the last one I am not able even to pack it into words (with things I’ve never seen before and don’t know what it is).

Now, after that I am basically on the run somewhere to escape.
All of it is like in a certain area or region with different sections but at the same time also the whole thing is an enclosed system.
And my intention is to escape.
And some other people are also together with me on the run trying to get out of this system.
Yet I can’t name even one other person that I would know personally by name (even like this dear friend at the beginning).
We are basically all in the same boat, so to say.

Along the way are more stations, where some of the joining “refugees” of the group were left behind, so to say.
Some people simply stranded on the way in their challenges.

Then we arrive in an area with giants.
This are normal looking people but about 3.5 – 4m tall (in my estimation).

At the end of this section I enter a room where there is a woman.
She is about 3.5m tall, fairly attractive looking and from a normal human perspective I would say the age in her early 30’s.
Tanned skin, long straight dark hair.
Looks more southern, I would say, Italian or Brazilian appearance.
One thing I know in the dream she is a prostitute.

Somehow I hear someone saying how it feels to have sex with her.
Personally I do not have interest in that at all.
But unlike the other sections before, here, there seem to be no aggression or direct physical danger.
This woman does not appear mean or violent but rather apathetic.

But I know something is not good here and I definitely need to get out of this enclosed system.
To get out of this section I have to climb up a couch, which is a challenge in itself, because it is so huge.
But I can manage to get up.
The sitting level is about 1.5 meter and the back is almost 2 meters.
The round cushions make it so difficult to grab anything, but somehow I mange it.
There from the top of the couch, somehow I can reach a door to get into another section.

In that section are more obstacles to overcome.
And we are now in an area with a group of people trying to escape – and of course, the number of people who survive, decrease more and more.
The more section, the more challenges, the more time pass, the more people of this group get lost and fall away (or maybe die).
But now it gets very dangerous and we have to hide as much as possible.
After some time we arrive at a big truck.
We have to pass by the truck somehow, but now it appears we get stuck now.

The truck looks like a construction site vehicle, some kind of a 16 or 24 ton typical lorry truck.
The cabin is of a washed red-orange color.
That truck stands in a big garage or a hall.
So, we arrive, coming from the back, basically over the loading area and moving towards the front but there’s no way to pass by the truck.
He is parked in a way, where above the cabin is a wall of glass (or similar transparent material), but hard to destroy and on the sides are walls.
The truck parks basically perfectly in this hall or garage with no space between on each side, is if this garage is just designed for that specific truck.
Even underneath there is no space to crawl through.

I try to find a spot where I could find a way to squeeze my way through.
Some people discuss with me how we might be able to get to the other side (at the front of the truck) to move on.
We try to push the truck forward in hope to gain maybe a small gap where we might be able to creep through.
And it actually works somehow.
But it’s hard labor, and the truck moves slowly forward.
It might be possible by that action we somehow started/ ignited the engine of the truck.

Everything in that section is moving very, very slow.
But now we know we need to hide very well on the loading area of the truck
On the roof of the cabin there is some type of a triangle (possibly also like a piece or fabric, but could also be painted) and we have to cover it with a similar triangle shaped fabric like a table cloth in beige color.
In the front of this triangle there is the letter “D”.
With that table cloth we cover exactly the original triangle.
One corner on the back-left, the other corner on back-right and the center in the front in the middle of the cabin where there is this letter “D”, size about 15cm.

Another person gets on the roof of the cabin and I tell him, he shall come here down and also he shall not displace the covering triangle cloth.
Though the position on the roof gives a good overview over the situation, but it is too dangerous that the enemy might detect us.

Everywhere are aggressive people like zombies, cannibals or some creatures like that.
Police and military I can’t really see, but I know they are also everywhere, yet all the controlled masses of zombies alone are dangerous enough.

Of course the reason to climb on top of the truck is the aspiration to see the direction where to escape, but we are also aware we need to be very careful not to be seen by the enemy.

Eventually the truck is rolling forward,(don’t know who is driving or if there is any driver at all) yet in my sense very slow.
I am right behind the cabin in the loading area together with a dark skin man (possibly an African).
Further back in the lorry there are a couple of other people.
We roll relatively slow on our way forward.

We hide from those Zombies as much as possible.
Police and military are very hidden (camouflaged), almost invisible.
We need to make sure, not to fall into their hands as this will be surely the end of our journey.
But also the Zombies are everywhere and they are also very dangerous in some ways.

At a certain place I think the truck stops.
From there I see a huge truck that looks more like a mobile conveyor belt (length as good as 50 meters), that is behind us and moving slowly towards us.
On this belt which is slowly spinning there are people on top.
Other people sitting like inside the upper and lower belt as if they are sitting inside in a bus.

The people/zombies on this belt are being carried to the front and there they fall down (like dirt).
This conveyor-belt truck appears to me more like a piece of a amusement park (like a Ferris wheel, carousel or so), yet with one has a complete different purpose.
What happens with the people who fall from the belt I don’t know.
Whether they get flattened by the truck or run away or whatever…
But all of them appear to have no will of their own.

Surely this conveyor-belt truck is much bigger than our truck and now is passing by, very slowly on the right side of our truck.
So we have only some small blankets for us to cover and hide and even these blankets are not complete (with oles and torn) .

This African man always wants to stand up and gawk around of what is going on around us.
I need to tell him over and over (even partially I have to pull him down) that he shall remain under the blanket all the time until the big conveyor-belt truck has passed by.
Because if one of us is being detected it’s all over for all of us.
I think at some point he went down the truck or got pulled down somehow on the left side of the truck.
At least from that a certain moment on, he does not continue the journey with us anymore.
Meanwhile I keep myself completely hidden (under the banket).

It takes a relative long time until we are able to escape that zone/ area.
But we can manage to get out of the system of fire, death, attacks, hate, violence, zombies, giants and all other types of challenges.

Finally I get out, step down the truck and sit down at the corner of a house.
There I collapse more or less somehow.

Then I start to weep and sobbing to the core.
There are only a few people who also made it together with me to escape this system.

The building here where I sit down, seem to be fairly okay but all around everything appears to be very much destroyed and crumbled.
It might be at the outskirts of a city or in a small town, but that does not matter – we made it.

So I sit there weeping and sobbing because of two reasons:
First because I have managed to escape from this type of almost hell and torture.
But I also weep for the friends and all those who did not make it.
Especially for the one at the beginning who truly was a dear friend but has been left behind only because he took the offer of this one little cookie (biscuit) he ate.

The sobbing is so strong, deep in my soul/stomach that I wake up from that emotional pain.

It is like that most in this dream I am not able to describe, especially the physical attacks where I survived by some kind of supernatural protection.

I can’t remember a lot of things in detail and would have anyway no words to describe.
The attacks have been a whole serial of different ones.
Whenever I survived one, the aggressors became more angry and came up with more violent and stronger attacks, until the last one.
There I could escape and came into the land of the giants.
This section was a bit different.
Though as giants one would guess supposed to be extreme dangerous but it appeared at least not in the physical.
There have been a bunch of other giants before the last
with the prostitute, but I can’t remember any details of that.
Though the prostitute was surely not directly physical aggressive and the others I could not remember as well, but surely a place where I also needed to escape.

End of Dream.

Now some words about this dream.
This is not a complete interpretation and there is anyway a lot of room for a huge variety of interpretations in many directions where many can be right.
Like prophecies have always different layers and each of them can be applicable.
Yes, there can be interpretations that are simply off the wall, but so it is.

For me it almost appeared this dream was a virtual journey through the big tribulation or a period of time just entering in into the big tribulation.
All the things that occur on the way I would say are somehow figuratively with maybe some direct indications of true reality.

At the beginning eating a cookie made this friend a zombie.
Interestingly considering computer language there are also cookies there.
Just connect the computer cookies to the cookies in a human body the way how the person change in the dream.

I am not thrilled to be assassinated but I like the way the protection shield works, just amazing.
Just imagine how furious your enemy will become when he will not be able to destroy you?
And there is only one protection which is in Yeshua, the rock and shield of our salvation.

There are people out there who claim that giants will be coming back.
If this is in the natural or in another form, I don’t know.
But when we read the scripture where it says as like in the days of Noach, during end of time (this age) .
And here is the connection: Before the flood the sons of God came down to have sex with men.
Though in this dream it was a woman but as someone in the dream speaks about how it will be to have sex
with the giants, I guess it comes very close to the days of Noach – and very likely it can become reality, as symbolically it speaks about sexual intercourse with the giants.

What the Triangle and the Letter ″D″ on the roof of the trucks cabin means I am not sure.
Maybe in order to escape we need to cover the Devils triangle of Deception, the evil counterfeit of all things with Divine Truth of the LORD Yeshua, the Father and the Holy spirit.

The zombies on the conveyor-belt maybe somehow speaks for itself.
Looks almost like in this world today…
How many are unaware of what is going on.
They are part of the show like in an amusement park.
The roman empire understood how to blind the people with entertainment.
At the end they will be spilled out.
And we know the Elites count ordinary people just like dirt and don’t care what happened to them when they drop down the belt (you can put your meaning of that symbol).

But the very end was very hard.
As mentioned I woke up from the pain of weeping and sobbing.
Hard to describe emotions between relief and pain.

Yes, there might be some personal elements in the dream.
I am walking with Yeshua already many many years and it makes me sad when I remember how many people I have seen who start to walk with the Lord in enthusiasm and joy, serving him faithfully…
But then with years passing by, one after the other fall away or just turned back again to the broad road that leads to destruction.
It’s very sad to watch it over decades.
Deceived, lured into fleshly desires and stopped the walk in faith.
I mean we all need some things for our body like food or a place to sleep, but fleshly desires shall not control us.

Speaking about the big tribulation.
How many people will really make it til the very end?
And if the time will not be shortened, no flesh will live.

I pray for all those on the run who want to escape this evil system of this world.
The walk in this world is a daily battle.
And the more we are coming to the end of this age, our battle may intensify.
Yet we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

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