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Dream 2022-06-08 Deception and deceptive protection

Prophetic Dream on June the 8th 2022

Actually there was a serial of dreams that night, but this is only the part that I could remember

Interpretation after the dream.
As prophecies (and as well dreams) can always have different levels of meaning… make sure to ask the Holy Spirit for yourself about what Adonai tells you of this dream.

There are some measurements given.
I use the metric scale.
For people of the inch and feet fraction may use a converter to get it.
In this transcript I added the equivalent measurements, as approximate feet and inches.

Start of dream
(afterwards the interpretation)

It appears to be war or the preparation of war.
Outside, wherever it is, I don’t know, there are many of these kind of trenches where the soldiers use to go, hiding from the enemy.
These trenches are relatively long, but very narrow, which makes me a bit wonder.
The reason I guess is, if a tank passes, they will even not recognize that there is a trench (or don’t see that).
The width is about 30-40cm (12-16 inch);
And with that, the soldiers might not be able to grab their guns to fight. Maybe they are only made for hiding, but I have no clue about military stuff anyway (never joined military).
However, I look into them and see; they are covered with loads of long grass that seem to grow in these trenches or just placed in there for (maybe) even more protection and hiding.

I step once a little into it to get a closer inspection and it looks like these trenches operate as entrances for further deeper locations.
There are some other people around where I could not recognize, not one of them.
Some appear to be ordinary people, others soldiers or some kind of police or security personnel.

Then I go deeper, and at the bottom of these trenches at those “entrances” there are stairs, going down, into other areas.
I would describe it as underground bunkers, dug out of the natural soil, whether it’s soil or rock, I don’t know.
They start as good size tunnels (maybe 2x3meters / guess 3m wide, 2m high) 6.5ft by 10ft),
all in the same brownish slightly green color – just as I would expect more or less from natural tunnels.

But everything looks a bit suspicious or strange to me.
People have been told these are the safety rooms for war.
Either the war is coming soon or already happen.
I can’t hear any bombing or shooting but it could very much be, that the war is already running – or maybe soon to arrive here in that area where I am in the dream (which I actually can’t recognize where it might be, even not the country) but that I don’t know.
It appears, that other people can’t really see me but I can see everything.
After the tunnels I enter a bigger room, which does not look of natural soil or rock but could be now some kind of a real concrete or whatever material, maybe a bunker type area.
I don’t see windows here but it looks somehow very welcoming nice and bright as if there is daylight (wherever the light comes from).

There are actually two different but similar rooms like this.
The one is maybe 20 by 20 meters (65 by 65 ft.) and the other is much bigger.
They are equipped in a similar way like a camp with many beds.
These beds are all like dormitory bunks (double) and they all have a strong red color (the wooden frames, light color type maybe spruce or so).
The space between the beds are relatively small, maybe somewhere between half a meter and 1 meter (20 to 40 inch).
So there are literally hundreds of beds (bunks).
As I look around I can’t see a lot of people, yet somehow I know (in the spirit in the dream) these rooms one day will be filled.

Though the design and ambience does appear friendly, but I feel somehow very uncomfortable here.
Just imagine sleeping here between all the hundreds of people and many snoring, or walking around at night will be tough enough to find any rest (at least for me).
Also, I can’t see any privacy area, doesn’t look to me they have even separated bathrooms, toilets and showers.
And with that little space between the beds, might be hard to bring even a suitcase.
Somehow I know this place is not what the people would have been told, to be in a safe place for war.
Though it does not appear dark but I feel somehow, as soon the thing or the system is running with people coming here, there will be no more escape anymore – as like a deceptive trap.

End of dream, or let’s say, more I can’t remember…

Now the Interpretation:
This is a dream of deception and deceptive protection.
The enemy is creating a problem, he is creating war and then he is getting people to be trapped by their fear of the war.
And this we can pray that we will not be trapped by the fear and not be driven into places of so-called protection which probably would be places of extermination and horror.

This dream is about horror above and horror below.
It’s a dream about the fact that there is no protection for people who are outside the Lord Yeshua, that danger and war is coming and that the enemy is going to use war to kill people, and he use fear and his protection to do the same thing.

It’s being caught between a rock and a hard place and there is no hope there.
This dream is also about the hopelessness being without Adonai.

The description is, that there is mixture of the appearance (also the bright red beds…) that they want to make one think, this is a good safe place, but it’s really a place of danger and a place of horror and nightmare.
And with everything bright and clean reminds somehow of Nazi showers…
ooh,. let’s take a shower, nice bright, get cleaned up.

This is what the dream is all about:
The desperation and the hopelessness of people who will be driven like scripture says in Amos 5:19:
It will be as when a man is fleeing from a lion – and meets a bear!
Or he comes home, leans his hand on the wall, and a snake bites him.

Is like in Hosea, when people are in sin, they’re driven by fear, the enemy creates tragedies and war and misery and people try to escape – and they go from the frying pan into the fire.

Basically a very simple prophetic dream that should lead us into specific prayer.
Let us pray that the people that might escape to come to Master Yeshua.
As we also can say, don’t let a good crisis go waste.
Let the wave that is coming be an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, judgment and righteousness.
The test will come upon the whole world (we all know that) and that the impossible will come to pass – and that is:
That Yeshua will save them out of the fire.
So let us pray for laborers for the final harvest to go into the battlefields and bring the good news of eternal life through Yeshua to the people.
Yeshua is The way.
He is the only Hope – He is The Way, The Truth and The Life, and no-one comes to the Father in heaven except through Him.

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