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Dream 2022-06-01 The preacher and the King Cobra

Prophetic Dream June 01. 2022
This is the first of two different dreams that very night – the second will be published soon.

This dream now is the one I already shared somehow in the message on Shavuot.
But here now with the more advanced interpretation to keep the focus only on the dream itself.

Keep in mind, interpretations of dreams can be incomplete and sometimes it is hard even to express the full depth at all.
Also, not every prophecy is for everyone.
So, ask also the Holy Spirit to give you personally understanding about this dream.

Beginning of Dream:

There is a preacher on a stage.
I have no clue who he is (unknown face, though I anyway don’t know many preacher at all).

The only things I hear him preaching is about the blood of Yeshua and repentance.
I can not really identify the number of the people that are here in the audience, but it appears to be a relative big crowd.
Could be a couple of thousand but could go into the million or millions of people that are listening.
The people in front, in the first unknown number of rows I can see, yet the more to the back the darker the area
and it’s hard to assume of how far it even reaches.
And with this it’s difficult to say how many people are there in the audience – but I sense in the dream there are really a lot.

Somewhere while the preacher is preaching, a snake “comes” on stage.
(Actually I looked up as I am not very familiar with the types of snakes – only a few that we have here in this country.)
But clearly I found it is the King Cobra.
This one in the dream is maybe 1,5 – 2 meters (5-7ft) long.
And then the viper bites the preacher, but he kept on preaching, completely ignoring the snake as if it doesn’t exist.
I could not remember on which part of the body he got bit as I did not pay so much attention on that…
However, then after maybe half a minute while the viper still hanging on him – suddenly the viper drops down, dead.
The preacher continues to preach plain and clear the same simple message, completely ignoring now the dead snake on the stage.
Maybe half an hour later while he still preaches, the same thing happens again with another King Cobra, similar size, that comes along.
And again also the second snake bites him and after a while drops down dead while he is preaching.
The first time the people were already in some kind of a shock or awe with the question, what’s going on, how this can happen.
Not only because that the viper instead the preacher died but also that the preacher completely ignored this very visible good size snake viper (as if it does not exist).

But the second time the people get really scared but also the fear of God comes upon them.
The message was just preaching repentance and the blood of Yeshua.
No milk or sugarcoated message, no prosperity gospel, no itching ear sermon or whatever nonsense theology.
Just plain and clear the blood of Yeshua and repentance.

End of Dream:


I think, there is almost no need for big interpretation as the dream speaks for itself.
The main subject or focus is supernatural protection.

First of all there is the preacher, I would say he is on fire.
I think the world is surely desperately in need of such preachers.
Where are they?

Straight forward preaching only repentance and about the blood of Yeshua.
For me it looks like there is too much theology in this world float ing around from the pulpits.

It is known that a King Cobra supposed to be very venomous.
I looked up a tiny bit but could not get enough information, like statistics for example of how many people survived from their bites without any treatment.
But I assume not many, if any at all.

But it gives me some kind of an picture about the spiritual aspect and a supernatural protection that is possible when our focus is straight on our calling.
Not everyone is called or gifted as a preacher, but if we live in holiness and our calling.
And I think, this is a picture for the last final harvest whether it will last for some years or only a few months, that preachers will come up who have this supernatural protection as the one in the dream.

The snake in the dream might not be literal but as a metaphor for the enemy who wants to kill all children of Adonai (or all people).
Here this preacher is so focused on the message of eternal life, which comes by repentance and the blood of Yeshua, then, there is nothing that can kill him.
At least not before it’s time.

Look at the Apostle Paul in Malta for example, when he shipwrecked in Malta and the snake came out by the fire, how it did not not harm him at all.
Because his mission was not finished yet and so he got this supernatural protection.
And this opened the way to the hearts of the people in Malta, though they first saw him as a god and wanted to worship him.

I am just asking:
Where are the preachers who are not focusing on all the useless distractions around us?
So many Christians have their eyes now fixed on politics, silly viruses, Ukraine or whatever, instead walk and operate in their calling.
Yes, there are intercessors who are called to pray into these things but it appeared to me it’s now the majority of believers supposedly and suddenly became intercessors for all the distractions, that the media liars throw out of their mouth by their double tongue.

I am not judging you but ask you in love to check out if you are truly called for intercession into politics or to preach the gospel plain and clear, or to worship, shepherd, to teach or whatever.

However, I love the supernatural protection.
And I think it only comes when our eyes are solely focused on Yeshua,
regardless of how many deadly snakes, evil men or threats are snooping around.

I see also the true preachers in the last final harvest in this dream.
It’s not about fame or money or numbers in a church, but straight focused on the salvation message of Yeshua.
Let the fear of Adonai come upon the multitudes, when genuine divine miracles will happen, so their ears and hearts will be opened for repentance and that the blood of Yeshua can flow into the souls for their eternal salvation.

Pray the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into the harvest – Laborers like this preacher in the dream!

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