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Dream 2022-06-01 All the boats, the supernatural

Prophetic Dream from June 01. 2022

It might be related a little bit with the other dream the same night, with the preacher and the king cobra.
But it also stand on it’s own.
Be aware, not all prophecies are for everyone.
But as in every prophecy, ask the Holy Spirit for yourself what you need to know about this prophetic dream.

The dream appears somehow fragmented or incomplete – maybe it is, somehow, but this is all what I could remember.

Beginning of the dream

Scene 1
I see a boat (not too far from the coast), that is maybe 30 meters long (90ft). This boat heads more towards the open ocean, but suddenly makes a sharp left curve (almost completely turning around) towards the shore.
I am not sure what type or boat it is – (but it’s not some type of a pleasure or private yacht).
Maybe it’s some sort of transportation for small cargo or a mixture of something with freight and some passengers.
I am relative close by the boat on the water, following as I wondered why he made this turn and then speeds the engines up to the maximum.

A bit later I could recognize the reason (maybe half a minute later).
And this is because I see, it slowly starts to sink – possibly because of a damage of the hull so water floods into the boat.
I know somehow what the sailor tries to do.
And this is, to reach as fast as possible the land and basically there, slide up on a sandy shore what he knows where it is (in that area), in order to save the boat somehow or at least the cargo.

Then I see two women on deck in the back of the boat.
There is a small platform with railing around.
They try to find something where they can hold unto, as the water like in waves already start to swap over the deck.
Seems like they are not able to get into the boat anymore for whatever reason, maybe the captain has locked the door.
So there is a railing around where I guess this is at least what they try to reach in hope if they hold unto it, at least as long until the boat reaches the shore, in order they can somehow survive.

But it does not look like they (will) make it.
A little bit later the boat is already now almost 80 or 90% under water, but the pilot keeps on going full speed towards the shore.
I can’t say if they made it because I find myself in another scene.

Scene 2:
I find myself still on water but in another area between all sort of boats.
Those boats appear to me more like model boats (or as if I am like a giant looking down on all the boats).
I am on the water like on some kind of an invisible powered board to move forward.
(I know these type of boards in the natural, named either Jetfoiler or Hydrofoil surfboards, that can slide around pretty fast and flexible on the water, depending on the skills of the surfer).
But in my case there is not really a board under my feet.
My feet are under water, about up to the ankles, maybe 10cm (~4 inches).
But I am surfing/sliding along the water in a similar way as with a board yet without a need of my own energy/ effort and without a literal board.
With an extreme fast pace I maneuver between these boats around with great skill.
The boats there standing in all directions, some are moving somewhere a little bit, others seem like just standing around.
All of them are just going somewhere or nowhere but it does not look like they are going anywhere.

Scene 3:
Somehow then I am on land which looks like the sea is not far away on the left and I walk along a road.
Then I see a black spot (like from a disease) on my upper left leg – I don’t know the proper term on that (I’m not a medical).
The size of that black round spot is about 2-2,5cm which is about one inch.
And around that black is a red ring with a thickness of about 0.5-1cm (guess this is somewhere a quarter to a third of an inch).
I thought, maybe I got hit by a venomous animal in the water (which I know in the natural this can happen).
But this black spot does not hurt, nor grow or change in any way, it is just somehow distracting, especially as it is a very dark black.
I scratch it off while walking along or at least I try as much as I can.
Seems like some of it falls off from the black inside but I don’t know if or how much I am able to accomplish to get rid off it, because I find myself in the next scene.

Scene 4:
I come to a game that looks like soccer.
A bunch of very different people playing there together or better say two teams.
Basically people from all sort of society, age and background.

The “star” in the game seem to be a toddler, a little boy, maybe 2 or 3 years old.
He beats literally everyone.
And h e has the hardest longest distance shoot.

Two religious Jews I see there with their Kipas in black.
As the game intensifies, they struggle and fall off a bit to the side of the field, because they have all the time their hands on their Kipa to keep them on their heads.
So they are more concerned about their Kipas instead of the play.
The toddler on one side of the field shoots the ball always over the whole field almost into the goal of the other team.
So, it is just a one sided power play.
The one team only tries to protect the goal.
Basically it is more or less a game where a whole team plays against this one toddler.

End of Dream


Scene one with the sinking boat.
This is a typical behavior of many people as that they are more concerned about their cargo or their possessions than about people.
While the captain tries to bring the sinking world system, represented as the boat out of misery, focusing to save materialism.
Yet there is no place for ordinary people.
The captain might also represent the leaders of this world are just selfish trying to save their sinking ship of greed.
The two women on the deck may also represent the Church.
They don’t have a place or not welcomed inside the boat.
In the dream I thought, why does these women not simply jump off the boat and let the boat go down, instead trying to hold unto it (hold on to the world system).
Maybe a situation we have today when so many pray about the overturning of the wicked and the going back to a so-called normal on a sinking ship.

Now Scene 2 where I am surfing between the little boats, though they seem to be real boats:
There is a verse in Proverbs 30 verse 18 and 19 that says:
There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not:
The way of an eagle in the air;
the way of a serpent upon a rock;
the way of a ship in the midst of the sea;
and the way of a man with a maid.

Boats standing still with no sense of direction as compared with a ship on the high seas that has a destiny.
Here in the dream the boats represents people.
So the people are standing around in all directions moving a bit around with the waves and current, but they don’t go anywhere, don’t know the purpose of life.

The dream is not about me but about all the faithful and righteous people.
While the people of this world are floating around like boats, not anchored anywhere, just drifting on the water without concept, direction or destiny.
Gods people on the other hand are like giants who have first of all a different, higher view down to see all the different things that are happening in this world – but also a supernatural power which gives them the ability to move way beyond their natural ability even with skills they never learned.

And the Scene 3 it might be not only personal, but represents many if not most or all the children of Adonai.
I assume many are dealing with some kind of sin that is really bothering them a lot.
I think the red ring around could represent the blood of Yeshua that covers the sin.
Though the sin is already deep and dark that the black spot is basically a permanent reminder.
Yes, it does not hinder the walk, nor is it painful or grows.
But it is really annoying and a distraction, maybe something like shame, guilt or whatever that is left as this black mark – I am not sure on that.

Yes, I was able to scratch some of it off in the dream but I was not sure if there might be enough time til the next scene came into the dream to accomplish it.
So, my scratching on the black spot may also represent constant repentance for the sin – and that might be the reason it can’t grow.
And we sin every day, some a lot, some just a tiny bit – and yes, it is very annoying.
But, what can we do…
scripture does not indicate that sin will leave us here on earth as the devil deceives everyone permanently on every level.
So we have to deal with it until we are back in heaven… the one way or the other.

The last Scene 4 appeared to be a somehow a bit funny but amazing how a little toddler can batter a whole team
(just a wonderful picture).
This section again this is addressed to the religious world.
Though the Kippa is basically a Jewish symbol, even though it is not biblical because a Kippa is only about 800 years old.
I think the dream used that, to point on religion in general, regardless which direction, because all people from all different backgrounds were playing there.

But how many people are more focused on religion instead on the game, which represents our life here on earth.
What I understand is also that the dream calls us, to be like little children.

A good expression we see in Mark 10 verse 14 and 15 where Yeshua got angry and said:
“Let the little children come to Me!
Do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Amen, I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it!”

It’s a tough statement, but so true.
This section of the dream is for all believers to focus their all and everything on Yeshua with a childlike faith.

In the precious dream about the preacher and the king cobra snake the message was already about to focus on Yeshua with repentance and His blood and here it adds the faith of a little child.
In the former dream the preacher had a supernatural protection.
In part 2 is supernatural movement and part 4 supernatural victory.
Do you like to have them all?
Or are you happy with silly religion or traditions and try to keep on to it like the Jews in the dream their Kipas?

I hope this word encourages you to seek the Lord more and more to finally come into the fullness of faith in the Messiah, into the flow of His blood, and very important, in repentance, your personal calling and to trust Him like a little child with great victory.

He said also in Matthew 11:25,
I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth,
that You have hidden these things from the wise and discerning and revealed them to infants.

And in Matthew 21: 16, referring to Psalm 8:3 he said:
Haven’t you ever read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing toddlers You have prepared praise for Yourself’?

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