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Dream 2022-05-27 Bill Gates, Repentance, Farmland

Prophetic Dream, given on May 27th 2022 (at night).

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Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and wisdom for this dream.

Beginning of Dream:

Bill Gates and another man that I don’t know by name are there.
I face them directly and very clear to repent, but they just laugh and mock.
They even try to intimidate me to stop preaching.

I can feel literally their pride and arrogance.
They truly believe they are beyond everyone and everything.

Later I speak with a lady (don’t know that person) about farmland, saying, that farmers should simply refuse to sell their land to Bill Gates or at least make it almost impossible.
I say, they should ask him for a million dollars for each square foot.

Then Bill Gates who stands nearby, again laughs as this seem to be also no problem and did not hinder him to buy more land.
As much as I understand in the dream he is able just to print as much money as he wants – without limits.

End of dream

Some snippets of the interpretation:

First of all, Bill Gates or the other man beside him might be only symbolic for the superwealthy wicked elite.

The paper money, which we know is since many years just produced out of thin air. I don’t know but maybe Gates has some connections to get as much money as he wants.

But more important:
This message is addressed to Christians.

I know from someone who has more insight, that many believers waste their time praying for these wicked people.

How much time do you consume to pray for evil proud and arrogant people in high places?
And on the other side: how much time you pray for the billions of people who struggle to survive?
It’s almost like the Christians pray 99% of their time for the 1% and spend 1% of their prayers for the 99% of people (at least in certain groups of people).
How much compassion do you have for the 1% wicked group and how much for the poor 99% ?

My appeal:
Pray, that the Good news of eternal life through Yeshua will reach billions of homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts, orphans, widows and poor people in slums, etc.

Billions !
Not billions of dollars, but billions of souls that need to be snatched out from the broad road of sin, that leads to destruction into the narrow path that leads to eternal life in Yeshua.

The wicked elite see all other humans as useless eaters or human animals.
BUT the scripture is plain and clear that poor homeless at your door is less worthy as the rich and nobles.

Yet the poor also need to repent like anyone else.

So now, get on your knees and pray for the lost and stop with the stupid nonsense praying for hardened hearts, wasting all your energy and time.

The harvest is ready, pray that the Master of the harvest send laborers into the harvest?

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