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Dream 2022-04-30 After the rapture

Prophetic dream April 30th 2022 (unknown time, but towards the morning)

Please keep in mind, to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this dream.
Also consider that there is no timeline given, when it might happen.
As the dream that is very symbolic or metaphoric, which gives a lot of room for interpretation.
It’s definitely not a literal dream.

In the video are some images added, that helps a bit with some objects (maybe it will come here as well one day)

Beginning of Dream:

It is very difficult even how to describe the dream

Everything before a certain point in the dream I can’t remember.
It basically starts out with an event, where something like the rapture or the taking of the bride happens.
It’s a very short scene, that looks like a bright (glistening) flash more as a ball with a yellow-red-gold sparkling ring/ edge around.
I don’t see any people flying up in the sky, because it was just a twinkling of an eye, which is this white ball-like flash.
But right afterwards everything is changed.
The colors of almost everything is that kind of deep Sepia, which is more a mix of orange, beige and brown.

I see a lot of military aircraft’s and interestingly but hard to describe, also vehicles that are flying.
I don’t see any regular vehicles like private cars or so.
Most of the vehicles are some kind of trucks or more detailed, like the fire-trucks similar what some airports have with 4 axles and real big wheels.
Maybe some military trucks are also in that style. (I am not familiar with Military stuff)
But the difference is here, they are flying.
And while they fly, every now and then, they land on top of buildings.
And those buildings where they land have solar panels on their roofs.
In the dream I know somehow, the reason why they land on these roofs, is to fill up their tanks (whatever their energy resource).
It only takes them a few seconds and they even don’t really need to stop completely, just to say, they tank on the fly-by.
This happens relatively often but as it does not take much time at all, it does not interfere much their flight.

I myself am in a Volkswagen Bully, an older type.
Maybe this is the early T3 or even T2 which points to build around the late 70’s or the early 80’s ( as far I can remember in the natural – and as I looked up, right it was 1979).
It is possible that there is someone else with me in the bus (in the VW bully).
If one or more persons are here I can’t say for sure, because my eyes are more fixed on the scenery outside all around.

The color of the two trucks that are behind us I can’t really remember.
Maybe one is sort of a green like military and the other white-cream type color, maybe more like the UN vehicles.
But I am not sure on that.
I don’t see any people walking on the roads or on the side walks even though I have a wide high view.
But these 2 trucks seem to follow me/us.

In the dream I know there are some buildings , while we passing along and I can see them from above.
These buildings, have (old) wooden heating.
These heating systems are a kind of old/ancient technology.
Either old ovens or fire places, or better say the buildings where they are, the army is not able to attack or access/ enter.
The fire stoves/places work basically as a safety wall for the whole building (for the people who are inside).

So, now still in the Volkswagen bus (bully), we are driving in a city, still followed by the flying trucks.
I don’t know who is driving.
We may even don’t really drive on the road or at least it appears like. Maybe we are a little bit above the ground, maybe a foot above or so, yet I can’t say that for sure.
Or it appears like this, as the ground is just fuzzy brown.
Then at one point suddenly we speed up (accelerate) dramatically, really very fast through the city.
But that happens somehow very soft like without shifting any gears.
It’s raining and the roads are wet.
The water is more like dirty water, also a kind of Sepia.

But we drive extremely fast to escape those two trucks.
We manage to get away so far, that I can’t see them anymore.
And then we make a very sharp (90°) curve, I guess to the right, but that I am not 100% sure on that.

In midst of the city the road is a bit wider but to where we turn around the corner into is more a narrow road.
We arrive at a certain building.
Seem to be a good size house, yet appears fairly simple from the style.
And this house is also protected.
It sits on pillars over a lake (somewhere in midst the lake) like a pond yet much bigger.
The protection for that house are actually the frogs in that lake.
I go inside the house, though I don’t know the purpose and what I am doing there.
I know it has sliding doors with dark frames, somewhere between brown and black.
There is a certain word for that, I can’t remember relative similar to anodized which gives it that specific color.
Also the house has a lot of windows.

Later I am in somewhere like in a public park.
There are some people around.
It’s actually almost impossible to describe how it looks.
It does not appear as most peoples describe or claim how it will be after the rapture with chaos or violence and all disastrous stuff.
The atmosphere here is relative calm, but the people (at least most of what I can see, even inside them) are somehow apathetic.
They don’t realize what is going on.
Everything looks like utopistic and not real.
But somehow I know that everything is controlled and under surveillance.

Once I go from that place where I am standing to another spot.
Actually I don’t walk but I swim and someone else is near me.
I explain to that person how things work here – it’s either a river or a lake.
To be able to swim to the other location across the water, but we need to be very careful.
The water here has a lot of “sinkholes”.
Some of them are small maybe with maybe 2 meter diameter, others are big with maybe 10 meters. (7ft and 30 feet)

I explain to that person that it is important not to swim into these holes.
It is no problem to swim very close to these holes (even an inch away) because they don’t have any undertow in themselves.
But as soon one touches the border of these holes, he got swallowed up into the dark of these holes.
So we swim more or less slalom to the other side – the holes don’t move around in the water also don’t extend themselves and are visible relatively easy.
I don’t know where we go, but I think it was towards an area with (kind of a green) grass or so.

I can also see a map of the city like from an aerial view.
Everything is totally futuristic (science fiction style?) but also very strange/ weird.
There is nothing of danger in sight but you can feel someone is always watching.

End of Dream

Personal explanation and thoughts in the video

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