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Dream 2022-04-01 explaining propaganda

Prophetic Dream April 1st 2022 11:15pm

Pay attention, this is a little bit a more complicated subject.
Of course we are all very aware propaganda exist on every corner.
This dream explains how propaganda get stitched together at a deep level.

As of the difficulty to explain this dream, please the more ask the Holy Spirit to give you the understanding of how to transfer the metaphors of this dream into something that can understood.
The dream itself was completely visual and it is almost impossible to explain it.
I hope you will get the idea.

Now the dream and explanation:

You can take (film) a river of a fish farm in Alaska, patch different scenes together to make it look traumatic, mix close ups and far views to get it thrilling.
Find some good patterns that match dramatic action and mold all of it together.
And then transfer the river to Ukraine.
Write a story that sounds true (use long term propaganda), electrifying…
and very important, it needs to be extreme emotional to get the viewers attention.
The emotional part is the most important to be considered and believed from the viewer as the truth. (regardless if the whole story is true, partially true, or it’s a complete lie).
Propaganda does not care about truth or lies, it just guides the listener into a certain direction or viewpoint.

I can see in the dream how all the pieces were patched together like from a video editors point of view and how everything is done, frame by frame.
It reminded me of some work I do,of course, for a very different approach but technically speaking a similar proceeding, when I make loopable footage’s for example.
It needs to be done that it looks smooth and natural, so very carefully selected sections will be merged together.
This is also done on the frame by frame level in a way (without glitches) that the human eye will not be able to identify 2 different scenes actually merging together as one.
On war scenes of course you mix soldiers, death and blood into the river.
(that’s how it looked like in the dream)

If you have a hundred death, you can’t play much around with numbers.
But as you reach over the thousand it can easily be boosted up to 10,000.
And 50,000 become a 100,000 or more.
Most people who listen to propaganda would not even get suspicious when 60,000 people will get killed in a city with the population of only 50,000.
Create the right words around and hit the emotions to generate the appropriate reaction/ response.

If you have more than half a million killed in a war, you can boost it up to about any number, because there is a certain level where no-one is able to make enough investigations or to tell the truth anymore.
Does anyone know how many people truly escaped into other areas or other countries?
It is no problem if at the end, if you would be able to find the truth, that the population of a nation can vary (during war) easily +/- 10% (or more)

The numbers in the dream might represent the possibilities of Ukraine (yet not sure about it) or maybe other nations, or just in general.
(actually I don’t know the population in Ukraine).
For a nation like here with a population less than a million you surely can’t come up with such numbers (when 2 million people get killed, most people would really get suspicious), yet for huge nations, like India for example you can easily add or erase millions of people through propaganda (whether war or genocide or whatever) depends on the agenda and blame it on those whom you want to blame.

In the dream I saw the same people who had escaped into other countries they have died multiple times in different cities.
Or sometimes, when the supposed ″bad guys″ have killed 5 people, and 4 of them (supposedly) found their way out of the war zone, so at the end truly only 1 person got killed.

But it was not given to me actually the real number that got killed in the Ukraine, not from one, not from the other side.
Only one thing is clear, that the official claims are not correct.

Speaking in easier numbers:
When a nation with a population of a million are at war and officially 200,000 supposed to die…
At the end when all those people will be counted after the war, those, who return to their home and those who will remain in their destination they fled….
If the number of the population is then 900,000 or even 950,000, people would still believe that 200,000 died as history books will seal those numbers.
On the other side as a worst case scenario:
If the population will be a remaining 600,000 people, it will not change the official numbers when the narrative is quoted often enough, depending on the agenda of the propaganda.

End of dream/ explanation

All metaphorical in the dream, but I hope you got a little bit of what I’ve tried to explain of what I saw in the dream.

Propaganda and deception goes hand in hand.

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