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Dream 2021/04/15 Fire in School

Dream 2021-04-15 23:45

As usual I do not give any interpretation but you can ask the Holy Spirit for yourself.
Some of the things anyway seem to be relative straight forward.
Don’t look so much on the grammar and writing errors…

I don’t know in which country I am in the dream. But I am in a school building.
I think there are 3 people here who join together.
One of them is Timothy Dixon but the other I don’t know. It’s possible the third unknown it is a woman.
As much as I can see we are in prayer, though the prayer seem to be somehow a bit strange.
At one point I blow my Shofar in a very unusual way which is hard to describe.
The closest I would say is, that I blow long serials of Staccato’s.
I/we also pray against the wicked (the people and their evil deeds).
Then I play a very long sound, that might last at least half a minute or even longer than a minute.
I don’t know what happened to the third person (praying woman) but she disappeared from the scene somehow. She might be still around but at least I cannot see her anymore.
Then Timothy start to play a song (playing with guitar) and prophecy the fire to come down.
While he plays I hear the sound of a siren that seem to be from somewhere outside, very likely further away. I go to him and say to him: ″Do you hear that?″
He is quiet for a moment and then he said: ″Yes, these are real sirens from a fire brigade that is coming″.
We start dancing arm in arm over our shoulders. That kind of dance (not professional) reminds me a little bit of traditional dancing like to joyful songs in Israel.
Timothy by the way is wearing a leather jacket (or coat).
However, the dance is not a normal dance at all but it turns more into jumping in the way we saw on movies with people on the moon on supposedly less gravity.
We are jumping literally up to the ceiling.
It goes on for a little while. Then after a little I say to him: ″let’s go there…″
I point to a certain spot in the building where the ceiling is maybe 6-7 meter high (~20ft)
There, we jump up and seems like it was a bit a miscalculation of the amount of energy we use. So we find ourselves hitting the ceiling very hard and I say: ″I didn’t know it’s that easy″. We almost smashed the lamps mounted there.
But we just looked at each other in surprise and just laugh together (Timothy give the impression, he also didn’t thought it could be so easy to jump that high).
Then, back to the ground, the fire brigade comes in the building into that section with the high ceiling of the school with about 8-10 people.
Seems like we were the only people here in that school beside one who possibly was the janitor. Yet this janitor did not join in prayer, but is simply responsible in general for the building.
So these fire people, as they could not see any indication of a fire they start asking questions. They ask if we know anything about a fire?
Because the automatic fire detectors of the school are directly connected to the fire department gave alarm. And as a school is a high risk (or something like that) facility they never ask for feedback if a fire is real or not, but just rush to the building.
One of them assume that some of the electronic parts of the alarm system exploded or broke (guess speaking about a capacitors) and that caused the false alarm.
I could not remember all the details of what he guessed and how he tried to explain it.
Me and Timothy looked at each other with a bright smirk, because we know exactly what happened.
Okay, as I know a little bit about electronics and electric stuff I understand things like this can happen. But hearing their explanation I just have a hard time not to start laughing out loud.
This discussion of the fire people went on for several minutes. And except this one question if we knew anything all the rest of the discussion they have with the janitor.
And he has absolute no clue what happened and could not see/find any problems in the building at all.

After a while I turned to Timothy and ask him: ″Shall we tell them?″
He said: ″Yes, go ahead!″
As we are not the center of the discussion we just standing a bit aside. However, I turned to the group and start to explain to them what happened.
I did not mention what we did (we anyway were only praying) but I told them what the scriptures (Bible) say about fire. Yet this is not the fire they were searching for but I don’t care what they think. But the impact of that “holy” fire seemed to have so much impact that the fire-alarm turned on.

I cannot remember all the details what and how I explained it as the dream ended with me waking up from almost laughing.

Though I am a fairly good Shofar player…
You see me playing in the video on the main page – what you hear is a no-big-effort blowing.
However, the way I blew the Shofar in the dream was just way beyond my limits.
And I am not sure if any person in the world is even able to blow the Shofar like I did in the dream.