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Dream 2021/04/10 harvest watchman

Dream (4) 2021/04/10 8:00am

May you wonder why I had that dream so late in the morning (okay, some people say this is a normal time to wake up, but I am a morning person and 8am is very late for me).
However, I went late to bed and had a lot of dreams (maybe 20) and wrote down 4 of them, so my sleep in the night was very much fragmented.
And then getting back to sleep always takes a while, because I think about the dream…

And as always without much interpretation…

Now the dream:
I am in an area of mountains, basically contains 3 sections
Looking from the position I am standing to the right there is the peak and to the left I look into a valley or more flat area.
I include a drawing to get a better view how it looks like.

Section 1 is basically pure rocky section of about 300-400 meters (1000-1300ft) or more
very steep, almost vertical.
The mountain range might be 2500-3000 meters (8000-10,000ft) altitude

Section 2 has roughly a 45° slope and for about 400-500 meters (1300-1600ft) or more
Here also not much of vegetation, just low grass between green and yellow

Section 3 is a wide area as far as my eyes can reach.
It is not flat but a slight slope

I add here a rough drawing how it might look like
NOTE: The shelter in this picture is oversize because in real size compared to the mountain it would be just a tiny little dot in the picture.
(click to enlarge)


I am standing in section 2 under a wooden shelter. The roof on my right side is basically ground level or a little bit above and towards the plain section 3 the shelter is open so I can watch over the whole valley (looks like as a triangle).
The edges of the shelter are of wooden beams 10x20cm (4×8 inch).
The top of the shelter are made of boards, like typical boards where some people have as floor of their balconies. Each board 3-5cm (1-2inch) thick and about 15 cm (6inch) wide. All in dark brown like the water resistant stained boards for outside use usually made of.

In section 3, the flat wide area I can see these big bales of straw, rolled up as wheels all over.
The ground was basically stubble’s as of a typical harvest of wheat or other grain.
People are scattered all over the whole valley area (lowland).
I can see miles and miles of that area with many of these bales.
Though it indicates usually that the harvest is finished but I know in the dream we are just at the beginning or maybe only a few % into it.

Every now and then some rocks and debris/rubble gushing down from the mountains into the harvest area over the field.
My job here in that shelter is to watch the scene and warn the laborers, if a landslide of some debris rolls down.
Most times the debris is relative small and usually does not do a lot of damage or harm anyone.
Every now and then it washes over the shelter.
But occasionally it’s not only debris of small stones but huge boulders in the size of about 1 to 2 meters (3-7ft).
When I see this coming I am going to shout and warn the people as loud as I can.
And two times I can remember when those huge boulders even hit the shelter and roll over it.
When these rocks hit the shelter it sounded like an explosion, brutal loud.
Though by the size of these rocks the wood of the shelter should be smashed in small pieces like matches.
But as I looked on the wood and I could not see even a slight scratch on them. Even when some of the Rocks hit the pillars.
I am not sure if one of the laborers/people got hurt or died from these landslides. But at least I have warned them always.

Then at one point it seems like all work is done = the harvest finished.
At that point I am going out around the shelter. I know the top and the opening side of the shelter but not the side left of me when looking down to the valley
I go to that side to see how it looks like.
So this side is like covered with green grass and there is a spring of water right beside the shelter.

Then two girls from the harvest are coming up to me. They have their passports and/ or some other papers with them. These papers are something like visas or similar. These girls look Asian type, relative young, maybe in their 20’s. They have been working in the harvest field.
I am not sure what I supposed to do with these visas but maybe need to sign for approval of their work. Don’t know exactly…

End of dream

One thought I have about it. It is very likely that this is something for me to do in the final harvest to be a watchman. But I surely will not be the only watchman. I might just cover a relative small rough section and a certain aspect (warning) in/of the harvest.

You need to ask yourself, which part you are called in the harvest.