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Dream 2021/04/08 (battles and Austria)

Dream 2021/04/08 (6:15am end of writing down = so the dream ended maybe 5:50am)

The dream itself might have personal meaning but at the same time prophetic on another level.

The Dream contains 2 different sections/scenes.
However, both dreams happened together = I had two dreams at the same time or better say, overlapping.

The first scene/section (1) I could not remember, only that there was a lot of movement.
It’s not easy to explain because basically two very different things happening at the same time in 2 different locations.
So I start with one, maybe that’s where it connects better.
And as always I do not add the interpretation. That’s up to you in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

But it starts when I see a child who sits on a small hill, maybe 25 meters high. Steep down I see like a tunnel and there is his brother.
The child is actually fully human but later in the dream the mouth opens wide like of an animal like a dog. In that tunnel I see a very strong big goat. The head of the goat is huge, maybe about 40cm long. I cannot see the rest of the goat because it is hidden in the tunnel.
I see that scene from near the child who sits more or less at the edge of the hill.
It is very disturbing what is going on and hard to explain. The child on the hill is very young, maybe 7 or so? The brother down maybe an older teenager. I could not see much of him because he seem to be held captive by the goat. The young one wants to help his brother but doesn’t know how.
However, at some point he got/gained some courage to go down, trying to rescue his brother.
It’s a big battle with fighting and biting. And that’s where it looks like a biting of dogs with their mouths wide open (that’s the dog parts of these children).
And they try to bite the head of the goat. I cannot watch the whole battle because most times it occurs in the tunnel and that is very dark – also covered. I only see fractions of the battle around the head of the goat (yet I know there is a massive battle).
Somehow after a while the older boy got free but now the young one is captive.
But the battle continues.
At one point the young child can manage to get out of the tunnel but is severely wounded.
The leg is bleeding crazy. It looks like a cut from the top to the bottom at the side of his leg.
But anyway, the goat are not able to get to him to pull him back into the tunnel, even though he is only half a meter away. The child is more or less kneeling with the wound.
I assume the goat is chained/bound in the tunnel so he cannot get out.
More I cannot remember from that scene.

But here the other scene (2) comes more to the front.
And this is in a town. I sense this is a smaller town, maybe of 5000 people (don’t know exactly).
Somehow I got in touch/ contact with a very beautiful young woman (she might be in the middle of her 20’s but I guess max. not more than the early 30’s).
She has dark hair a bit longer than shoulder and slightly curly.
I don’t know the level of a relationship we have.

Then I see an older men, maybe in the 50’s up til the early 60’s.
It is in Austria and this man is a political figure in high position. But I don’t know which party he is in ( I don’t know anyway hardly anything about politics in Austria).
The place where I am standing with that girl is like a bigger public space in the middle of the town.
The size and structure reminds me a little bit of the neighbor town where I used to live in Germany.
Then there is some kind of a change on/in this man. Seems like the battle of the children with the goat is a reflection of what is going on and this man is somehow involved. Not physical but maybe spiritual or emotional.
With the open wound of the child at the same time his face change. At that point his left eye got wounded. It’s not an open wound and no bleeding but it is maybe like a paralysis on that side of his face with extreme effect on his eye.
His mind/ conscious remains 100% intact and clear.
Yet at that point he starts up with a public speech.
In that speech and somehow he resigns from his position and declares the one whom he chose to replace him.
I am here maybe 200 meter away from him on that place. Though 200 meter I can zoom into his face in the dream and see the wound.
The girl/woman standing just near me is also listening to that speech.
Then he announce that this girl shall be his replacement.
As he said it, the girl split in two, like you literally slice a cake. It feels to me the split is not physical but more like spiritual as to cut a part from her (of) family. Or to say, to cut some dark old pieces away (and the sweet tasty remains).
This girl was not expecting anything and don’t know what happened to her as he called her to be ″Kanzler″ (Chancellor) for/in Austria.

She is actually a strong believer but never thought she would do anything ever in politics at all. She is just a very ordinary very beautiful girl.
I watched her just with a big smile inside myself as if I knew what will come/ happen.

However, in the moment as this got announced everything in this square changed in an instant.
There were maybe 500 to 1000 people here and all of them suddenly got super excited.
Many, if not most of them started pulling out money from their pocket and give it to others, mainly to the poor people.
A couple of times I can see, if someone stretched out his hand just to greet someone else or lift the arm pointing somewhere, then, another person would come right away and put some money in his (open) hand.
And it happened even to people who were not in need, but just by stretching out the hand for whatever reason. And then someone else put a good amount of money in the hand.
It seems like money was just overflowing. And no-one seem to have any lack of anything. Everyone just gives and gives.
All happened just with the announcement that his girl shall be ″Kanzler″.
This girl was almost frozen in shock as a nobody in-midst of the crowd. She had not spoken a single word the whole time and don’t know now what happens to her.
Though being a completely unknown person everybody got full with joy to have her as Chancellor is really strange, that I surely understand. Everyone would be in an awesome shock.
For me is seems like that I will be the counselor/mentor/adviser for her.
(interesting wordplay Counselor for the Chancellor)
Yet it appeared to me this will not be the normal type of a political leader (Kanzler for Austria). But it will be something completely different. I don’t know exactly what and how the difference would be in a practical way.
Even though many political leaders have a religious consultant, yet my part will not be the same or have some kind of a religious level or something like that.

One thing I said is this (to her): the first thing to do is to call a day of repentance, fasting and prayer for (and with) the whole nation.

More I could not remember of the dream.