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Dream 2021/01/05

Dream 05.01.2021

The beginning is a scene somewhere outside, but in a city.
There is a subject about the defense of the country.
Somehow Turkey is also in the discussion, or it is about Turkey.
Me and some other people talking basically about armament.
Then there is an opinion (guess from me), that the best would be to have no military at all.
But a country can say to other countries, those who might like to attack with a warning message saying: No matter which country want to attack us, we have one single bomb.
And if you want to attack us for whatever reason and purpose (like to be hostile to us) we will ignite that bomb and the aggressor will be destroyed. Because this bomb will simply destroy the whole world.
This “single bomb” opinion I think comes from me.

Somehow from that scene it turns over to another scene.
There was some kind of a transition in between, but this I cannot remember anymore.

So at one point I see thousands of people running all into one direction.
It is like all schools make a trip/ an excursion to a certain beach.
So, all people running.

On the ground is like a layer of water, just maybe 5 cm (2 inches or so).
The water is flowing like a flood into the direction where the people are running. The water is not dirty but very clean.
It is everywhere.
All people running and rejoicing and have fellowship together.
Mostly they are running in smaller or larger groups together.
I am also running in midst of these thousands of people.
While running I am thinking, that personally I would have preferred to go to another beach.
Not that this beach that they all heading is bad. It is also a sandy beach but just not my favorite.

Most to almost all the people here I see are young – teenagers or young adults, simply just one would expect from school-classes.

I am mostly on my own and do not really have any contact with anyone and I also don’t have many conversations.
If i talk with someone, then usually nothing deep, and also short, like casual small talks – at least I could not remember anything deep.
So, everyone is running full of joy into the same direction the water is flowing.

Counting from the start I would say I am already running about half an hour and the beach might be another half an hour away – so at this point I would say I am in the middle.

And then/ there, a female person speaks to me.
I don’t know how but seems like she manage to reach me between the running people.
This is a woman, somehow not slender yet also not really fat.
Maybe a tiny bit more as an average or just with good female proportions.
However, this woman says: ?stop?!

Somehow, she wants to tell me something.
I stop and we go a bit aside, while the masses continue running.
She says in simple plain and short words: No, do not go there (to that beach), because it is too dangerous and not the right destination.
Further I cannot remember all the details what she says but it is like that something will happen, something unexpected.
And this will happen very soon, even within a few weeks.
I cannot remember what it is but it is very contrary to the that, where all the people running so joyfully.

Somehow I know this woman but still I don’t know who she is.
However, I give her a big hug and even two kisses. One on her cheek and one straight on her mouth. I kiss her because of gratefulness. And though I look right into her face I am not able to describe how she looks like nor who she is.

The other subject she talk about is about Michael Schumacher und how he won all the races in the past.
I say to her, but this was boring. Many years before the races were really thrilling because you never could say who will win, even not which team would win.
In later years it changed so much as if everything was already planned beforehand, who will win and which team.
Since that it became simply super boring.
I don’t know how we ended up with that subject (Formula 1).
However, I remember we remained embraced yet I cannot remember any other conversation or any other topic – or if we even continue talking after that at all.

So, the main thing what she spoke is about the change/ shift (presumably in/of the world) and that I shall not run with the masses of people to the beach, regardless of how happy they seem to be.

End of dream

And as usual I don’t add here the interpretation. But you can ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into that.