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Dream 2020/12/14 (Traveling and Vaccine)

As always I’m a bit late with posting dreams
Received it on Dec. 14. of 2020 at 6:08 (however accurate the date and time of the recorder)
I don’t give any interpretation, so qou can ask Yeshua for he might give you insight what it’s all about. I simply share the dream and a few additional notes for better understanding.
Remember, english is not my native language, so you may face some errors, especially in grammar.
Words in (parantheses) are usually for explanation…

Anyway, here’s now the dream:

I’m on a journey. This time mostly for the first section I am on the move – by foot.
All the time, from beginning til end there was another person with me. And this was a female person. I don’t know who she is, nor do I know how she looks like. In this dream it is like I am the “vehicle” and she is the driver but at the same time she is my wife. The road at the beginning is very bumpy and I am basically carrying that woman.

I don’t know the country we are in. Also I don’t know on which side of the road we are driving.
Sometimes it is left, sometimes right, sometimes seem to be one way and other times I don’t even have a clue.
At the beginning I am more walking instead of driving. I give the woman something like a piggy-back on my back and shoulders.

Sometimes I am just rolling along and she directs the vehicle (which is me) in a way that I will drive on the road where is the least bumpy. So it goes constantly back and forth on each side of the road. (left, right, middle…). On the bumpy sections seems like there are hardly anyone else on the road – we are more or less alone. Then we come to a section that seem to be really very difficult to pass.

Seems like we both don’t know truly how we will be able to pass through.
It is more like a good size ditch (maybe 10 meters or more) with just a very narrow and fragile space on each side of the road – and nothing that looks like solid in any form.
So, very slowly I pass on one side along the little soil that is there. Then almost at the very end I slip with my left leg somehow. The ditch is filled with water up to maybe half a meter (2,5 ft) below to the top. Everything is mingled with muddy brown soil and dirt. So at the end as I slipped I almost drop down into the ditch. With the left leg I am more or less in the ditch and the right leg is on the side still up on the side of the ditch. With my hands/arms I can brace myself at the end of the ditch and slowly I struggle to crawl out of the ditch (while still having the woman on my back).

Then the journey continues. At one point we stuck behind a yellow van. It is not a bright yellow, but more with slightly orange and a touch maybe beige or so. (maybe the tone of
those standard insect glue traps, just slightly darker)

The driver of the van said (possibly to someone else with him in the van): We should have removed our number plate that they cannot trace us. It appeared and felt to me that these people in the van did something that was not really Kosher.
The van is more that kind of a vehicle like it is very common for companies using for transport money – like to supermarkets or whatever.

Now, for us the journey continues then after the ditch.
I am not sure in the dream whether the van was there before we came to the ditch or after. It might be possible that these people dug the ditch so no-one can follow them anymore.
But this I don’t know for sure anymore.
However, after the ditch the road gets much better.
Then we come to sections where we have to cross some intersections. Also buildings and bridges around. We have to make sure to look carefully that no other traffic passes by while driving slowly to the intersections and pass them.

At one point the road becomes great and extremely smooth. I say to the woman, that the road feels so smooth as if to walk/drive over ceramic tiles.

By the way: All the time I am barefoot on the road, something between walking and sliding or exchangeable, depends on the ground. But all the time I don’t need to do any walking movement to go along.

Not sure who sets up the speed. Whether this is the woman or me or someone else.
Definitely we are speeding up very much now, faster and faster (til a certain speed).
We are now in the countryside as I can look around with green grass and trees around, here and there towns in distance.

I think by now we are already at around 300Km/h and it appeared fairly easy.
(the max. speed I have been driving in real life was 290 Km/h (180mph) on a motorcycle so I have a little experience on that, though this in the dream is very different from the feeling)

Then I also said to the woman that I think we could be driving now already 300Km/h. The woman responds and say to me: “No, we are faster”.
Then it starts to rain. The benefit is, that now I will have a layer of water under my feet. And with that there is less friction and that makes it easier to manage the speed.

Yet with increasing rain, as the rain is splashing in my face (and eyes) I hardly can see anything anymore. I ask the woman if she can still see anything and she says, yes, no problem (everything clear). So she navigates (me) that we remain safe on the road. I keep her on my back while she steers. There are also a number of curves. In these curves I can already feel that I am very close by a wall (the wall is maybe half a meter high such as a side-guide/barrier of the road) that goes along the road, but the wall also helps me to compensate the enormous speed (somehow like with a layer of water between my legs and the wall) – so that I will not topple. Anyway, I manage to remain on the road.

Out in the countryside it was like “warp-speed”. (don’t know if this is the correct term, as I heard it and thought maybe this is a good definition – just extremely fast when considering sliding barefoot on the road during rain).
It does not appear that I need a lot of strength or energy to do this – it just flows.

Then we slow down as we are heading into a town/ city.
This Town looks very futuristic. The landscape did not appear to me European, at least not from what I know. Could be maybe Japan, USA or China.
It is definitely not somewhere in Europe or anywhere I’ve ever been– may China I could imagine (never been there) but not 100% sure (or maybe metaphorical).

It is a town with super modern buildings, architecture and layout. Many, if not most buildings have somehow maybe between 5 and 10 stories. Like a satellite town but hyper modern and futuristic.

There we arrive in a building. This building is kinda strange from an architectural viewpoint but also huge in size. It appears to me more like a business building than a residential home. But in there are possibly hundreds of rooms. We go into one certain room but could not remember what we have done there… if we have done anything at all.

Somewhere in this building I am now with that woman side by side, hand in hand, not on my back anymore. But I still don’t know anything about her nor how she looks. I only know she is female and supposed to be my wife.

We are now in a room and there is a small vessel. It is a fairly small plastic bottle (very common half transparent whitish), maybe contains 100-150ml (3.4-5oz?) of what looks to me a clear liquid.

There is something written on the label but it is so tiny that I cannot read it (you would almost need a microscope).
The only thing in the dream I know this is a vaccination liquid.

At one point Donald Trump comes into the room and withdraws some of the liquid from the bottle into a syringe that he has in his hand.

I am not asking anything but immediately I know this is the vaccination for Covid 19.
I say to him that this is not really a lot and you may not get far with that little bit.
But Trump responds and say: “No, this is not the amount for one person but for thousands”.
I am not sure if he said thousand or thousands (plural).

And the amount he withdrew did not appear to me that this is enough to full the syringe at all, but I can see clearly the syringe is completely full.
I am calculating….
The size of the syringe is maybe 40ml and the bottle let’s say 120. (as mentioned between 100 and 150).
The amount he withdrew was only a few % of what would be needed. (Instead of about 25%)
So I could only explain it with some kind of a supernatural multiplication of the liquid inside the syringe.

After this is done, Trump walks out of the room. I and the woman who hold the bottle in our hand think to ourselves, if this is the vaccination, maybe we pour out the liquid. Yet not all at once but only a portion of it, not to cause people to become too suspicious. So we pour out maybe 10% of the volume.

After approximate 5 minutes Trump comes back to re-fill the syringe. He is asking us if everything is going well and I say: “Yes, perfect”.
D.Trump looks and recognize that there is less liquid now in the bottle as when he went away the last time.

He possibly thought we were distributing that to many other people…
So with the new filling he will walk away again and we as well will pour out again some more of the liquid from the bottle.

this is now what he said when he came back the first time (he said it in English in the dream): “It works great, the first people already dying – hahahaha” (speaking about the effect of the vaccination)

I am trying to remain silent without showing any emotions, though inside I am shaking in great trouble. But I appear just like as to acknowledge and register a simple information.
But as he said it I realized immediately, saying to myself: “Wow, this is finally/really the plan!”

At some point Trump also said if we can find somewhere something to place the bottle because the bottle itself cannot stand on it’s own because of a round bottom. So it can’t be put on a table or anywhere but it would topple and the liquid would be wasted. Sounded to me once you open/remove the lid of the bottle you can’t close it again (and so need to finish until it’s empty).

All the time in the building I am holding and carrying the bottle in my hand around (speaking about me means the woman holds it the same time as we were only one person).
So I and the woman are looking in several rooms and search in many drawers if we can find something suitable from the size where we can put the bottle in.

After a while I see something where I think, this maybe could work. This I see in a box together with a bunch of other things. It looks like a children’s toy (as the box seem to contain all different kinds of children toys). This one is about the size of the hand or better say a fist. It looks like a bug, a ladybug or so. The body is like a round block of one piece of wood and there on the sides seem to be some short legs glued to the body of another type (and color) of wood. And in the front is something that indicates the head.

After that we come into a room where maybe between 7 and 10 people are in.
That was about the last time we poured out something from the liquid.

So from then on I cannot remember having the bottle in my hand but could not remember either that I put it on the ladybug toy.
Trump also did not return to refill his syringe again.

The people here in the room are talking. We do not really get into any big conversations with them. It seem to me that everyone is more busy with himself.
I am doing something together with the woman (as always).

We have a pipe with insulation around. The insulation is that kind of foam that used to wrap around pipes of heating systems in homes.
The pipe we have here is flexible and is of two different parts. One part is about the size, thickness of a cable (maybe 8-10mm diameter (0.4inch)). And this part is black. It might be possible that this is actually an electric wire but I don’t know for sure. But for a cable it seem to be a bit stiff yet for a pipe too flexible.

Whatever, there the insulation burst somehow. I and the woman wrap something around that the insulation will hold together and not completely fall apart. The second part of the pipe is about 20mm in diameter (0.8inch).

This pipe is white and the foam around is gray. The color of the band we wrap is more neutral, but I don’t know the material. Same thing happen(ed) here with the insulation around the white pipe. Here we also wrap something around that the insulation will not fall apart and fly away.

While doing this someone of the people (or several) in the room are saying to both of us: “And you thought you could escape (avoid) the vaccination”.
I respond to him/them: “No, this is not correct, we never said we will escape it, we only said we will try everything to avoid taking the vaccine”

All the people thought we took the vaccination (into our bodies). The one thing that these people don’t know (and we don’t tell them) is, that we have not taken the vaccination at all but we only pretended that we took it. And in all of this because we were busy to first of all carry the bottle with the liquid and seeking to find something where we can place the bottle. By doing this it sounded very authentic and convicting so they think we must surely have taken it.

Dream ends here

Additional note:
What Trump said was definitely very interesting. He spoke in English.
And not only what he said but how he said it, the tone.
Including the laughing he said it in a way with malicious joy (or however you say that properly)

I don’t know what language we spoke with the other people in the room.
With the woman I have not spoken in English, and actually I don’t know at all what language we spoke. I could not even remember we spoke anything at all but it was like that we were able to communicate without using a single word at all.

And another thing about Trump himself:
Though the appearance and the sound of his voice was more or less identical to how I have seen and heard him occasionally on pictures or on a computer screen.
But, in the dream he was definitely more slender. He was not completely slender but I saw a significant difference.
Also it appeared to me he looked younger, maybe in the age between maybe 49 to 55.