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Dream 2020/08/23

Oh yes, I am very much behind with that dream – never mind…

I don’t give interpretations, that’s up to you to ask the Holy Spirit to ask for more insight.

Here it is:

some of the things are not so clear… (as usual)

I start at one point in the dream when I am on a journey in a blue bus.
This is actually a normal size bus with about 50 seats, and the color of this bus is blue, some kind of a blue (royal blue or so). It is like a journey for/with a travel group but not really like a package trip.

The bus is filled about a bit more than half way – maybe 30 people.
I am sitting in the second or third row on the left side in direction of traveling.
A friend D.M. Sits just nearby – not sure if he is right beside, or just near to me.
We travel a good distance. Where we go I don’t know.

At one point as I looked to the back in the bus a man walks forward who just joined the group.
He is looking for a place to sit.
As he walks towards the front I recognize immediately that this is the Devil (Satan)
From the outer appearance he is a extreme attractive younger man – maybe somewhere around 30 of age.

As he approach closer to me I stretch out my hand towards him to stop him coming closer. I say: ″No, you will not come closer anymore”
So he sits down about 2 or 3 rows behind me.
This feels actually already too close but at least he sits not right behind me or even before me = behind the bus driver. So at least 1 or 2 more rows are between me and him.

So the journey continues. At one point Satan stands up and starts to speak something. And he’s offering cheese to the passengers in 3 different variations.
One of this is a 1 kilo block of cheese.

I don’t let him come closer to me but send him away to the back of the bus.
So he walks along to the back of the bus near the door that is in this bus almost at the end.
The door is at the right side in direction of traveling. So it is not in the UK but in a country with left hand, right side of the road driving (like US, central EU, Israel).

As he stands by the door and talks I can sense that nobody in bus really trusts him that he has a block of cheese. So he let the block fall to the floor to tell the people this is proof that this is not a bomb.

Then he has also a sliced bread with cheese on it.
This, supposedly is 300 gram and he is asking for 2 Euros to buy it.
One man who sits nearby where Satan stands take the bread. But not on interested to buy it but because he does not believe it is 300gram. He holds the bread in his hand and as he holds it he says: ″This is price gouging – and above all that, this is not even close to 300 gram″.
The person added: ″For a slice of bread and a little bit of cheese on top it is daylight robbery (completely overpriced)″.
He says it very loud, loud enough that all passengers hear that Sat… Only want to cheat the people here.
Even though I am sitting at the very front can hear this very clear.

At one point we reach our destination.
Here is a castle or some similar historic building. From the top there is a nice view towards the sea/ocean.
Right beside this building there is a road that leads to a peninsula.

I am pointing with my finger towards the ocean and say to my friend (D.M.): look, do you see all the ships there? These are all military (naval vessels). There is probably something like military exercise or a parade going on – I don’t know really.
The colors of these ships are very good camouflaged, like the color of the ocean.

I say to D.M. If there is anything that I don’t like then it is military, because it is for nothing good.
He responds and say: ″Yes, and I don’t like it either″.

At some point I know that the bus departed and the group of people is now more or less on their own.

In my case it the plan to meet with some of the brethren/ sisters from Columbia.
I also know that I have one single phonecall for free. Basically of the need to arrange everything with using one single call.
The only problem I have now, that I even don’t know where I am (we are).
I only know that we are in the south of Hungary – even by knowing that Hungary does not have any access to the ocean.
But somehow I know that we are there.
The friends from Columbia are quiet a distance away yet not in another country but also here in Hungary. But at the same time it could be, we are in Colombia, virtually.

So the building, like a historical architecture made with natural stones is partially elevated, about 50-80meter above sea level.
At the lower part of this building there is something like an exibithion.

We go down, and before I call these friends I want to examine as much as possible, where I am.
May I can decipher something on the building or on signposts, road-names, and what-else to identify.
In that way I might be able to tell the Colombians where I am and they can give me directions where to go or they can come to find me here.

The building is just by the road to the peninsula, which is like a bridge right beside the sea/ocean where the military operation takes place.
One thing I know that this is not a normal exercise and I can see clearly what it is. It is more like an exhibition or something to make people interested in military to recruit them to join.
I am walking along beside the building and try to find anywhere something that I might be able to read. So to have as much information as possible where exactly I am.

Yet I also know that Satan Is here roaming around. And he is always close by trying to distract me as much as possible or to block my view, so I cannot figure out the location and call the sisters from Columbia.
The reason: Because Satan also knows as soon as I will be with them, like to say, we drive to their home or wherever their destination, then, Satan cannot join anymore, and so then he will not be able to distract me anymore.
So he tries with everything he can to distract me or block my sight or even hide any signs or information everywhere that this will not happen.

More I cannot remember