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Dream 2014-04-02 Merkel, Hitler and Ukraine

Prophetic Dream from April 2nd 2014, posted June 25th 2022

First of all, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding, and perhaps your own interpretation.
The interpretation is not my own but from a dear brother who is very gifted in that.

Keep in mind, this dream was originally given in German language,
so with the translation some things have not been so easy.
Also remember, what happened around that time early 2014 in the Ukraine.

Beginning of Dream:

The first part is somehow a little bit confuse.
It’s something about driving cars, a group of believers from all different areas/levels of Society are there.
It is a group of maybe 25-30 people.
At the end (of the gathering of the group or so).
I am together with someone else in a car.
He is driving and I sit beside him (me on the right side).
He drives extremely fast.
It’s a relative old Mercedes SL/SLC.
The color is a light green (Model 107, production period 1971-1989).
(Most) Part of the way is off-road (gravel farm track or something like that).
I wonder how fast he is driving (even with the risk that the tires might get damaged).
And he is driving faster and faster.
The road winds along the edge of cliffs (the ocean is to the left).
Then there (somewhere along the road) is a sharp right turn, and there he missed the right turn and we are flying out over the cliffs above the ocean.
I say: ″well, this is not very nice/pleasant here″.
I see the cliffs and beneath us the ocean where we are flying over.
I think for myself, maybe the momentum is enough that we don’t crash into the rocks but may we will land in the water.
I have my window a bit open and crank it up to close it (not an electric window but manual).
In case we will land on water and get on a dive, I position the handle in a certain angle to be able to open the windows and get out, if necessary.
And indeed, the momentum was that much that we fly even beyond the water.

There (somewhere) we are heading towards a wall or something like a door or a wooden wall.
We fly/ smash into this wall but like a tennis ball we bounce back to the right side a couple of meters and land on a small platform.
We get out of the car as if this was nothing spectacular, just an ordinary daily action.

Then I sit on a kind of a wobbling stool (such a higher type like a bar stool).
There I have a view into the German parliament (Bundestag).
It seems to be a bigger meeting there at the moment, a lot of people there.
Then I see a politician who suddenly starts to speak.
(I could not remember the 100% accurate wording).
He speaks first with the person who sits beside him, saying: ″You know me as a person who hardly speaks anything at all here in the parliament, but now I have a clear request, a concern.″
This person beside him confirms it with the words: ″Indeed I know that very well″.
And so he stands up and starts to speak (in public).

As he stands up, it seems like everyone is really curious what this man might have to say.
I find myself in two different positions at the same time.
The one is, that I represent just an ordinary person who watch the whole scene from a neutral perspective (like a visitor in the parliament) but at the same time also I represent this politician who is going to stand up to speak.
The words of this politician are directly addressed to the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzlerin) Angela Merkel, and he says:
“You know what you have spoken at your oath of office”.
Further he continues in a clear sharp tone:
″Do you not know if it is in your interest with the things you are doing on foreign assignments (foreign affairs), that by this, one day you will appear in history books on the same page/level as a well known certain man, born in Austria?″
Just a note here: The German wording clearly identifies this man who was born in Austria as Adolf Hitler.
The wording is so spicy and clear that there is neither applause nor protest (like silence).
It is more like that everyone is in some state of shock, especially as it comes from someone who is rather an unknown back-bench member of the parliament who does not speak anything in public.

He addresses the situation in the Ukraine and points directly to Angela Merkel, as she has her fingerprints in all of this, and that she acts exactly like Hitler 80 years ago.
And so, if she continues, she will be mentioned in history books basically on the same page as Hitler.
The part of the oath of office that he points to is:
“To keep/protect the German people from harm…”
(don’t know what the accurate legal translation in English might be, but possibly many countries have something like that in their constitution).
And Angela Merkel clearly did not respond, regardless of how things appeared.

End of dream.

Beginning of interpretation

At the beginning, I am coming out of the community of faith and driving with someone who is able to fly and, driving a German made car (kind of a fancy one by that time).
The person who is driving is almost, that he has powers of Adonai, because he is able to actually drive through mountainous roads and actually fly right across an entire ocean.
So this driver is probably the LORD or and Angel.
He takes me out of a community of faith and taking me into the context that is prophetic to the nation of Germany and specifically the leader at this time (2014).
And this unknown member of parliament represents the common people who are being fooled and exploited by an evil politician (leader) who has the same Nazi Spirit as Adolf Hitler.
And I identified with this back-bench politician whose job is to speak a warning word to Merkel and to expose her to others.
And I am identified, somehow of the spirit with this very unknown politician who does not normally get to speak.
But it’s like Rand Paul in the Senate of The Unites States from Kentucky, where he is a lone voice of sanity in a political body who is bought and paid for by wicked people (all corrupt).

And me as a representative in the parliament prophetically, is this unknown politician but he’s got an ability to release the word of Adonai to the highest official in public office and warn her, that she is going down in history and even worse, that she is going down in her spirit as a very very evil person,
because she is doing deals in the Ukraine (had done it in 2014 and somehow still happening now/ not by others) and this is being exposed by Putin now (2022).
And the bankers in the west who are controlled by the western Banking cartel.

And there is this actual confrontation in the world, which is actually like a world war between one power block, ruled by one megalomaniac, trained by the KGB against against a bunch of banking tyrants/ psychopaths and atheists exploiters of humanity in the west.
And the job is for Merkel to keep the German people from harm, but very much that’s not happening.

This dream is about a prophetic warning to the German leaders, the go into the same direction as before, it’s like Nazism 3.0.
It’s not the world war one Habsburg empire, it’s not the world war two Third Reich.

This is the world war three final phase of the spirit of Nazism which is permeating the west right now.
We are being controlled by the Nazis all over the west right now.
This is the spirit of Babylon basically.
And this word represents my spiritual awareness of the fact that Germany is still ruled by Nazis and Angela Merkel is (or was) bought and paid for and she is not doing her job according to the oath that she was taken.

It represents my awareness of the corruption of highest levels and perhaps of a certain kind of calling to prophecy as I have been to leaders, whether these words reaching them or not.
This stuff is going out in the spirit – and I have been spoken about leaders in a number of different countries in prophecies.
And this dream is a kind of a advanced portent, or kind of an advanced awareness of the fact that Adonai is calling me to be a prophetic voice to the world and the nations and represents that I was born and raised in Germany.
And yet since I don’t really feel as a German because my parents both are not Germans.
So the primary identity is not with the nation but yet I was identified enough to be able to speak to it.

End of interpretation

Look up “Maidan”, that was around that time when I received this dream.

Actually, the only thing that may not happen that is mention in the dream, that Merkel will appear in history books on the same page with Hitler.
At least not in the man made history books.
I doubt there will be enough time left for new history books to be written (many if not most are anyway manipulated) before the world completely crumbled.

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