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Dream 2001-08-11 Endtime and rapture Part 1 of 3

Dream 2001-08-11 Endtime and rapture Part 1 of 3

Part one of three old dreams that speaks about the end time and the hint of the rapture.
This one is from 2001-08-11 at 0:51am

For privacy reasons I changed the names of the people that appear in the dream

My wording how I describe the dream may not be so easy to understand, but if you go slowly through the dream for yourself and may understand the scenes.

As dreams can have multiple interpretations, ask the Holy Spirit for deeper insight and revelation and what he may want to tell you.

Whether you name it harpazo, raptura, snatching away or whatever…
I use the common term rapture and don’t discuss about theology on that.
Let the dreams speak for themselves – in 2001 I had not much an understanding about that subject.

Beginning of Dream:

I am together with an American man (that I know somehow), very likely David.
And then there is also a woman here.
She could be an immigrant maybe from Russia to Israel.
I don’t know the year we have in the dream because the time has been changed along history.
We talk about the duration of the earth, and I illustrate it graphically like a timeline from the beginning of creation and how everything came to pass (until the end).

Then there are some times given.
The one is the year 2051 which is basically the end of the world.
But this need to be seen in the perspective of an altered/ manipulated calendar.
When and how much it got changed is not clear.
In the dream I knew it but I could not remember when I woke up.
We have the year 2001, and this is already the changed year.

This woman has a lot of questions, asking, what she needs to do to get her life in order (somehow).
I remember a sentence I heard from someone who said (and hope to get it right):
We shall plan our life and future the way as if Yeshua will never return (in our lifetime) but act and speak (and live) in the way as if He will come back today or tomorrow.

With my little English it is not easy to communicate with this woman, as her English is also very limited.
But through the conversation I figure out that this woman also speaks some German, and with that I am able to bridge the language barrier to some extend.

Then we are on a place, where a whole bunch of children pick up this sentence and make a rhyme of it like as a poem.
Okay, it sounds a bit clumsy and does not really express the sentence the proper way.
But… so it is…

Then the scene changes and I am in the small village in Germany where I grew up.
There on the farm track besides the soccer field closer to the (eastern side) goal just by the entrance to the path that leads to the farm nearby.

It appears to be the last hour of the earth.
There is a group of people here of maybe around 20 people.
Some Christians are here and also other people what I would describe as some sort of military (special forces, police or whatever the correct term).
It appears really this is now the last hour of this world.

So these military personnel or police personnel don’t allow that the gospel will get preached.

Some people explain how important it is to make a decision for Yeshua.
All those people got shot one after the other.
There might be a time shift between each one of them, (how long I don’t know) but they all got killed at the exact same spot.

As there is no one else left, it is my turn.
I lift up my right arm and preach the good news in front of a small group of maybe about 8 people.
Some in this group might be as well Christians or perhaps backslidden ones and some who waver with their decision.
Of course the people of the military are also still here.
Surely they also want to kill meas well.
Yet their ammunition somehow doesn’t do anything.
I hear the audible bang from the guns but besides that, nothing else happens.

But instead, I went to one of these soldiers who appeared to be a woman.
I grab her hands and throw her high up in the air as like a piece of polystyrene foam or cardboard.
I explain them this is the power of Adonai who lives inside me and the bullets with which they try to kill me will have no effect.
I do the same with a second soldier and then with a third one.

Then I continue to proclaim that it is important to make a decision for Yeshua because we don’t know how much more time we have.
Then I start to dance with another person.
This is a man, maybe in the age close to 30.
We dance maybe like a kind of rock ‘n roll with some acrobatics (Actually, I have no clue about dancing, so it could be something else).
All the dancing is not very coordinated and does not work so well as it is also spontaneous.
Maybe this man has as much knowledge or talent like me in dancing (basically none) but we have a lot of fun.

Then there is My brother and a friend of him here – somehow this friend was also a buddy to me.
I urge first this friend to make a decision for Yeshua because there is truly no more time to push this decision into the future.
Then I plead this also to my brother.
Both mention that no one is able to prove my claims (basically the good news as truth/ the gospel so to say).

I beg them very intense but both ignore it.
And then I feel something like an earthquake inside me.
Though this earthquake is internal and somehow also feel it somehow outside.
But stronger I feel that now it’s the time that Yeshua will be coming back.
All people around who made the decision for Yeshua have the same feeling that appears as to be squeezed.
Some of them are screaming somehow (not in fear but screaming a certain way) because this is THE greatest event ever happened on earth.

Then I see how the earth is opening up itself and the dead are coming out (alive).
I only can recognize that my brother and his friend questioning what is happening right now.
Very shortly before the earthquake occurred I have told them that now it is too late with the decision.
The only thing I noticed is their questioning.
But as all the faithful believers now rising up to the air towards heaven, those words fade slowly out of my ear and later all these people (the left behind) even disappear out of my mind (memory)

And somehow I can’t even feel compassion anymore for those who didn’t want to make a decision before it was too late.
Interestingly enough with this big event of the rapture I noticed something else.
Not one of those who are flying up were looking up to the sky but most of them are holding their hands in front of their eyes or to the bottom, because it is so overwhelming and the emotions are so extremely strong and stirred up of some kind of fear or awe – and so the rapture and the dream disappears….

End of Dream:

Interpretation is up to you
Some of my thoughts about it I share in the video – links below.

Note: I don’t add any scripture verses in these dreams – you can look up for yourself or ask the Holy Spirit to give it to you.

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