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Counting the Omer (2021)

Pessach has passed – now we count (already inmidst the counting).

Shavuot is coming

I thought there would be more to happen in the physical realm by that time but seems like not that much…
We did not see the red sea crossing, the angel of death also did not more than usual.
What happened in the spiritual realm I don’t know.
Very likely much more as ever before.


Here in the country where I live still the same silly lockdown, still the same mentality. Most people seem to agree with the communist agenda and possibly not aware of what is to come.

I guess it is easier these days to predict the weather for the next half a year as to predict what the elite will do next and what will happen tomorrow in the political showbusiness.

But one thing is clear, we are approaching towards Shavuot.
When the Children of Israel went out of Egypt, after the crossing of the sea they were heading towards one of the most significant events in human history.

Though we may wonder how could it happen after they saw all the miracles in Egypt and then the crossing of the sea with Pharao and his army drowning in the sea.
And then only a few days later they start to complain
How would we react?
3 days in the wilderness and then no water?
I have been hiking in the Negev many years ago (this was in August).
From that experience I know how it feels when you are running out of water.
Honestly? not fun at all!!!

When I look how many churches handle the Covid nonsense,
…and now how many respond with the Vac-Sin.
It appears to me, comparing to the days of Israel after crossing the sea, as to go back and help Pharao to mount his wheels back on their chariots as they saw him stucking in the sea. I call it the green leftist activists.

Personally? Back in these days I would be shouting with joy to see Pharao drowning.
Oh, some might say, but this is not how Gods love and mercy works because He wants all people to get saved.
Yes, this is true but Pharao has been warned over and over again but never repented.
And I know the Elites with and all their oppressors in all level of leadership (politics, business, etc) have been warned and heard the Good News of salvation over and over again. Most of them know the bible possibly better than most christians. But blinded with greed and in bond with the devil they seek to destroy all that is godly. They not only deny the truth but fight with all their power against it according to the instruction from their master = HaSatan.
Will they ever repent? I don’t know. Maybe a few will but I don’t see many who will bow their knees voluntarily.

It makes me wonder why are so many churches still waste their time to pray for them and bless them while there are billions of (ordinary) people in this world suffering beyond measure and never heard the Gospel plain and clear.
Oh well, scripture said they will have no excuse. Yes, but I cannot understand why the wicked people shall hear the Good News another hundred or thousand of times and many christians still ask God to have mercy on them. While on the other hand people for example in India or Middle East shall be judged only because they have creation/nature to rely on? And no-one goes there into there to tell them how God loves them?

The harvest is ready but where are the laborers?

Now, back to Shavuot.
In Churchianity they name it Pentecost and point to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Yes, this is true but there is so much more to it (I only point out a few things here).
First of all Pentecost does rearely line up in the timing with Shavuot.
Since the biblical calendar is agricultural depending on the new moon and the barley you cannot just set some dates by a certain month in whatever mathematical calculation.
It might match sometimes but not often.

In the country where I live (orthodox) the bunny festival and so pentecost is this year a month later than the other western churches. So, how does it line up with God’s appinted times?
No, not at all, neither one of them.

I don’t blame christianity for it because I have been in there for many years until I came to the understandingduring my years in Israel. There is so much more when I look into the Hebrew.
On Shavuot also the Ten Words (commandments) were given on Mount Sinai.

Some might say, oh, with the crucifiction the law is done away.
Heaven and earth will pass away but YHWH’s words will never pass away.

Well, Moshe smashed the first tablets when he saw the Israelites dancing around the golden calf.
Wondering what will happen when the world will be set free from the bondage of the slavery of the wicked Elite leaders. (mis-leaders)
Will the church also start with the dance around the golden calf?

But just imagine if someone will find the original pieces of the first broken tablets.
The second tablet also were written by the finger of YHWH.
But it was Moshe who cut the tablets of stone while the first ones, it was YHWH Himself who cut them.
A BIG difference in my eyes.
I am wondering how perfect they must have been.

So now, enough the words…
Let’s continue counting the Omer until we approach Shavuot and see what will happen until then.
I know the illegitimate administration in the US want to pass as many as possible diabolic laws. Very likely the know their time is short so they want to engrave all their plans in stone before they will be kicked out of the white house.

I don’t understand American politics su much because I am far away and not American.
But I believe their laws that they currently pass will be also dashed to pieces then all the truth will be revealed.
And as the administration being illegitimate, all their laws will be null and void anyway.

Maybe it will be by Shavuot? or before or after?. Only time can tell.

May Adonai will pour out His Holy Spirit upon all flesh, starting from Shavuot, in a way as it never happened before.
I had a word and a dream about the harvest lately. And I believe anyway, we are not yet finished but there will be a change where Yeshua will be glorified.

Many voices saying we are right at the edge of the big tribulation.
And there are different scenarios with the AC coming and the mark of the beast and so on…
I don’t like that but am fine and prepared for that as well.
But I believe there are still many souls to be saved, and the tables of the wicked will be turned – soon, yes, very soon. AND SUDDENLY!