ONE Name ONE Truth

Unconventional music; Rock, Poprock; progressive

Title: Broken

Try to throw a glass on a stony ground.
I’m pretty sure, you will realize something.

The Word of Elohim is transparent and precious and clear like crystal glass.
From the beginning there was someone wicked and evil, who had only one intention: To break this precious word.
And he did a thorough job through lies and lies and lies.
You think how could it be that the Word of Elohim got so broken by man?

It’s a walk on a narrow path to go back to the one who knows how to restore a broken glass and make it as new.

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One Name One Truth


HE came to me… HE spoke a word
You stole, you carried it away
She came, she turned it inside out
Now nothing left of what HE say

Down on the beach deep down in the sand
Inside a shell, found a beautiful pearl
Too precious to cast to the swine
Or bury and waste it underground

Is it so hard to understand
The words the Master’s spoken ?
How can it be all through the land
His truth has got so broken ?

Revealed in great simplicity
But then concealed in subtlety (sutelty)
It got to be revealed again
But who will open that book??!!
Yah, who will take a look ?!
Oh, Who will open the book…………. and when ?