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Black FryDay – what? 2020/11/13

FryDay or Friday?

It already started with all the ads to point to the big sales…
Am I looking for something?
NO! not really


If I need something and it happens just around that time, I might take the oppurtunity – but there is one thing more important that I want to buy.
And what is this?


We have only 84600 seconds, 1440 minutes, or 24 hours a day to accomplish the tasks we are called to do.
But I myself would not say I am very efficient in that nor do I make the best out of it.
ONE day, ONE day…
Time will be no more.

There are a lot of prophetic voices that claim, the US election will be turned around.
I have not word from Adonai about this, so I will leave my opinion simple.


Currently I focus on the footages that are available at Pond5.com to get this finished and add up more collections (You can find a few for now in the slider below).
The video editing process is done, now the boring part with all the online work needs to be done – however, this is not my favourite stuff. But soon I hope it also will be done.