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no return

Church organ music in 6 parts – life journey

Title: ABBA Y

Abba Y Part 1 (When you see me growing)
It tells the first chapter in my life as I was young and thinking about the miracle of a baby growing like a flower in the field.

Abba Y Part 2 (Sailing together across the ocean)
How many times i was literally sailing with my daddy across the ocean and sees.
On big ships or small boats.
I still prefer to travel by ship much much more then with an airplane.
When you’re out on the wide ocean you can feel a kind of peace.
I could think about a lot of storms in my life (of the ocean in our lives) – my daddy had quiet some big storms. (and we all have it with Corona also since a year)
But above that: If my Heavenly Father wouldn’t been there with me I doubt if I would have made it.

Abba Y Part 3 (Won’t you play with me?)
What are you playing in your life?
Is it a fake game with lots of different masks or do you like to enjoy honestly the time with your father?
Many times my daddy was not able to play with me because he was so many times away to work or whatever. You realize, that part is relative short.
I was glad to find the Heavenly Father who is there all the time eventhough I do not feel it most the times.

Abba Y Part 4 (Thinking about when you are leaving)
When we are getting older and our parents as well we have to consider that one day we have to say good bye.
I saw my daddy several years getting more and more sick – yet it was longer than this part might show.
So I thought about the day when he will be not here anymore around.
But often I was thinking: where will he go?

Abba Y Part 5 (Hope one day we will meet again)
This question we can ask of every person here on earth… where will he go/ be after death?
I am not 100% sure where my daddy is right now – if he made it to heaven or not.
But I am of very good hope and faith that he is together with my Father in heaven.
And if he is there sooner or later I will rejoice to meet him again.

Abba Y Part 6 (Going home)
The day came when my daddy had to go.

The journey in our lives are sooner or later going to end.
I hope all of you will make the right decision before it’s too late.
The final journey will be very quick.
And though in fear and trembling to stand before the Holy One I am definitely excited to see the Glory of Yeshua.

Abba Y (complete Part 1-6)
Finally a compilation of all the 6 parts together.
It’s for those who want to get all at once.

To buy that song: go to the Collection at Pond 5, linked in the album-cover below

no return