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A name is A name

ONE Name ONE Truth

Grooving Music about theological debates of a specific name

Title: A name is A name

Normal Version:

Here also a live version, which actually belongs to the Banana-Praise (Part 2).
I add it here as well, yet feel free to listen to the Banana Praise as well (once done).

This Song comes with a questionmark.
A big Big BIG Questionmark…
It is about the Name that is above all Names.
But the problem is… there are so many different names for one and the same person.
Most people had or have nicknames.

The problem here is…what I am singing is about the real name… and there can only be ONE Name above all Names. Or else it would be an oxymoron.
It’s not about 100% accurate pronounciation, it’s about a Person who has a Name.

The inspiration of  that song came in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) while speaking with a brother about the wonderful name Yeshua, our redeemer and Messiah and what happen through translation by man.

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One Name One Truth


Note: Refrains not sorted here but somewhere along in the song!

Many people say his name is “J-E” with “S” and “U-S”
Others say His real name is “Yeshua” ! What a mess!
And many other languages and many other tongues
Have many other names for Him, so what is to be done?

By which name we shall bless
Is one higher, the other less
So all of us are left to guess
About the Name that we address

Is a name only a name?
A sound out of my mouth that came?
So any sound can mean the same?
And any name can take the blame?

Is he who made heaven and earth
The one who came from virgin birth
And lying in a lowly manger
Seemed to us a total stranger

In wisdom and in stature grown
And yet continuing unknown
Then facing hunger and temptation
How could he be called “Salvation”

Who’s this man who stilled the storm
Who spoke of hell, its fire and worm
Yet, everywhere he went and came
He healed the blind and healed the lame

He warned us all of tribulation
His name by great manipulation
Used for deep and dark deception
In every tongue and tribe and nation

Is he the same who coming soon
Will darken sun and turn the moon
To blood and like a thief at night
Will reap the earth and bring the Light

How many names we have for He
Who bled and died upon that tree
Poured out His life for you and me
And rescued our Eternity

Whose name shall we not take in vain
This one who suffered so much pain
From whence ere all of time begins
This one alone bears all our sins

Yet once in heaven one true name
Not two or ten or ninety-nine
Will grace our lips, we won’t discuss
But praise Him with unceasing love

And singing praises all day long
In never-ending glorious song
The only name of God, the Son
In every heart and mouth be One

Above all names, above all mention,
One alone provides redemption
Never mind the right translation
Simply call His Name “Salvation”!