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Word 2021-09-16 Forest, Fire and living waters

Word from Yeshua, given on September 16th 2021 at 11:53pm

This word is very symbolic, yet it’s relative clear what it talks about.
Let the Holy Spirit help you to get more details of this word, that it will encourage you.

Now the prophetic word:

I speak when I speak.
And when I speak, (then) open your ears.
I don’t speak to those who don’t believe that I speak (that I can speak).
But, take heed that by all this, that you don’t forget to listen to Me as I spoke already,
the Words, written down from ancient times.
Sometimes I repeat, sometimes I renew, sometimes I am quiet.

Look at the tree in front of your eyes.
Most people only look at the forest.
Can you find one tree like another?
So every person.
Wicked people only look at the forest and say, we need to burn it down.
But they don’t realize that they themselves are standing in the same forest.
They think, they cannot burn – but NO…
When I send My fire, they will burn the more (each single one of them alone) than the rest in all the forest.
They think they are taller (superior) than any other trees but don’t realize of how rotten their root is.
And as they are blind, totally blind in their pride, they don’t see the ax (on the root).
My ax that is chopping them down.
One by one you will soon see how those trees will become (will get) feet to run and hide in the clefts,
under the rocks and in caves, in their bunkers.

In the places, where they store all the little trees, thinking to build their own kingdom with them.
And while they are eating the little trees, in their never ending thirst and hunger for more,
they don’t realize, how stupid they are.
All fools, fooled by their father, the father of lies.
Deceived from the root.

One day, all those trees will burn in the everlasting fire.
And when they will burn, most of them will still not realize how dry they are.
None, almost none of them ever had (and will be) drinking of My living waters.

(But) Those trees that are standing by the river of life
and their roots are soaked, full of My waters can Not burn.
The fire will do so much harm to them as My faithful servants that Nebuchadnezzar threw in the fiery furnace.

Don’t run away when fire comes if you are standing by the streams of My waters.

These are the words I spoke out of My mouth – the words of life before I created heaven and earth.
Long before creation, My waters were there.
And that water is the same that rained down on the wicked, while Noach and his family were in the ark.
The same water that drowned Pharaoh.
The same water that made the ax to float.
The same water where I walked over to my disciples when they were crying in their boat for help.
The same water that will flow from My Temple one day, when I created a new heavens and a new earth.
The living water, My Word.

And when I speak, I speak and while I speak, the waters will flow back and forth to the ones I am speaking to.
Listen and obey and rivers of living waters will flow out of your belly
as you speak My Word, life forever more.