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2021/01/15 What if…

?Questions? inmidst Chaos

When I am in prayer many times I come up with many “what if’s”
With the current chaos in the US and the (s)elections we might end up with a lot of if’s.
However, don’t throw conspiracy-claims against me… read first all, and especially the explanation below.

Actually, I could write continuously all my “what if’s” but I will try to keep it very, very short.
So these 7 sections are definitely incomplete, also not very detailled – but I hope you understand them anyway.
Who wants to read hundreds of pages?

What if #1:

– President Trump remains in office – or let’s say return after a while?


We have no clue how this will happen but if he will remain – what will be the reactions?
Chaos is already there, but additional riots, confusion and even civil war?
There are some prophetic voices claiming Trump will stay in office.
Others blaming them as false prophets.
Either way. One of these groups have to explain themselves afterwards.

But… one thing is certain if Trump will remain:
The jaws of the Mainstream Media liars will drop down to the bottomless pit.
And surely the ones who were involved in the election fraud will be terrified to the bones for getting exposed.
Because they know, the punishment for treason is not a light one.
The swamp of the deep state will very likely tremble more than any earthquake.

What if #2:

– Biden will be inaugurated as media is claiming day and night.
there my what if’s go to a different direction:
What will happen, when the democRats go back to the Paris climate stuff?
Will the suddenly pull out all electric cars, fueled with regenerative electricity and recyclable batteries?
The connection with Iran and Israel – will they loose the rope for Iran and reverse Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
I am wondering how much longer there will be a Constitution.
Possibly religious freedom in America will be history – could it become similar to China or even North Korea?
People might be forced to worship the leaders agenda, instead the creator of heaven and earth.
Unlike China in America the religion might be genderless and black in rainbow colors?
– #2/1
– …Biden finally might stand at the inauguration day on the podium and swears in.
And of course for an American president put his hand upun the bible…
What if, when he puts his hands on the bible and fire comes down from heaven and smokes him?
I mean to smoke him completely to ashes like the altar of Eliyah when he confronted the Prophets of Baal and Asherah (1 Kings 18).
And then, the picked vice Harrass comes up and the same thing happen to her?
Literally as YHWH was saying this is not my chosen one and I spit them out of His mouth – however it will might look like in the natural.
Finally, “what if” the ground where the millions of people standing to watch the inauguration ceremony will open up and swallow them?
Just a similar picture to the sons of Korach when the earth swallowed them up (Numbers 16:31-35)?

What if #3:

– The election fraud in America will get truly exposed, and not only there but also in other countries?
Some information say, Italy is big in it.
I am not wondering about it:
What is there?: The Vatican and the Cosa Nostra Mafia and all their allies.
What if the Vatican will be turned upside down and taken apart?
What, if they find a lot of evidence the crusades in the middle ages were not about christianize the middle east?
But it was all about to seek and find evidence of jewish and biblical history to destroy it and/or bring these documents to the Vatican?
And by this, all history and even the biblical writings have been altered/ manipulated in a massive way?

What if #4:

– This Corona plandemic will get exposed as a big planned genocide? (or what’s the correct word… humanicide?
Talking about, before it can cause too much damages.
But my “what if” goes to the direction, how will the people react towards all the gouvernments on their totalitarian regulations they have been under now for such a long time?
Millions of people lost their job, hope, future, investment, (small) business.
Only big businesses seem to increase their profit like never before.
How many countries will need new elections?
And how will they be able to perform them, if no-one trust the system anymore?
I would not wonder if some leaders will be cast out, maybe even physically from the parliaments.

What if #5:

The fact that many countries push very hard on the Vaccination is not a what if…
I know it from several people in different countries.
Many people do it due to fear voluntarily but that is not the end of the game.
I heard personally from testimonies of the 1918 spanish flu that mainly only the people who took the vaccine died. BUT

– What if this is the same plan about 100 years later?
With the fear mongering mainstream news most people are just completely brainwashed…
But what if it happen that millions will die or end up in hospitals for weeks (or even get paralyzed) from that vaccination within minutes or hours afterwards,
especially when they come up with the second finalizing vaccination?
What if this goes really public and people start to take the vaccinations centers apart?
What if a country vaccinate all their police and military and hospital staff first?
And days, weeks or months afterwards many of them will be dead or crippled?
Who will enforce the rest for the vaccination?

What if #6:

I know not all what if’s can occur at the same time.

– But what if the White Hats will take over the Black Hats?
In other words: what if the good bad guys remove the bad bad guys and reign?
All the big people who currently run their wicked agenda in the world will be taken down and put to jail, their evil deeds have been exposed.
Then the “good guys” will take over and everything will look like great and wonderful?
I guess People will rejoice when they have their “so-called” freedom back, to be able to travel again without silly restrictions.
Religion freedom everywhere, big revival, harvesting, abundant blessings and so on?
But in the background the good bad guys will prepare the coming of the Anti Messiah and complete the installation of the beast system?
People still enjoy all the freedom and benefits the white hats made available.
Then suddenly when all people will say peace and safetly, sudden destruction will arrive for the Anti Messiah to reign.

What if #7:

– Yeshua will return tomorrow?
I know we don’t know the day and the hour WHEN He will return.
Maybe not the right wording:
Just to connect also a bit to #3
With the what if the bible have been seriously altered throughout the ages?
And even without that there are people who bring arguments with a snatching away what we commonly name rapture.
Others say no, there is no pre or mid, only end-trib rapture.
However, every group bring verses from the bible to proof their claims.
But what if Yeshua comes anyway before?
Or in other words: What if He takes His bride out of this world before the big tribulation?
He surely will return at the end with all the saints…
But could it be they are two different events?

Above all that WHAT IF He comes today or tomorrow?
And of course, as tomorrow is not promised to anyone, many might die before.
Regardless of all the What if’s: Are you ready?

Yep, finally, I am at the end of this page…

Even if the scenarios look like conspiracy, but they are not – but just honest questions in prayer.
Similar as we don’t speak about evolution conspiracy but evolution theory.
So in the same way I share a few of my personal hypotetical “what if” theories (or in other words questions).
I am not claiming that these will come to pass (except #7) – but questioning what if some will happen.

AND THEN the question What will be the result thereof?

What if I would continue writing all the “what if’s” in detail???
Maybe at #7399256 my fingers will be bleeding from typing.
And the blood will flow into the computer and destroy it – end of the letter.
The keys of the laptop surely already rattling or completely worn out and broken before I have written so many “what if’s”.

I know all these scenarios cannot happen at the same time.
But I just wanted to give you something to question beyond the mainstream narrative
And maybe even beyond the conclusions some people have who are blamed for conspiracy

You can make up your own thoughts
There might be none of the first 6 will come to pass
But regardless if we will see this in our lifetime or not, the last one will surely come to pass.
One day Heaven and earth will pass away but Yeshuas word will never pass away.