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2020 to 2021

2020 is gone

The Jeremiah festival is gone and possibly many people might still singing silent night, yet not adding holy night.
Yes, it was very silent in many countries with all the draconian regulations from wicked gouvernment.
I don’t know but I think there is not a single country that is excluded from it.
No, this feast is not holy but way more holy than the dark evil people behind the scene of this plandemic.


2020, most might agree was a horrible year!
We see so many shops closed down, very likely forever, peoples investment, hopes and dreams completely shattered to the ground.
By this I assume most suicide’s will be counted and labeled as Corona death, which is sadly partially correct as the diabolic side effect.
And all only because a few wicked people want to control the whole world.
These greedy individuals will never have enough, so the transfer of money from the poor to the wealthy will continue – until…

Now we see that many countries force to people to take a vaccination that is worse than everything else before.
We do not know the outcome, yet when they say that even with the vaccination all people have to run around with a mask it speaks a clear message.
The vaccination is NOT to cure the people but make them sick.

Prophetic voices:

There are prophecies that everything will get exposed and the show collapse with big blessings to come.
Other prophecies declaring doomsday scenes ahead.

Agenda 21 of the diabolic UN against Yeshuas plans for 2021
Who is right, who is wrong?

One thing is sure, if the first variation will happen, the devil will not stop with his lies and diabolic actions.
He knows that soon he will be bound for a thousand years in chains and then he will burn in the eternal lake of fire.
Yet this is something beyond our natural senses.
We are still here struggeling with this massive hoax and madness and have to think how to get through.

At the moment I don’t do much music because the spiritual tension is too high.
It feels to me like ice cracking, yet not under my feet but above in the spiritual realm, maybe even above the dome.

Many dreams, visions and prophecies also have been shared the last months about Yeshuas return.
They usually name it rapture.
There are tons of discussions about that subject and the Christian world is completely divided about that issue.
The devil, also called the accuser of the brethren did a thorough job with that.
I have been looking on commentaries on some channels who were posting rapture dreams.
The words some people use to fight against each others opinion are often heavy hits below the belt, very insulting, slander and whatever.
From non-believers I would not expect friendly words but if someone claims to be a christian with great bible knowledge – I don’t know what to say about it, just extremely sad.
When I watch the increasing aggression about theologigal questions (already since years), sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between “the world” and the ones who called themself as christians.
And this phenomenon also shows me enough evidence that the years of this age is coming to an end.

Though some rapture-dream people set dates and there I am careful because we simply don’t know the day and hour.
However, whether you name it the rapture, the taking/snatching of the bride or whatever…
My desire is daily increasing since I was born to go “home” to be with my heavenly Father, with Yeshua for all eternity on that place where there is no sin, no pain, suffering and all the nasty things we have to face here on earth.
Hard to wait and regardless all theories and theological voices, I wish it would happen in 2020 – okay, I am not sure about it and I don’t want to set any date but I want to be ready – by HIS Grace.
I only know there is not much time left and I look forward to meet my Savior Yeshua HaMashiach.

So, what is it all about?
Could it be; 2021 will be the year of decision – and deception.

Whom will you worship?
The Devils best-system of wickedness and lies (on a broad road)
Yeshua the Savior, The Way The Truth and The Life (on a narrow path)