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2014/03/04 – The purpose of Religion… Return to God-Yeshua and trust in Him.

Prophetic Word  from Yeshua, given 2014 March. 04

The purpose of Religion it to feed people with pride

The word was given in German Language
I translated it as best as possible with the english I know.
I pray you will have an open heart to see and hear what Yeshua want to  speak to you

…finally, don’t forget to proof the prophecy!

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

The purpose of Religion is, to feed people with pride.
But I am not proud of those people.
I am proud of those who love and honor me and do not judge other people, as much as able in their human strength.

Over and over again I have warned them but there is hardly anyone that can be found who is willing to be guided by me, by My Holy Spirit.
They are too much (in their religion), busy with themselves.

Instead of listening to me, they follow human, man-made traditions and formulas/ doctrines.
But all of this will not ever bring them even just a fraction of an inch closer to me.
Who are you man, that you can command me?

Laws you are carrying before me in hope and expectation that I will fulfill them…
How and from where will you know that your (man-made) laws will perform the things that you planned.
Can you see further (into the future) than yesterday?

You don’t know what will be tomorrow and you claim your laws are made for the future.
You fool, you don’t know, even if I might not remove your souls out of your body and you claim yourself to be all knowing by all your (own) rules?

Where are all the people getting those ideas to do things that I never commanded to do?
And on top of it they put burden’s on others to grant themselves with greater honor.
The day is coming when I will cast you down, if you do not return and follow My (Holy) Laws.
My Laws and Commandments are not that heavy that no-one could carry them.

No, it’s the opposite, My (perfect) Laws are given to bring you into true freedom from slavery/captivity, bondage from man-made traditions and rules, those (traditions) which lead only into addiction and bondage’s.
The burden that I put on you is easy, because it is full of Love and Grace.

When will you return and trust in me?
Who has filled you with fear (of man and/or darkness) that keeps you in distance to me?
I have not put this kind of fear in you.
Get released from that stronghold(s) that seperate’s you from me.

Exchange it (fear) with My Love and you will see how your life, yes, you yourself will become transformed in My Image as someone to whom I will reveal myself.
The Law of (my true) Love you can only be fulfilled completely if you turn away from man-made (religious) traditions.

I will start to make a difference between those who will decide for My endless Love and those who continuesly listening to words of man (and follow them).

Do not count the days, but the hours.
Yes, there are actually only minutes that remain for you to straighten your life out towards me, before I come and separate chaff from the wheat.
Who is able to escape my wrath?

It is the ones who have not denied My Name, those who love me unconditionally, those who (have/had) open/ed their hearts that I will be able to enter in there and sign My Word inside.

It is the Word of My Lips that makes you immune from the last big temptation that stand’s already at the door.
Prepare yourself and trust in me, that it is I that will redeem your soul, not to perish.

Not a single word that comes out of My Mouth is empty (in vain), but every aspect of My Words has a duty to perform why it is/was sounded.

When the shofar will sound, then listen to what it speaks.
Not much longer anymore and it will sound the last time over the globe.
Then I will send out My Angels to gather My Beloved.

The battle is not yet finished.
Remain faithful
 with the sword in the hand
(it is a picture of the story of Nehemia, bulding and fighting).
Trust in me that it is I that will fight for you.
The victory is already completed.

If you do NOT turn away (from Me) to follow man-made traditions, you will conquer and reach the destination (finish-line), to receive the prize/reward that I have prepared for you.

For most people is more important to receive honor from man instead the crown out of My Hand.
Don’t be so foolish to fall into that lie/trap.
There is nothing in this world that has even a tiny little bit of the value of the prize/reward that you will receive if you stay faithful in me and not reject My Love.

I will never break My Promises.
Behold I am coming and the wedding with me.

Pray and ask the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)
to help understand this word.

I pray for you that you will come closer to God
so that you can finish your race and receive
the reward Yeshua has prepared for you!