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2014/01/24 – The beauty of a renewed heart, Yeshua will come and bring peace, be ready!

Prophetic Word  from Yeshua, given 2014 Jan. 24

The beauty of a renewed heart, Yeshua will come and bring peace, be ready

Baruch HaBa B’Shem ישוע) יהוה)
Blessed is he who come’s in the Name of  YHWH (Yeshua),

ברוך הו דאתא בשמה דמריא
Matt. 21:9, 23:39 (Aramaic)

ברוך הבא בשם יהוה
Psalm 118:26 (Hebrew)

The clouds, the moon and the sun,
look what I have done my son.

The beauty of creation 
will come in a new demonstration
of My Glory and Splendor and Power 
as it will come, the hour,
the time, the season and change
when I will break the chains.

All those will stand with me 
who are grafted into the living tree
as branches leaves or fruit as One,
no matter what they might have done.

Look at the signs up in the sky and earth,
this is the time when I give birth
to something new and wonderful
that no one ever has seen before
that stands already at the door. 

Released will come the evil one’s
against My daughters and My sons.
But don’t be scared just trust in me, 
in me you will have victory.

The power of darkness has no right
when I will turn on all My Light.

No way, no way, no way… I will not leave nor forsake you. 
There is an open door for you, for all people.
The door that leads to life.

Who are you man that you will tell me what I shall do?
Do you know how this world will look like in a thousand years, in ten years or even next year or tomorrow?

Can you speak to the sun and tell her how she shall walk?
…speak to the wind and see if he obey you?
Does the chameleon change his colors according to your desires?
Does a butterfly eat out of your hand?

You cause the rain to fall by tricks and evil works.
But My Rain you will not receive unless you laid (lay) down
your life before me and trust in me that I will soften your heart.

I will come only one more time. 
Tell the people that there is no more time to play games. 
I will come and My judgment will come with me!

There is a little time left to bring your life in order.
But don’t wait too long!

All of a sudden, in a twinkle of an eye I will be coming… 
and then,
what will you do, where will you hide?
Will you be one of those who will ask the rocks to fall on you?

Don’t wait, the world will never ever give you peace
and truly I say to you that riots and war will increase,
because there is no peace in this world. 

Soon more evil forces will come out of their chamber’s.
How do you think you will be able to overcome the new temptations and deceptions without being rooted in me,
the living tree?

I (only) can give you peace even in the midst of hardest trials, temptations, riots and war.
My Arm is not too short to deliver you and My Wings are not too small to guard and shelter you no matter how much evil surround’s you and tries to take your life. Not the life that you call “body” but the life that is in me, the only life that is eternal.

Your soul can never die (even) if you want to choose to live outside My House your soul will never die. 
When your “tent” will fall apart and has not found the place in me, your soul will cry forever and you will feel the pain.
And the greatest pain for you will be that you have forsaken me.

Once you’re gone there is no way to come (back) to me and live.

A life in me (is) beyond imagination of peace and joy in light and love. 
A love that you don’t know that cannot be found on earth.
Perfect indescribable beyond imagination but much much more than this.

The only key is to believe to come to me and trust, that I will change your broken heart and sign My Word inside.

An empty vessel you can be, I fill it with My Grace.

And all you have to do is only this to be honest and obey, to do what I will tell you now to love and keep My Word inside your heart renewed.