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2013/10/27 – What is “real”? Life or Death, Light or Darkness; Nature speaks of God

Prophetic Word  from Yeshua, given 2013 Oct. 27

What is “real”? Life or Death, Light or Darkness; Nature speaks of God

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken,
but they are included for better understanding

What is “real”?
Have you ever seen a person who is”real”?

You won’t find so many on the streets.
Most people running around with masks on their shoulders and a stone behind/inside the chest.

Go, walk with me and I will show you where you can find hearts and faces, people that are ready for My Coming.
(that will be) a few people , but real and alive.

One more time I will pour out My Blessings over My People, the ones I have chosen.

If they obey and listen to My Voice (then) I will show them My Greatness and Glory, when My Spirit will movethem to places they have not chosen.

But when they are there (at those places) they will know why/what I have done and by obedience they will do (all) the things that I have prepared before the foundation of the world.

Don’t look to much on the miracles. 
Those are just little pieces of the stars that I have placed in the sky.
My Grace and Glory shines much brighter than all the stars together (if you pack them together in one spot and stand just in front and stare straight into them).

Obey and watch what I will do with those who reject My Word and turn their faces against me.

They will be watching all the past, all their sins and evil deeds. Darkness is behind them.
There they will remain forever if they do not turn their faces toward me.
They will be judged by their own transgressions and their cry I will not hear.

You have the choice.
You can choose life or death, light or darkness.
Choose me and you will have life everlasting. 

Obey My Word that I have spoken from the beginning.
My Word is life. 
Mans word will bring destruction.

Listen and be quiet when I speak to you. 
My Word is even much more than life. 
My Word is so much more that no human being is able to comprehend.
Only a tiny little piece (of it) and you will be transformed in a much more beautiful way, as a caterpillar into a butterfly.

You need to trust and believe. 
If you don’t, I cannot do anything.
But if you let me move your heart I will make you real, into the person I created you from the beginning

Pray and ask the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to help understand this word.
I pray for you that your heart will be open so that He can make you real
and bring you into the place where He wants you to be.

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Additional Word from August 01.

I added this word here at the end eventhough the date is different.
But as the subject lines up with some part of the main prophecy
I thought they will come nice together.

Look at the stars, moon and the son
Do you see how they speak/declare (of) me?

I created them and whenever I want, I can remove them or place them somewhere else.

You think the stars remain in/at the place where they are (currently and firm).
But, if I will (only) move my (small) finger – not one star will remain there where he (it) is (currently)

One more time I will speak like (I did) to Abraham, Moshe and (my friends) Daniel and Eliyahu.