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2013/10/19 – The closeness with Yeshua will guide you

Prophetic Word  from Yeshua, 2013,  Oct. 19
…given during a walk through a park

The closeness with Yeshua will guide you into the green pastures and the streams of living waters

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

The Word (of  Elohim) cries out “silence silence” 
…but no-one listen’s.

The world cries out “silence, silence” …but the people are running away and do not stop to scream and hunger for noises.
What can you do not to swim in the stream of society?

!!! Come to Me (Yeshua) where there is the source of peace (Shalom).

Not the quietness of mankind those who do not want to turn away (be separate) from their idols.
They lead you into the fog of desolation, into the grave of lostness that is more dense then the thicket of the deepest jungle.
Ripe fruits they will not find. 
Chased into complete restlessness they spend the whole day with worries.

What can this world give you more as only this (worrying and so on) if you trust in man?
Do you need all of this to love me?
Can all these things bring you closer to me?

How many times do I need to call you that you will come to me, to come to me as you are, and not like people want to have you (to) be?
And nevertheless you have listened over and over again to man to please them.

And you think you can do both?
I say to you, you will not succeed (it will not work out).

Only if you start to love me with all of your heart I will/can equip you with everything that makes you able to please man without pleasing them (to be like they want you to be).

When you where asked by “your” pastor the last time of who you love more: Me (Yeshua), or the world?
And always you give him the same answer!
But he (the pastor) is not able to see if you mean that honestly or not.

Even you yourself cannot look deep enough into your heart if you really love me with all of your heart, or if there are still stored religious lyrics/text which disgust me.

Texts engraved like a footprint in concrete.
Unerasable files/data in the memory of traditions.

When do You come, and lay down on My altar, to sacrifice everything that seperates Me from You?

(Your) Fear will whisper you lies, that will tell that your heart completely belongs to me, but at the same time it lay down a blanket over the things that I don’t want to see in your life.
(These are) The things that I will reveal to you, to be able to remove them.

You shall know that I don’t want to keep you as a slave but as a beloved son.
A son who owns everything that belongs to Me. 
But also a son that does not cling to all the unclean things that cannot be in agreement with my glory and holiness.

All these (unclean) things will NOT bring you into My Rest (quietness).

You don’t have to leave your (old) friends but you shall know that some of these friends will lead you more away from Me instead closer to Me.

Even if some of these friends look like a great example of a spiritual person, a good number of them are not willing to trust in Me with all of their hearts nor willing to get sanctified by/from me.

You are not able to recognize that (all of this) because your eyes are distracted to the (physical) appearance and especially because of their words (speech of this people/friends).

Let My Holy Spirit live within you 
and then I will show you what really dwells in your heart and (I will) lead you unto the green fresh pastures, to the fresh living water, to the place where you really/truly will find (My) Rest.

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He will reveal you This word and what HE wants to say in what He gave to me.

I pray that this message will lead you into HIS REST.
Trust in Yeshua, 
He will do it!