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2013/10/14 – The NSA, Snowden, Internet, Pornography the Media and the Beast

Two Prophetic Words given
2013 October 14 and October 29.
both while walking around the same area in Jerusalem

The NSA, Snowden, Internet, Pornography the Media and the Beast

Now two words that I am not sure and have no clear discernment
if this came from the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)
or it is just some thoughts from wherever.

I put these together in one videoclip because
they contain somehow the same subject.

The first word is from October 14

After that is another thought
that is somehow also connected to this one.
First of all a bit of a explanation how this thought came up.

On a walk through the park near the museum (Jerusalem) I was thinking about the nonsense of marriage in view of the few years that are left and how to satisfy oneself and (bananas for the taste).
Then how silly it is to watch/spend all the time in the internet – and the best would be to just stay completely away from internet at all.

It might be the best to live a life without the web
because in there most of the things are
more or less pornographic (also occult) garbage, etc.

I was thinking and praying about why in all the total control that is already established, there seem’s to be no way to do something about (against) the (evil) pornographic industry:

In that moment a thought came into my mind:
The main perpetrators are exactly the ones who should observe and prevent this crime that fill most of the content in the Internet.
Which means: Possibly the most, if not all of the pornographic
industry is made up by the same one’s
the secret services like CIA, FBI, NSA, NATO, etc.

Now the second Word from October 29

This word I’ve received as well during a walk in Jerusalem

Suddenly a thought dropped into my mind.
But unlike the first word, this time I didn’t
thought about anything specific, just praying

Actually I had a similar thought a while ago:

All the scandal (surveillance and spying) with
the NSA and Snowden etc. is something like
a game
 from these (the same) people (and not real).

Everything was planned and the media
are part (maybe some even unknowing) of this game.

The plan is, through this scandal to make laws that will (look like to) control/put border to the NSA and the other organizations like this.

But these additional laws will finally give them
even more control over all the people.

Yes, the media are the main player in this game making the people to believe that now everything will be safe.
(Like they will not spy/control anymore as they did)
Which is not true!

The beast is laughing 
but his laughter one day will come to an End and then he will be cast into the lake of fire crying and gnashing of teeth.
The deceiver is the liar
 and also he will find himself one day in that place (of fire).

And My beloved ones will be far away from that place together with Me, the Light and the Truth and the Glory.

Do you know how much time is left?
Count the days and gain wisdom for I will let you know
when you need to be prepared.
And you have to give your life to me (Yeshua)
so that I can make you ready.
If not, you will miss me and (have to) fight
until the End (I don’t know of what End he is speaking of).

Whether this message is really a word from Yeshua
or has more or less humanistic elements in it…

In any case you need to ask the Holy Spirit
to give full understanding of this message.