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2013/08/01 Who keep’s the Word of God ( Elohim )?

No-one keeps the Truth of Torah

to open our eye’s to Revelation Knowledge.

This Message is to Restore (as is available now) the Original writing’s, given before Translation’s and Interpretation’s thru man, who has changed some of the Wording, (thru History).

Man has Bias, man has been used by the enemy,
(Parable’s even speak of the enemy sowing….).
These have skewed, even twisted the Word of Elohim.

Elohim’s Word warn’s of it!

Deut. 4:2.
“Not you shall add on the word that I have instructed you and not you shall remove from it the keeping of the (Alef-Tav)-instructions of יהוה(YHVH) your Elohim, which I am instructing you.”

A Message of Elohim/YESHUA’S Eternal Truth, it is a Wonderful thing when it come’s,
John 16:13.
Please Pray that His Truth come to Light as you seek His (Elohim’s) Truth.

John 3:21
But he who does the Truth come’s to the Light that it may be Revealed His Work’s (deed’s, reward’s) that by Elohim they are Performed
(Aramaic rendering).

(John 3:21 in Aramaic)
הו דין דעבד שררא אתא לות נוהרא דנתידעון עבדוהי דבאלהא עבידין

What is this speaking to/about in the context of the scripture’s we have received?

To paraphrase; our work’s are to do His Word’s given from the beginning.

Psalm 119:42-44, (Hebrew rendering)
I shall answer a word to the one who approaches me,  because I trust in the Word of You (Elohim).
and you will not take out from my mouth the Word of Truth utterly, because to your judgment’s/statutes I set my Hope.
And I shall keep Your Torah continually for eon (Olam) and Futurity, (from now until forever).

Further in Psalm 119, Verse 142,
Your (Elohim) Righteousness is Righteousness of eon/forever (Olam), and Your Torah is Truth.

Dan. 9:13, see also verse 11. 

(Psalm 119:142 in Hebrew)
צדקתך צדק לעולם ותורתך אמת

Then Mal. 2:1-7,
Verse 6: 

Torah of Truth was in His (Priest’s) Mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lip’s.
In Peace and in equity he walked with me (Elohim) and many one’s he restored from depravity.

More on the context of Elohim’s Priest’s in future Message’s.

(Mal.2:6 in Hebrew)
תורת אמת היתה בפיהו ועולה לא-נמצא בשפתיו בשלום ובמישור הלך אתי ורבים השיב מעון

Elohim’s Truth is Olam (eternal)!
Psalm 19:7, 
The Torah of YHVH/YESHUA is Perfect/ complete, restores the soul.
The Testimony of YHVH/YESHUA is trustworthy/faithful making wise the simple.

(Psalm 19:8 in Hebrew= Psalm 19:7 in English)
תורת יהוה תמימה משיבת נפש עדות יהוה נאמנה מחכימת פתי

Now 2.Tim 3:15, 
And that from your childhood you were taught the Holy Scroll’s, which can make you wise unto the Life by Faith in YESHUA Messiah,
(Translation from Aramaic).

Other reference, John 14:6.

(in Aramaic)
אמר לה ישוע אנא אנא אורחא ושררא וחיא לא אנש אתא לות אבי אלא אן בי

The context of the above, all goes to Torah and it’s Truth, as they only had the Torah/Tanach written to be Taught from.
From their childhood.
2.Tim 3:15 confirm’s that!

May His Word’s encourage you in bringing His Truth, to know,
His Revelation Knowledge to follow.

Our Destiny is in
Meshiha (Aramaic for Messiah)

All comment’s are given to prayerfully help in Understanding.

Please only follow His Truth from His Word’s that are given by His Mouth/Voice.

His Original Word’s will stand Forever and never pass away as they were Originally spoken.

Man’s translation’s and Interpretation’s can/will pass away

All Glory and Honor to Yeshua Meshiha who is Revealing.to be able to receive only His blessings that are in His covenant.

See Jer.31:33
Because this covenant I will complete with the house of Israel after those days speaks YHVH
I will put/give my (Alef-Tav)-Torah in their bowels an will write it (them) upon their hearts
And I will be for them (their) Elohim and they will be to me a People (Nation).

(Jer. 31:33 in Hebrew)
כי זאת הברית אשר אכרת את-בית ישראל אחרי הימים
ההם נאם-יהוה נתתי את-תורתי בקרבם ועל-לבם
אכתבנה והייתי להם לאלהים והמה יהיו-לי לעם