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2013/07/27 – At the End of the Days: What will you do when the world falls apart? Whom will you follow?

Prophetic Word given 2013, July 27.

When the world falls apart…

Baruch HaBa B’Shem ישוע) יהוה)
Blessed is he who come’s in the Name of  YHWH (Yeshua),

ברוך הו דאתא בשמה דמריא
Matt. 21:9, 23:39 (Aramaic)

ברוך הבא בשם יהוה
Psalm 118:26 (Hebrew)

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

When the world falls apart…
Whom will you follow?

And what will you do with all of your treasures you stored here on earth in your barn?

See /behold the day is coming and it will be.
It will be what never was before and what was will never be (anymore).
You think this is far away in the future?
You fool!
(it is much closer than we may ever think)

If I would decide to let it happen tomorrow, it will be tomorrow.
And then in two days (possibly from now on) you will be crying and weeping over all your life because you have not listened to My Words.

I will bring glory and victory over all the earth (but only) to those people who understand the day and the hour, the time we’re living in.

No man can predict the future.
No-one can predict the ability of what evil (can do) and how much more evil they WILL do in the coming days.

There is no way to escape from their (evil) cruel fingers except by coming to me.
I will keep you safe in any situation and under every kind of circumstances.
(But) You need to trust (believe) that I Am.
I am Not the one that you have heard so many preachers saying.
They (the preachers) cannot give (tell you) just a little tiny piece of what/who I really am.

You can only know Me (of who I am) when you listen to Me (directly), hang on to me, follow Me.
(But) You need to Come To Me with a honest heart like a little child, innocent and pure.
I can see if, and how you trust (in) Me.
Before people you can play games but in front of Me you cannot lie.
I don’t want to blame you (like people do) but I want to show you how much I love you and how much I care for you.

You will never be the same if you let me touch your lips, your heart and your soul.

I promised Abraham a son (seed) and I kept this promise as you can see until today.
If I (would) promise you to have a son tomorrow so it will happen.

But if you don’t listen to Me and if you don’t obey and trust/believe in Me…
what shall I do with all the storehouse full of blessings and promises I have already kept for you?
Shall I give it to someone else?

Through all the thousands of years there are countless blessings and promise’s I have been stacking up.
Millions and Billions of people missed so much. 
Instead (of receiving all the promises) they were running after carnal (fleshly) things.
Things of this world that (all of them) will be burned down (to be nothing) at the end of the day.

Here it is !
We are almost at the end of the day.
And most people still are piling up all their worldly treasures.

Oh man of faith, where are you?
I am searching For (after) you like for the needle in the haystack.
My love, my beloved, why have you forsaken me, 
why are you hiding behind all your (worthless/useless) wealth?
I miss you so much. 
I am sweating blood and tears for You. For you to come!
Come to Me before I come and take away the (your) Menorah from your house.
Yes, and I will come Soon!

The sun is almost down, yet half way down.
What are you going to do when darkness comes?
(How) Will you be able to find me? (even/especially) without the Menorah?
If My Light is not a Menorah on (attached to) your feet, how will you be able to walk and follow Me when darkness will conquer the earth?

When it (darkness) will come like in a twinkle of an eye, how Will you (be able to) find Me?
How will you walk with Me if you do not hold on to Me (my hand) while it is daylight?

Make yourself ready for Me, The King (Yeshua), that is about to come for the wedding, to be with Me before the door gets closed.
After the doors are closed I cannot open them anymore as Noah couldn’t open the door anymore after the flood came.
Everything that is outside (the door to the wedding hall) will be washed away, will be burned down to the ground and their cry (of all those who are left outside)
will go out, forever and ever.

(Therefore) trust in me, the one who gives life abundantly.
I was, I am and will be always and forever True Love!

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He will reveal you
This word and what HE wants to say in what He gave to me.

Think about of how much you are connected to all the worldy treasures  and pleasures
There is a greater Treasure waiting for you.
All the blessings that will last until eternity
Listen to HIM, Obey HIM, Follow Him And Trust in Him, the Messiah Yeshua