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2013/07/02 – Prophetic Drumsolo: Get Ready and Prepared for the Hour of Yeshuas coming

Prophetic Drumsolo given 2013, July 02.
When I was listening to this playing after recording, Yeshua started to speak to me saying: this is not just a drumsolo…

…it is a prophetic message that speaks about the coming of the Messiah Yeshua.

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

The Prophecy was not given in English I translated it as best as possible with the english I know.
The Introduction and Scripture-verses are included as words of warning and proof to be ready and prepared for HIS coming.

Yes, Yeshua is coming…
And if He would come today…
Will you be ready?

What will happen, when He comes?
How many (people) will He find ready and prepared?

Are you prepared (completely surrendered to HIM) or do you still listening to (your old) worldly desires?

Did you not know that every treasure you (will) have stored on earth will be burned?

Get Ready and prepared!

Lk. 18:8
…the Son of man will indeed come, and will he then find faith on earth?

Mt. 24:42…
Wake up therefore because you don’t know in what hour your Master will come.

Lk. 12:40…
Therefore you also be ready because at that moment that you do not expect, the Son of man will come.

Now the prophetic Word of what Yeshua spoke:

Be ready be ready I am coming I am coming
But no-one, not a single soul is ready yet.
Not ONE!
Yes, when I will judge, I will judge rightheous (but) I can not not find (just) one person.
You think: But there must be someone… or two, three or five… (somewhere on this big planet)
Someone who has really fulfilled everything.
But I say: NO, not one (yet) but nevertheless I will come.

(Comment: please do not misunderstand this;
His grace is big/great enough to save many, no matter
if there is nobody who has been obedient in all things).

Eventhough you (all people) are not ready I will come because time is ready, the time is fulfilled!
Yet, there are some (a few) things that will happen before I come.

Damascus the big city, will not be (anymore).
Babylon, Babylon the harlot, will not be (anymore).
(Comment: Damascus might be as literal, the city in Syria but it’s definitely not clear what Babylon represents,
Yeshua didn’t gave me any details or revelation about it)

Then… I will come and take my bride (with me).
A bride that I have prepared, that I have made ready (at that time).
She (the bride) will be ready and the (big) city, the great and terrible (will fall).
Then you will know the hour is here.

I say: The HOUR.
You did not know the hour. (???)
(Right) you even did not know WHAT an hour is!
An hour according to my definition is NOT an hour according to your (human) definition.

The hour when I bled for you
 is also not (only) a point of time (like you defined/ as on that very specific man-made day) but it (an hour) is an EVENT.
An event that occur’s as it is written.

Behold the one they rejected became a corner stone. 
And those who rejected me (Yeshua) I have rejected.

And they will know him whom they have pierced – they will know HIM.
(Zechariah 12:10)

And (at this hour) I will release my bride out of her bonds (like for example as you release a horse) and I will make her (my bride) ready in ONE hour.

In an hour that you don’t know yet.
At the/that hour that will come (soon).

The hour that will come upon you when (all) mankind will sleep.
When they (mankind) will drink and eat, marry, getting married and when they do (force) idolatry.

Then the hour will come and will occur like the coming of a thief in the night.
When you have not expected HIM. 

And the least who expecting him to come are those who speak every day about Him.
Those who read about Him.
Those who study every day that book.
They study and study and study but see only letters.
Letters of time.
Letters of vanity.
Dead letters.

Who is ready?
Are YOU ready?
Get Ready!

Heaven and Earth will pass away but My Word will never pass away.
YOUR letters will pass away, My Word never (never ever).
It was and is and will remain in all eternity – My Word.

The words of my mouth you have twisted into/for your Profit.
The eternal Word you have twisted into vanity.
As you have taken it away I have taken away the things that I had prepared for you …to be a part of myself/ me.

1.Thess. 5:2-3+6
2. for you know assurendly, that the day of our Lord (Master Yeshua) so comes in this way as a thief by night.
3. When they will say, “peace and quietness”, then from the silence shall rise destruction upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape
6. Let us therefore not sleep, like others; but let us be watchful and considerate.

Be ready, get ready
Yeshua is coming!

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He will reveal you This word and what HE wants to say in what He gave to me.
I pray that this message will lead you into a closer relationship with Yeshua

Be ready and prepared unlike the foolish virgins (Mt. 25: 1-13)

No matter if He will come today or tomorrow
Yeshua promised us, HE WILL come
One day all people will see (Mt.24:27-31)

He is (possibly) coming even sooner than we believe
Get ready that you not miss the boat (Ark)