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2013/06/25 – The things that are impossible for Elohim

Prophetic Word given 2013, May.17./18.
got this word while painting (creosote) wooden windows

The Impossible things for Elohim

I will let you know something.
When people say there is nothing Impossible for me (God) or even when I say to you or other friends there is nothing impossible for me.
It is literally not correct/accurate (but as a common usage okay).

Your focus of your mindset on the “Impossible” on great things will reduce the “Impossible” to signs, wonders and miracles.
And this is true.
I can do all these things (signs, miracles etc.) and on those things is no limit for me.

It is not Impossible to bless you, to give you things you ask for, even if your heart is not (completely) rightheous.
It is not Impossible to bless those who even ignore me. (in any case) It is for a reason.
You may assume that I can simply remove kings (out of their position) by a snap of my finger.
And I am able to bring my people out of egypt…
sure there is nothing – like such things – Impossible for me, for the one you name “God” or “Lord” (or whatever title).

But “Impossible” as a human definition cannot reflect my truth.
Actually (literally) there ARE things that ARE Impossible” for me (to do).

That I cannot lie is possibly more or less well known within believers in many churches.
But also it is impossible for me to break my covenant that I have made with Abraham.
It is Impossible to twist my word like you do by removing things and adding your interpretations (to it).

When you (will) enter my kingdom (heaven) you will see my word still alive.
I (and my word) cannot lie nor can one covenant remove/erase another covenant.

The written word I gave to Moshe (those 2 tablets of stone) are still there and valid.
They (the words) never lose their power.
Only because you haven’t seen them you think they are not valid (authorized) anymore (or only partially)?

Still I keep my Shabat and it will remind you on all things.
The creation, all the heaven and earth. The sea with the fishes, all the animals.
Grass, the green pastures, the trees, the fruit, the trees in the middle of the garden.
The sunshine upon you and how it fits all together in perfect harmony (more superior than the working of a swiss clock).
Each one of you (all people in this world) I created so beautiful and amazing.

Every Shabat I remember and rejoice over you.

But what have You done?
You have taken it (my words, at least part of it) away and one (single) man who did not obey my voice removed it.
And (then), you decided to follow him (this man) instead of me.

This is almost Impossible for me to understand (it) how you chose (man-made) curses instead of my blessing.
I gave Abraham my blessings so the blessings would continue even (until) today for all those who follow my ways and obey my voice like Abraham did.
He knew me, he saw me and he was obedient in All things I have spoken by his fathers.

חנוך  (Enoch) I took away because he was so obedient to my word (a life in true holiness) that I could not leave him in the midst of all the filthy people around him.

They (the evil people) laughed at him (Enoch), making jokes of his trust in me, they defiled him saying:
“Stupid fool, son of a bitch and many other (nasty) things.”

The days of Noah are here.
The day is coming when I will take my bride out from the midst of the filth of this earth in the same way I took out Enoch (חנוך)
(Personal comment: could this be a picture of the so-called “rapture”?)

INFO: (pay attention)

Read carefully the next couple of pages:
IT IS PART of the prophetic word BUT Yeshua not speaking directly but let us know of how people will behave and speak (to His People) before and after He will take His Bride.
So, the following section are statements of people who will be the so-called “left behind”
There is a note when this section is finished and the “regular” prophetic word continue

People will claim (after that day) the same things, saying:
“Those stupid people only follow this very old book, keeping letters of (a man called) Moshe (many people see the bible as a book like a fairy tale and Moshe one big figure in it).
They are crazy (as naive), not enjoying the modern way of thinking, freedom of life, liberty and all the pleasures of this world.
They told us, one day “God” (some say Elohim) will lift us up to heaven and there we will have a beautiful wedding feast with Yeshua (etc.).
Now they are gone and we are glad.
They will not bother us anymore with their old way of thinking, saying:
Homosexuality is sin. 
We love you but Yeshua is saying (in that old book) it is sin.
It is sin to sleep with many different woman or man (at the same time).
(They also said) It is a sin to lie  (even not accepting “white lies”).
It is sin here, it is sin there, sin everywhere and even abortion they claimed as sin (to not allow).
But now, gladly, none of them will bother us anymore, lifting (always) a moral finger (when they see us doing things they think it is sin according to their old book).
They are gone….
Shall they be with their ancient professor (God) who claimed (think) this old book is true.”

Here now is the END of the section replicate peoples statements…NOW the “regular” prophetic word continue


Yes, it is true, this (what you call) old book is true. 
Some of the book is my originally spoken word  in written letters and/but some (of the letters of that book) are man-made tradition and opinion.
Godly men (especially Shaul etc.) who wrote the best they can to emphasize of what I want from you.
They (other people, translators) made it to become like my word, but it is NOT!

By/with the best pure intentions he (Shaul) wrote his letters.
Sadly most of this letters got misunderstood.
And so it continues until today.
I am waiting for my people to come back to me.
To (let them) know what I (originally) spoke.
I even gave my Holy Spirit and poured it out over many of you.
(But be aware) There are some (people) who do not have/received my Ruach (Spirit) but you listen to them as if they are man according to my own heart  (they claim it but they are not).
They fill their churches and their pockets with all their speech but do not follow me and obey my word.

The/my word that was from the beginning and will have no end.
It’s Impossible for me to twist my word like you do.
My promises remain my promises.
My blessings remain my blessings.
My warnings remain my warnings and you, my people better listen to them (my warnings) instead of to human explanations (humanistic teachings and compromises).
I warned you over and over again through my prophets that you should turn back to me.

My love remains my love and it is Impossible for me not to love.
No matter what you do, I will love you until the end.

At the end I will separate the sheep from the goats, the ones who obey my voice from those who reject me and (reject) all my commandments.
They (those who reject Yeshua) will have their place where there is no return to me.
A place far away from my presence.
Alone, separated forever from my love, glory and light. (They will be) in darkness, where I will not hear their cry anymore.

I gave you my word. 
Listen to me. 
This (so-called) old book (that) Moshe wrote is not old.
It is the way the truth and the life.
It is pointing to the one whom you nail every day on the cross, the stake.
You have set it up because you ignored His coming (Yeshuas first coming 2000 years ago).

I, Yeshua am coming back
 and will take you (my bride) with me, to me, to a place that I have prepared for you.
It is Impossible for me not to give you what I promised if you keep my word and carry it in your hearts.
If your hearts are filled with my word, (with) my Yeshua, all your (good) words (and works) will be remembered in heaven and (all) your sins I will remember no more.

Remember Shabat and what I have done for you and do not forget!

There is nothing Impossible for me except the Impossibility, the things that are Impossible for me, to remove of what I have spoken.

Look at nature and remember.
It was I, that made it.
You don’t need to know how, you don’t need to think about evolution.

Think about me!

I am and I will be and I will remain forever.

Let it be enough for you to love me and obey of what I have spoken.
I will take you and (then) you will know the Impossible things, things you never dreamed about.
Things that are too wonderful to grasp them with your mind.

It is Impossible for you to come to me if you ignore my word.
But if you are willing to obey me (then) it is not Impossible for me to draw you close to me, (and to) change your heart and fill you with my love so that you can become a holy people to me.

But it is Impossible for me to make you ONE with me if you are not willing, (or) if you ignore my voice!
If you are full of pride it is Impossible for me to draw you near to me.
It is Impossible for me to manipulate or remove your own free will.
But I warn/warned you and also by the hands of my beloved (ones) you will hear warnings.

Listen and do not harden you heart.
It’s your life!
It is Impossible for me to save you if you never accept my sacrifice, the blood (that) I poured out for you.

It is Impossible for you to lie to me.
In my presence you will not be able to speak just one single lie.
I see (deep into) your heart and on the day when you will stand before me I will reveal all that is in your heart right before your eyes and (then) you will see…
If there is any lie, you will see as I see and in my holy presence those lies will be like a (hot burning) fire that burn in your heart (soul).
And your mouth will not be able to speak (lies).

So take my hand, the (same) hand that you nailed and repent and return to the truth I have spoken.
If you do (this) and do not follow any longer other idols and your man-made traditions (those that lead you astray and drive you further away from me), I promise you today:
I will guide you (through the rest of your life) by my hand into green pastures and you will see my face when you will be with me in all eternity.

I gave you my promises and it is Impossible for me to break it.
The covenant I made with Noah, (and) with Abraham and the covenant with/in my blood is the same
(the same means it is Impossible for Him to break them and maybe literally the same, personally I don’t know for sure).

Remember Shabat, Remember my word(s).
Remember what I have done for you.
It is not Impossible (for you) to come to me.
Behold the hand, behold the nail, here I am – hold on to my promises. 
They are all in my hands – and there is enough room for you.

Some things are possible for you and Impossible for me.
But the more (most) important things are Impossible for you but possible for me.
It is Impossible for you to climb up to heaven by all your human effort.

But it is possible by me if you take my hand and believe that I will lead you (safe) on the narrow path that leads to life.
And (on that path) your foot will not dash on any stone.
If you obey my voice I will do everything that is Impossible for you (when you ask me even beyond your dreams) to write your name in the book of life.