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2013/05/05 – The Light, Greatness, Beauty, Joy Preace and Love of Elohim is far beyond Human words

Prophetic Word given 2013 May 05 and May 06

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

This prophetic word is somehow special and partly different to most other words I have received.
This prophecy was literally (mostly) a number of visions/ pictures HE showed me and I put them together as best I could, in a way like HE speaks usually to me.

He started to speak to me after I asked Yeshua a question:
Does your Bride already calling you to come?

Yeshuas answer:
only a few individuals but not all my people.
I am waiting, longing for the day when they (all of them) will call me (to come).
Yet, the final day is not far away anymore. 

Look at the horizon, you can already see what is coming.
I have prepared a home for you to come and it is almost fulfilled.
In a few “days” you will see.
(! When He speaks about days we don’t know the timing)

None of you (the chosen ones) will get/be lost.
promised to be with you until the ends of this earth.
I keep my promises. 
I am not like man, who did not know what to do.
I look beyond time and everyone who is in this time (=presence) cannot see anything but only the presence.
I am not like your (fantasy) superman.
He has limits in time and space but I do not have any limits.

If you call me by my (real) name I will hear and answer your question.
I will do whatever you ask for.

“More than the sun
 in a brilliant sky” you sing.
(Note: This is a line in one of my songs: “The Almond Tree”)

I live that, I am that.

This is the maximum of what human language is able to describe (me).
But it is even less than a tiny spot in the sky
(what humans can describe compared to what my light really is).

And I am more than this. 
when you have on one hand the light of the sun in the sky and on the other hand the whole sky that would be just light…
and then human language would describe the light and glory of Elohim as the whole sky as one light, (but) HIS light is even way more than this.

Put a little grain of dust on a soccer field.
When you (man) think about My greatness as the maximum of this little grain of dust. 
Even the whole soccer field is not big enough compared to that little grain to describe my greatness.
Endless infinity is my mercy and love.

And when you, man, are like little grains of dust, how shall I not be able to pick you up, (1.Sam 2:8/ Ps. 113:7/ Ps.103:14) (and) to be able to help you, to feed you but also to judge you, to correct you or remove you out of my presence?

And in between that little grain there is my bride, my beloved, my friends, my dear one.

Do you know what you will expect in my kingdom – grain of dust?
You are little part of the grain of dust. 
Walk over all the soccer field and then you have just seen only my throne room.

None of you shall get/be lost (Joh.10:28/ Joh.17:12).

Only the accuser and his compantions will never ever enter (into) my kingdom. 
They will burn far outside where there is no light, no peace, no joy, no hope.

Come to me and do not make me small.
You will see if there is “nothing” impossible for me.
I promised you my promises and you, man, keep my commandmends, love me and your neighbours and you will see beyond the horizon.
You will see things I only reveal to those who obey me and keep my word (that is) written on their hearts.

Many people will get lost (perish), but you, make sure you do not fall into the traps of the enemy.
He is a liar as he was from the beginning.

I want you to shine like a star in the night. 
The closer you will be with me the brighter you will shine (comment: logically makes sense).

And people will see that light in you that is of/from me, the eternal light, the only light that breaks the darkness.

The darkness of your family (the past) and the bondages of darkness and the dungeon.

INFO/ Comment: 
A day later I was on the rooftop, cooking and then Yeshua continued the same word.
This is a new experience for me when a prophecy continue on another day.

HE Spoke:
Look around and see all the hills and valleys (and the ocean).
Then take the tip of a needle and compare the size.
The size of a needle is what you say is my greatness.
But my greatness is even bigger than all the surrounding that you seecompared to the size of that tip of the needle. 
This is what you describe as of all my greatness.

(Then…) Go out through the world and find the most beautiful places and the most amazing smelling fragrance of flowers.


go to the most ugly places, the worst cesspools and (find the) most terrible smelling things.

Then compare them together.

When you make definitions by human words about my beauty: 
The difference between those two places is not even a little bit of the distance in your imagination what you see in the most beautiful flowers on earth compared to my beauty. 
The same with my home, the place where you will be with me in eternity if you do, what I tell (told) you to do. 
If you obey my words and walk in my ways – you will see (my) light, greatness and beauty that is way more than every human word can describe.
And (all) my glory is so much more than what you can ever comprehend.
The same is with (my) joy, peace and love (and love is the greatest of all).
With all the things you know about me is the same (as those examples).

When you think about my glory by all human effort, you will only see little piece of the needles tip in all that surround’s you, as far as your eyes can reach.

There are NO WORDS!
No cameras are able to capture my glory, my beauty and the place where you will be with me, when you keep my commandments.
Love and everlasting love.
(personal comment: that’s possibly when in dreams so many times when I see amazing beautiful places I want to capture it with a camera – as I am a photographer and know how a camera works but in those dreams I could never take just a single shot).

When someone (beloved) dies and then comes to me (Yeshua), you can mourn for a little while (I understand that loss).
But remember what I told you (here and in other words).

As the joy (in heaven) is so much greater and there is no more suffering nor pain nor weeping… 

If you love me and keep my word you will see him again and then (if this beloved person obeyed my word as well), you will never anymore be seperated.
(In Heaven) You will walk along over golden bridges from one lake to the other and every day you will see new things of greater beauty.

Believe that I AM.
I am the one that restores your soul, the one who brings you back home (to me).

But if you turn away from me and follow other gods/idols, those that cannot speak, hear, smell and walk, I promise you today that you will never see my face. (Deut.30)
You will be like those who are cast out into the darkest places where I will not hear their cry anymore.
You have the power over your own life or death to do what I command you or reject (by your own decision).

No matter if
 you walked with me 5, 50 or a hundred years.
When you turn away from me (to other gods) I will remember your name no more!
And your name will not be found in the book of life.

You think you are saved because once you ran into the pastors arms and said their verse.
You can lie to them but not to me.
I see deep, deeper into your heart than you ever could think it could be, so much depth.
And I know what’s in it!

You can lie/cheat to me a lot with your mouth but nothing at all with your heart (which means you can only lie verbally to Elohim but he knows always if it’s true or a lie).
And if your heart is rightheous and you desire to do my will but never confessed (said this verse) before a pastor, evangelist ot whatever title and if you follow my word and be obedient to my will, (then) I will not cast you out, no matter if there is many guilt and sin in your life.

Forgive your neigbours, repent (from your sins), return and come to me.
I am not asking for an intellectual sentence.
I will take you as you are, as I created you to be and not as pastors want you to be.

Besides pride, worshipping other idols is the big (biggest) hindrance to you, that you will not see me.

My word I layed before you  through Moshe and the Prophets.
Listen to them.
Obey (in everything) what I told you to do and (by this) you will live.


…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He will reveal you This word and what HE wants to say in all the Pictures that he gave to me.
Before you run to pastors or teachers where you may find comments if this Word is theological correct or not, read2.Col 12:4.
Yeshuas Glory in heaven and all HIS words. are ineffable. Ask Him, obey Him, follow Him and not man-made interpretations and traditions.

Listen Israel
יהוה YHWH  (is) our Elohim (God)
יהוה YHWH is ONE With  ישוע (Yeshua) (John 17)

שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד