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2013/03/26 – Live Yeshuas Word as it is written and so not manipulate, add or remove anything

Prophetic Word given 2013 March 26 12:30pm
given somewhere in a forest

This message contains reference’s to conversations.
Please read carefully in context not to mess up of who is speaking.
And 2 times within that message He gave me personal things.
removed those to avoid confusion.

Most parts were given in German,
a few segments in English and one sentence in Hebrew.
I’ve tried to do the best to give you an idea of what Yeshua want to say.
For complete understanding of this word you need to ask the Holy Spirit.
Only He can give you revelation.
I don’t understand the real (deep) meaning of this prophetic word eventhough it was given to me.

INFO: Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info

Now the word:
You (mankind) plan and plan and plan and plan but I (Yeshua) have your plans already (written) in my hands.
Don’t worry, say sorry and live your life I have given you.
Not Your life?

I say: YOUR life! 
You (most people) don’t live your (their own) life.
You (they) live another (ones) life..
Come to me, I will show you your life.
A life full with blessings, full of grace,full of anointing of my Power (Holy Spirit).
A life that leads (other) people to me.
A witness of Who I am.

Your questioning, what is this all about…
(Yeshua possibly saw a big questionmark on my face)

Nice (thanks) that you are by me (spending time with me).
So I will show you much more of Who I am.
But that cannot happen from today till tomorrow.
You would/ could not survive that.
My power is in your weakness strong/mighty.

Care about my kingdom and will I care for your kingdom as you are rich like a sheik.
(This whole sentence given in German seem to me a poetic rhyme. The word “Reich” in German is exchangable in english which could mean both, either “rich” or/and “kingdom”…
It could mean something like “your kingdom is wealthy”
So there are different variations possible.
Actually I have no clue what He want’s  to say with that).

Without me you are nothing, cannot do anything, will not (do) anything.
I like it, when you adjust  (now) your life not on (worldly) things (materialism).
The day is coming when I will break everything like a (thin) dry (wooden) stick.

My word is full of beauty, but you have nailed it on paper instead (of burning it) into your hearts.
How many times do I need to tell you that my word is a hammer, a fire, a river of living waters.
You take/use it (my word/ say it’s the bible) like a pen, a calculator, a meter (like a long metal rail) to measure your faith.

(Is that) correct/right.
Why so?

Speak and it will happen!
You cannot?
Really not?
Have I not told you I will be with you until the ends of this world?

You want to be alone (by yourself)!
Why do you (always) want to do alone (everything by your own strenght)?
Let my word be in your heart and you will see that there is nothing impossible for you (like it is for me).

When I feed with bread and fish 5000 people, how much more you could do (for the needy), if you would be One (with each other) and my word would come from your heart out of your mouth.
Poor/needy you will have always (with you). If you want to do something (good) for them, then stop be affront, the reviling, and rail not against each other.

I keep my word (promise). 
Yes, I keep my word that I have given to you.
Receive it as what it is and do not produce a hocus-pocus out of it.
You twist, bend it as much as you can.
I am (very) surprised about how many ideas (interpretations) you have to modify/manipulate my word into something you want it to be.
Everyone is looking at it like it is something exotic.
But only because you don’t live it.

Live my word, love my word and carry it in your hearts.

You don’t need to memorize it when it is in your hearts.
Your heads (brains) are full with things that I have NOT spoken.
You have created it by your own (interpretations and your own will). You cannot become One if my word is only in your heads.

I have (created) a chamber in the hearts of every person (where my word can be written and alive).
And these chambers – all of them are the same (in every person).

(But) The heads I have created for each individual (person) are different.
And for this reason you can only become ONE in/from your hearts with each other.

Look at the past what you have done wrong.
And (then) look at me and you will see in me through me (my eyes)  that there is nothing that I cannot erase.

And then You will have (you see) a white sheet written down, and only My Name Ywxj (the Name Yeshua written on that sheet).

No sin, no debt, nothing you have done wrong.
Only my blood, My Name (Yeshua’s Name written with His (own) blood).

There is nothing, the accuser can claim if you give it to me.
I will erase every single sin, every debt. 

He (the enemy) knew that, but over and over he lies and let’s you know/think you are still guilty.

But this is not true!
I paid the price once and for all!

If you believe in him (the enemies lies) you have not yet received my love in fullness.

What can you do
 as he (the enemy)  will come  over and over to you, presenting his lies of what you did to me, saying:
“How can you be a believer if you sin all the time…
You’re a hypocrite.
Look at your life with all your lies.
You will never be able so stand before Him (your God) .
(Note: you will never hear the devil speak the real true name
of the saviour because he is not able to speak/spell it).


Take a plain (blank white) sheet of paper and say to him (the accuser):
“Look liar; this is/are my sins.
None, because My Yeshua has washed ALL of them away by/with his precious blood.
(But) You (liar) and your pharisees have killed HIM (Yeshua).

(Note: It’s  recommended to never use the accuser’s real name “S_tan”  because it honors him when we use/spell his real name)

And because HE (my Yeshua) is life and He lives. And because He lives I shall live (with him).
And HE (Yeshua) said, I will/shall live with him. And I will be no longer a slave of your lies. 
Have you ever heard about His name? 
Ywxj (Yeshua) is HIS Name! 

He is My Salvation, the ONE who loves my soul. 

Depart from me you evil one!”