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2013/03/18 – This man (Obama) is going to bring my people (of Israel/the jews) back (to Israel)

Prophetic Word given 2013, March 18, 3:15pm
(while relaxing in a park)

This man (Obama) is going to bring my people (of Israel) back (to Israel)

Accidentally I locked me out of the house. while waiting until someone is at home. So I went to a park simply to take a nap, relaxing and enjoy the sunshine. Not thinking about Obama – but that word just came to me.

You shout at him, you curse him, you yell but he (the President/Obama) will not hear.
And even the blessings he does not listen to.
He is not of my flock and cannot hear my voice.
But I have put him into this place to bring my people back.

My people are stubborn, their hearts are hardend.
But the time will come soon that I will open/soften their (stiff) neck and hearts.

You have doubt about his (Obamas) presidency?
How can he be president if I have not put him into (this) place (position)?

If you would know ALL the purpose(s) you would not complain, nor do any research (about/on him).
He cannot do ONE thing unless I give him permission.

Better you shall listen to me instead of his voice.

The time will come when his “power” will be over.
In one moment (in a twinkle of an eye) he will be in the land of his fathers.
What are you looking for (then)?
For a new president?
Look at me and I will tell you what is important for your life.

I said (to you) I will chain the beast (this refers to another prophecy which was given on Dec. 17, 2012/ watch this on Youtube)
This is nothing that you can do.

You, be holy as I am holy and trust in me (Yeshua), that I am the one who will bring you out of darkness into My light.
I am the light, the living Torah* (here he gave a Wordgame “TORah – MenORah”), the Father of all Fathers, the one who was, is and is to come.
* note: “Or” (in Torah and Menorah) means Light in Hebrew

Let those people (politicians) speak, but do not listen to them, because they are telling lies and they are not in My truth.
My pure word is a light.

What you (are) reading (translated bible) has many (dark/blurred) spots, fingerprints of man (looks like a very old touchscreen that has never been cleaned = totally smudged).

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He speaks to you His Word, to know His Hear and His perfect Will and to gove you full understanding of this prophetic word.