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2013/03/16 – Yeshua is coming soon; Have the Torah written in your heart and not on Paper

Prophetic Word given 2013, March 16, 3:00pm

Yeshua is coming soon; Have the Torah written in your heart and not on Paper

Cried out, cried out – unbelievable pain.
Suffered for you that you may live.

Glory, who is Glory, the glorious King as Yeshua alone?
Majesty in midst of temptation.

He (Yeshua) got circumcised and you not?
You say, you wanna be like Him, you will do everything for him but refuse (even) the easy simple things…?
The theological answers (from man to avoid it), things He (Yeshua) has not spoken.

Who is the one you follow?
Is it not rather man instead of יהוה (YHWH) and His Yeshua?

Glory, He is Glory, Glory alone.

How can you take the recommendation of a man higher then the things (what/that) the creator ordained?

My word is (a pure) Light.
I am the Light, the only light that can shine in your heart.
If you have the windows closed and with thick curtains covered,how can I breathe with my living Wind and shine with my glory there?
I want you to know that I do not break into your window like a robber who come’s to steal.
You have to open it for me (I want you to open it for me), so that I know you want me to bring life into your dead soul,healing for your bones, light for your eyes, glory of my love.

Brighter than (all) the stars my light is shining.
Go closer to the sun.
No matter how close you will be.
You will never get that much light from the sun as from me, the son.
The light that shines in the darkness.

In darkness there is no hope, no love and no grace.
It is me (Yeshua) who guides you
in/through this wicked world.
A world full with hatred, lust, gravity to the wrong direction/side.

Let me show you something you have never seen before.
You read that book, you call it my word.
But how can you write “life” as/in letters?
Write my living water on paper and you will see what will happen with the paper!
My word is a fire.
Write fire on paper. You know what will happen with the paper!

My word is too strong to write it down.
You need to have it written in your heart.

Abraham had it written on his heart.
Yehuda had it written on his heart, the other Yehuda, the Skariot had it (written) on paper in his brain (that’s why he betrayed me) (Mt.26:23-25).

Keyfa (Peter) had it in his brain until the master called 3 times from the tower.
At this 3rd. time he realized who he was and my word dropped from his brain into his heart (like something that caused a shock).
(Mt.26:69-75: It means, Keyfa had 3 chances confessing he is a disciple of Yeshua.
The symbolic meaning of “tower” I am not sure)
At the shore I finalized my signature in his heart(John 21:1-.. 15-19)
At the pit I called him. (Mt.16:13-19)

But man turned his calling as my bride into a abomination of desolation.
This happened when they pulled my written word out of the hearts of the fathers and wrote them down (like on paper) in another language as mine.

Since that time my word is located in the peoples heads (and not in their hearts anymore).
Over the thousands of years, again and again I separated faithful men and women and wrote my word in their hearts.

Many of them died (got killed) by man who think (thought) they have my word and know whats right (for example as the inquisition).
No understanding, no love, they beat and killed my separated (holy) people.

One more time I will write my Torah, my word in the hearts of the people, when I (will) turn the hearts of the fathers to the hearts of the sons and the hearts of the sons to the hearts of the fathers.
Mal.4:6 (=English… ! Hebrew & some other languages Mal.-3:24)

Things have changed, things will change and it will be soon.
I have already started to write my (true and everlasting) word into (some) peoples hearts (Jer.31:33,34). 

They are still a few but… the day will come when it will explode.

The foundation of the last and final exodus are already laid.
(personal thought: could this be possible with the new pope?)

You will see it when my people start to become holy.
No-one will be able to ignore it.
But the enemy, the accuser will rise and form all (ALL) his (evil) army’s to go against you.
With amazing tricks he will play games that look like (they are) holy.
Many will be trapped by his lies.
The “prophets” of the enemy will prophecy with accuracy you have never seen before.
But these (false) prophets build only on his own lies.
When/If these (false) prophets will prophecy that this or that president or king will get killed, it will happen even to the day (as they prophecied), because he (the enemy) himself will kill him/them. (this seems to be only one of many examples of prophetic tricks).

Be aware and do not believe his lies!
These (false) prophets will lead people away from my presence (to places) where there is no love.
Place(s) that makes the peoples hearts grow cold.

Trust in Me and be patient, awaiting my coming.
I will take you, when you remain faithful to me.

Moshe and Elyahu are on the way to prepare my coming.

Stay humble, love one another, tell the people of my coming and let them know how much I love them and (how much I want to) be a father to them.
Let them know the simplicity of my word that is close to their hearts and not far away over the ocean or (high up) in the sky. (Deut.30:(all)/ 12,14)
Let them know that I am waiting to write my word into their hearts.

(Let them know:) If they open the window, pull away the curtain
and tear it to pieces, (then) I will come.

I will come with the fullness of My grace.
The grace that was from the beginning, that has no end.
The everlasting love, the power and joy of my salvation (ישועתי /My Yeshua).

Rejoice in me and do not dance any longer on the table of lies.
Live with and in me and come out of your house, that is built on sand.
The sand of the riches of this world will be washed away.
Jump into the rivers of living waters, enjoy that holy bath (in me) and remain there until I come.

I am coming soon!