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2013/03/11 – Humble to stumble, Persecution for the sake of Yeshua or another name?

Prophetic word given 2013, March 11 3:00pm

Stumbling and Persecution

INFO: Words in (parantheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding

On the way to paradise many people are stumbling.
Would you like to know why?
I think there is no question (for you about) who (is the one who) wants you to stumble…
But why?

Why do so many (people) believe in those lies that makes them/one stumble?
You can see your life.
Every day you stumble.
And if you don’t believe this, just in that moment (nowyou stumble, because your pride is rising.

But don’t be afraid, in me you can (are allowed to) stumble.

It makes you humble (to) stumble into my arms.
I catch you like a father does it to his little children when they start to walk.
Climb (up) on a wall and jump down into my arms, (and) enjoy.
And enjoy more as (when) you are aware that the enemy is watching you, when you fall into my arms.

The enemy hates it when he see my children in my arms, enjoying to be with me.
He wants to see us separated, far distanced from each other.
Can you see how much effort he puts in it, to do that?
Rather he would give everything to separate my children from me… then as my children would die for me and for the sake of my kingdom.

Persecution, persecution, you say persecution. 
But truly it is not persecution because of the sake of My Name.
(But) It is persecution (that) you are longing (desire) for.
There is no (does not exist) persecution for my names sake If it is NOT My Name.

You cannot die for me if you do NOT live for me.
As long as you cling unto the world and it’s gold and wealth you cannot die (and live) for me.
Separate completely once and forever from these worldly attractions and then prepare yourself to be ONE with Me.

I will give you My Name.
I will write it into your heart and you will know.
You will know what it means to be my child and (then)
You will know what it means to be persecuted for the sake of My Name.

This (ישוע/Yeshua) is the Name that is above all (other) names.
And you will realize and experience persecution (in Yeshua) is different to the persecution you have been taught.
Man-made persecution is NOT the same as persecution because of My Name.
You will see, you will feel and you will rejoice as soon you will get persecuted  because of My (true original) Name.
The difference between persecution because of My Name and another (translated) name is as different as the names themselves.

 The One (ישוע) is Holy and the other traditional (man-made).

Why then are so many people rejoicing (anyway) in persecution of the traditional name given by man?
You/They have not yet seen the difference of the joy.

I do not tell you that, to make you scared, but keep you safe, to let you know so you shall not be afraid.

When the horror of hell will rise in the last days it will be neccessary to trust in me, (to believe) that I am The One who is able to provide (you) with everything you need.

Keep my Word in your heart. 
Traditions can NOT guard your heart.
It is Me, My Grace, My Torah, My Word, My Angels, My Love, My Son, the sun of rightheousness, the precious pearl you searching for.

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He speaks to you His Word, to know His Hear and His perfect Will and to gove you full understanding of this prophetic word.