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2013/03/08 The את (Alef Tav) Restored

Restoration from the Scripture’s.
את (The Alef and the Tav)
The את (Alef Tav) was in the Original writings of the scripture’s (Scrolls) we received.
In the Beginning was the את (Alef and Tav)

They (את) are two letter’s of 22, making up the Hebrew Alef Beth
א (Alef) is the first letter and ת (Tav) the Last.

These two letters being very significant in Knowing of who our Creator אלוהים (Elohim) (God), יהוהYHWH, ABBA/Father, LORD/ Adonai, Messiah, Savior and King is.

Why is it Important you might ask?
It was taken out of the Original writing’s (by man).
It was in there by the Devine Hand of יהוה(YHWH) who is ישוע(YESHUA) from the beginning for a very Important and Specific Reason!

Should it not be the desire for all Believer’s to know Precisely with all correctness and Truth to WHO He is?
By removing the את (AlefTav) out of the Word of Elohim by man, it has caused a lot of confusion and doubt, which is exactly what happened.
ישוע/יהוה (YHWH/Yeshua) gave man no authorization to Remove it.

We are now living in the days when ישוע/יהוה (YHVH/Yeshua) is restoring Scripture (and all things), as the knowledge is increasing (Dan. 12:4.) and being given for that express purpose.
So we can be Blessed in His Knowledge and Truth.

This being part of the Purpose to restore as much as is Given to know before His Coming.
This message is meant to Restore those Truth’s, for Believers to search for all His Truth.

If you go back to the Original Word’s Given in the Hebrew and Aramaic Interlinear to English you will find Revelation Truth as never before.

Not only will it Bless but also it will set you free from false beliefs (doctrines, traditions, etc.) which many have been in. (To receive His truth by the Ruach HaKodesh)

The את (Alef Tav) is a thread thru-out the whole Original writing’s to be able to give us the Understanding Elohim wanted.
By knowing this we would not only know Him the way He desire’s but also to be in Unity with Him and His Truth.

In the Original Aramaic writing’s from the Apostle’s there are many Reference’s to the את (Alef Tav).
The One’s we received were few and mainly in the Book of Revelation.
Please see Rev. 1:8,2:8, 22:13 ( which all are References to the את Alef Tav).

There are more references (than those 3 mentioned) if you care to look at the Aramaic N.T.
There are websites where you can order an Interlinear or parallel to english version.
For seeker’s of His Truth you can Look at the Interlinear Hebrew (O.T.) to English web site also, it is free.

Note: If you put the Name ישוע (YESHUA) in the place’s where the Letter’s את (Aleph Tav) are given and read them, it will open eye’s to see Clearly.

Then you will Receive Revelation which was alway’s from the beginning in the Original writing’s.

And you will see then the Thread of HIS Unity In Truth all the way thru Elohim’s Word.

May this message Bless and Help to give you deeper Understanding.
This message was in response to the other message about the Divine and Holy name.

All the כבוד(Glory) to ישוע/יהוה(YHWH/Yeshua).
Please Pray and ask ישוע(Yeshua) to Teach you His Truth, Hidden Secret’s and Reveal His Precious Word to receive Knowledge from Him

Note: If you feel led by the spirit at this time it  is always a good idea to renounce the ways of man like Humanism, Philosophy, theology, Religious doctrine’s, tradition’s, etc. Before Reading HIS Word (Scripture)