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2013/03/08 A Re-newed look at the Torah to our foundation and faith

Thru Restored Scripture, to open our eye’s to Revelation Knowledge.

Note: This Message is to Restore (as is available now)
the Original writing’s, given before Translation’s and Interpretation’s thru man, who has changed some of
the Wording, (thru History).
Man has Bias, man has been used by the enemy,
(Parable’s even speak of the enemy sowing….).
These have skewed, even twisted the Word of Elohim.

Elohim’s Word warn’s of it!
Deut. 4:2.
“Not you shall add on the word that I instructing you and not 
you shall remove from it to keep/observe the instructions of יהוה(YHVH), your Elohim, which I have instructed you.”
This message along with other’s is about Restoring.
These Message’s are given so each one can ask their own question’s and seek and Pray to get the answer’s.
The knowledge and Revelation has been given in these last day’s for that very reason, so we can know the Truth, be set free from false beliefs.
To come into Greater Understanding and Return to the real Truth and Unity, in the context of the scripture’s as Originally given, from those error’s we have been in. 
To start, we will ask the question: 
Who is the one in verse 7 & 8 of Psalm 40 speaking of?
In Verse 8 (from the original writing’s), 
What is it that is in Him, His Inward most Being?
Verse 8
(English transliteral)
“To do your desire my Elohim I want and 
the Torah of you in midst of my bowels.” 
( in HEBREW it is verse 9)

לעשות–רצונך אלהי חפצתי ותורתך בתוך מעי
(Almost all) Translation’s have “LAW” instead of תורה(TORAH) which is not accurate nor True in it’s context.

In correctness the answer will tell us, that it is prophesy of the One (ישוע) who is “THE LIVING TORAH”
He, ישוע(Yeshua) is the One who Live’s in Us!
(He is) The Living Word, see Yochanan (John) 1:1-.
This may become Revelation, to those who have not known these things of who Our Messiah/Savior truly is. 

His Original Devine Name is ישוע(Yeshua)
His Name has a meaning: יהוה(YHVH) is Salvation, our Creator, as revealed over time to us.
(Knowledge has Increased in these last day’s, 
see Dan. 12:4, Isa. 42:9, 43:19, Amos 3:7, Matt. 10:26, Rev. 10:7.)
In Isa. 42:21, it is saying from the Original Hebrew:
יהוה(YHVH) desires on account of His righteous(ness) He shall glorify/magnify Torah and exalt it”
(Note: verse 4, prophecy for us to know, in this time, now).
In verse 21, other version’s say: He is “well pleased/Delighted” and will Magnify it and Exalt it!
The meaning/context is very Important for us to know.
Other word’s from the Hebrew, according to concordance: 
“Honour, Make Great, Advance, Excellant, Lift up, Nourish and more!”
The other word Exalt, in that Verse say’s:
“…to make His Torah Great/ Magnificent/Glorious/ to Expand it”. 

It is saying Great thing’s about His Torah, (Yeshua).
It is definetly not saying anything negative, 
(opposed to it) that He would ever want to end His Torah, (Instruction’s) by these word’s! 

So, then we can know it is only Wonderful thing’s He has spoken about His תורה(Torah),
Psa.119:18 and Matt. 5:17-19 will confirm it.

It is not “LAW”,
Man used a word that is not correct nor interpreted in Truth in the Context of the Original Word/Torah.
(Torah is the First 5 Book’s of His Holy Scripture).
Mean’s also “Instruction”, which all his disciples 
were ” taught” from the beginning.
If יהוה(YHVH) is “Well Pleased”and desire’s to Magnify His Torah,
What Happened?
Now, Look at Matt. 3:17 ………
“Well Pleased” is written in most version’s!
In the Aramaic Original writing’s, it is, 
…In whom I Am Delighted!
הנו ברי חביבא דבה אצטבית(Aramaic)
In Matt. 4:4- ישועYESHUA is quoting from out of His תורה(Torah) Deut. 8:3. and other place’s.
…if it is not for all Believer’s?
Because it is His Truth.
(He, Himself, Spoke those Word’s from His own mouth).
Every Word from His Mouth are Pure and is His Truth.
In Psalm 40:8 He is saying
“…His Desire/Delight…. (to be acceptable), to do/keep all the “Torah” with the Commandment’s to please the Father, (to do His will)”.
Because it is within Him, which Delight’s the Father!’
The Father responded by Confirming (in Matt. 3:17) that He is…
well pleased/delighted with Yeshua!
Does this sound like the same context (even a Big Part) of Him being well pleased/delighted with Him.
Yeshua was keeping Torah from childhood as did His family.
Even the Prophet’s before His coming confirm His Torah Truth.
In more of the whole context, Yeshua came in His Fulfilling of all Scripture and Prophesy.
If you understand you should be able to see/know that He had to meet the requirement’s by Yeshua’s Own/Elohims Standard’s.
These were laid out in His Torah to even be able to Qualify to be the perfect Lamb, meaning to become Blameless and תמים תמ(=Tam/Tamim, translated as perfect).
That is what His Torah Instruct’s, see Psalm 19:7-.
So our sin debt could be paid once and for all.
Isn’t it Wonderful that He was Obedient, to Please the Father thru-out His Life!
It would be unimaginable if He had not been obedient!
ישוע(YESHUA) Only taught תורה(Torah) when He came.
He even say’s by His Mouth in John 7:15-17 
and several other place’s where the teaching came from.
There has only ever been one Teacher.
All His Word’s Spoken by His Mouth give Revelation and Knowledge when our Eye’s are open(ed)!
These thing’s may be Hard to receive because of man’s teaching over time.
He is the Living Word,
He is our Father, Isa. 9:6, 22:21.
Pray about His Word’s and seek His Truth and He will Lead (you) into His Whole Truth, if we love Him and love His Truth.
The תורה(Torah) is Truth which came out of Elohim/Yeshua’s Mouth.
See Mal 3:6, Psa. 119:142, Mal. 2:6, Dan. 9:13.
The Torah Truth in Yeshua’s mouth.
See also Isa. 51:16, Deut. 8:3. He also say’s in Matt. 24:35.
“MY WORD’S” will never pass away,
Personal knowledge was given in 2009 when Yeshua gave Revelation, saying:
“My Pure Word is a Light to those who Receive”.
His Pure Words are the Word’s that come from His Mouth
and they are Revelation Truth.
He spoke Torah to משה(Moshe/Moses) directly by His Mouth, Face to Face, which go to our foundation and Faith from the beginning.

Which mean’s His Instruction’s and Teaching’s from Him, making Moshe a Disciple/taught one (just as those before and after him).
The apostle’s confirm His Torah in many Place’s, like Rom. 10:8, what they Preached and Taught which is a quote and goes to Deut. 30:14.
Read the whole chapter 30 which is about Returning (שבTeshuv) and Obeying His Voice and Commandment’s. This Is a Thread thru all scripture, even into the book of Revelation from the Original writing’s!
All disciple’s only Obeyed His Torah, His Way’s, His Instruction’s.
They preached and Lived the Torah as seen in their Writing’s from His Teaching’s.
The Torah was in their Heart’s and their Mind’s, (See Act’s 2:1).
They were of course in Unity, in one Heart with YESHUA, because He put His Torah in their Heart’s and inward Part’s, His New Covenant. Jer.31:33.
As was mentioned, All of His taught ones (disciples) were instructed in His Torah from the Beginning.
Abraham lived Torah even before it was written, see Gen. 26:5,
(Could this be a Part of why He made His Covenant with Him, please read the preceding verses also)?
Also, when Moshe was Taught Torah by ישוע/יהוה(YHUH/Yeshua) He was told to write it on scroll’s.
It was written about 400 Year’s after 
Abraham had to have received it Directly or been taught by His Forefather’s.

There is confirmation, that He had Disciple;s/Taught One’s before the “twelve”, when He came. It is in Isa. 8:16 and other place’s.

Please look at all the verse’s in scripture where He speak’s of His Disciple’s as His Friend’s!
 If all scripture does not confirm Torah as being taught, the thread will then have been cut/broken by man.
 It was not broken by YHVH/YESHUA the author of the Foundation of our Faith.
 Originally Spoken and given as a witness from heaven and earth. Please see Heb.13:8/Deut.8:3.
Ps. 119 is about the Heart of Yeshua, the Living Torah, (See Alef Tav Message).
 What is in Him, His Innermost part’s/being, is who He is.
Ask Him to Reveal, to open your eye’s in verse 18.
Ps.119,18 (English from Hebrew)
“Open my eyes and I will see the wonderful/gorgeous things from/of your Torah”
That is so Beautiful in it’s original wording from Hebrew!
To know His Heart the way He want’s, to be in His Higher Way’s, to delight to do His Will and be “Well Pleasing” Obedient to Him
Again, Please see Psalm 19:7-…
The Torah of YHVH is perfect (Tamim), even to the Restoring of the soul!
Verse 7 in englisch=8 in Hebrew
תורת יהוה תמימה משיבת נפש עדות יהוה נאמנה מחכימת פתי
The Knowledge, that speak’s of Restoring and His Image, from the beginning, thru YESHUA. Who’s Image He want’s to Restore in us that man was created in.
YESHUA even goes further by saying in Isa. 51:4,7
Verse 7 (English):
“Listen to me you, the ones knowing Righteousness, People in whose hearts is my Torah; You shall not fear insult/disgrace of man and their curses/taunts not be dismayed”
He will Teach you His Torah, and is mentioned again in His Covenant in Jer. 31:33-34, to be in our “Heart’s” also to know Him, to become like Him. They will Know His Way’s and Truth, John 14:6.
Yeshua is making a profound and Truthful statement in these Verses, even boldy saying:
You who know Righteousness (in all His way’s), in whose Heart is my Torah, not fearing what man think’s or say’s about it.
He only speak’s Highly of Torah, lifting it up as is His Higher way’s, not being our way’s, Isa. 55:8-9.
He is speaking of the same thing He will do in His New Covenant to those who understand and invite Him to do that inward work.
Only He can perform that in us.
It is a work that make’s us Blameless, complete in His Sight!
All should desire it, if He Spoke such wonderful thing’s in His Word about it. And of course we see, it’s in His New Covenant and even before it. For all who Believe He want’s to do it.
This is the time to Invite YESHUA to teach you His Living Torah/Word.
It is the Greatest Blessing one can receive and is for His Righteous One’s, to be in their Heart’s, as He say’s.
Please Pray and then Invite Him to do His finished work in you.
He gave Revelation Knowledge in 2006, and said:
“Pray to the four wind’s, I (Yeshua) want them (my people) Healed, whole, Righteous and in Unity”.
That has not happened to the many, but it is His Desire.
Some verse’s to help give understanding
that He want’s the same thing’s now as at the beginning:
Ex. 19:5-6 1, Ptr. 2:5, Deut. 18:13 Matt. 5:48, Deut. 7:9 John 14:15, Lev. 11:44-45, 19:18, Ex. 34:6
Given in His Torah to be a Holy People, special (set apart/consecrated).
Does it sound the same as in the new covenant?
He want’s all who are Grafted in, holy, set apart.
As Deut. 4:40 is saying forever in His Commandment’s and Covenant way’s.
Our Hebraic Root’s of our Forefather’s Faith and their children, in His Everlasting Covenant that He Re-newed and Improved thru-out History.

There is another Message to Help give Understanding of His Covenant and what we should know about it.
So we can fulfill our part in Regard’s to our Relationship to it and in Him to Walk with Him. To Receive all the Blessing’s that go with it.
It is all about our Destiny in our משיחא
Meshiha (Aramaic for Messiah).
All comment’s are given to prayerfully help in Understanding.
Please only follow His Truth from His Word’s that are given in these Message’s. His Original Word’s will stand Forever
(Never pass away in the context they were Spoken Originally).
Man’s translation’s and Interpretation’s can/will pass away and have/will change over time, if not confirming His Word’s from His Mouth.
All Glory and Honour to Yeshua Meshiha who is Revealing.
He want’s us to receive only His blessings
that are in His covenant.