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2013/02_24 Perfecting (Part 2)

Second part of the Message about Fulfillment, Us and Loved One’s, Blessing’s and not Cursing’s, A people Ready!

-This is a Time to Rejoice Dear brother and sister! YESHUA is doing Great Thing’s, He Saved the Best for Last!

Just Like the New Wine!

YESHUA Want’s to put a New Song in our Heart’s! A New Testimony. Rev. 15:3, Read Isa. 42 and note verse :9,10
Note also verse’s; 6,16, 21, 23,24 and is for a set time, Verse :22 “RESTORE”!!!

What He has Spoken in His Word’s is being Fulfilled.
Our Destiny’s, See again “Word’s from YESHUA”.
They are for Now, They are for Believing One’s, and to Hungering and Thirsting One’s, who want all He is offering!
Is it His Picture of Completeness, Restoration to be in His Mirror Image? His Prayer in John 17 Perfected!
I give many scripture Verse’s for the purpose of knowing the fulness of His Word and the fulfilling. Please take your time. We can come to the Knowledge and Revelation by what YESHUA is Speaking and has Spoken.

There are Two Thread’s ( Pattern’s ) spoken
of and are Very Important to know to get Understanding.
They are about What He Alway’s wanted in His Higher Way’s and would do for those Obedient to them.
They are to Walk Tawm/Tamiym as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, The Patriarch’s the Disciple’s,all Walked with Elohim/YESHUA, All Taught by Him. The Revelation, they were all True Disciple’s of Only One, Isa. 8:16.

The Blessing’s, He Has are more than we have known. Only YESHUA know’s The many and How Great they are.
Looking at Duet. 30 it is speaking to Us Now.
Have we fully Understood that we may have missed many Blessing’s due to Disobedience to All His Commandment’s and Way’s for Us. We can know by His Word (s) what He did and will do.

His Restoration Work can become Important to Us. In that If we go back to His Original Pattern and Higher Way’s. Becoming Obedient thru the Knowledge that He is giving, Dan. 12:4 the Knowledge is Revelation. To do and be what He Alway’s wanted for Us. It would mean Total Completeness in Us in His Restoring. Therefore in Keeping All His Commandment’s and Way’s To Restored Blessing’s that have been Lost (Not Received). Yet!
From past lack of Knowledge to Knowledge to Obedience to His Will and Way’s to Walk in.

We know YESHUA is the Rock and is Tamiym/Perfect as are His Way’s.
For the Picture, Duet. 32:4- “The Rock” His Work “Tamiym” ….Justice, Truth, Rightousness, without Iniquity…Note :7, Remember Day’s of old…. (Back even to the beginning!, see Jer.6:16) Who can teach us these thing’s? The Only One who Know’s them All! The Only One who taught before they were written. Verse:9,10,11,*12-13-
Who else can do that, Make that Happen? He has Reminded Us in Rev. 12:11, 17, 14:12. 22:14 Why, at the end if it was Not Relevant and Important? The Testimony, is the Testimony of YESHUA and the Patriarch’s, He is speaking of! The Everlasting Gospel, Rev. 14:6 was from the Beginning!

A people Tawm/Tamiym for His purpose’s. Complete in His Way’s! A Light! in His Purpose for these time’s of Darkness!
In Duet. 18:13 “Be Tamiym before your YHWH Your Elohim”, was for then. Patriarch’s had the same Testimony!
Matt. 5:48 for now,
He does not change. I already gave Luke 1:16-17 in the first half, People…. Perfect….Prepared… (” Perfect ” from the aramaic N.T.). Important! and was for a future time, Now.

Yaacov has been Looked at as someone not Perfect (ed)! Not True!
He come’s from the Line of Abraham, Gen. 17:1 …Walk before me and be Tamiym’
Gen.26:3-5, 24…….:5 Because Abraham Obeyed…..All, The Covenant was handed down thru the Line.:24 ……Bless….for my Servant Abraham’s
sake. I am only touching on the verse’s, one need’s to read them for themselve’s.

Gen. 25:27 Yaacov was Tawm as mentioned in the last email.
It say’s in Gen 18:19…….to Guard the way……., to bring what He has spoken…they were Taught, Discipled before there was ever a scroll written. Isa. 54:13, 14.
A Thread thru-out Time. YESHUA spoke, john 7:16,17.
The other Thread is Tawm/Tamiym it goes thru-out, they go together.
To know His Higher Way’s, Psa. 84:5 Blessed………Your HighWay’s are in their Heart. Verse :11 ” For Elohim is a Sun and a shield; YHWH give’s
Grace ( Favor ) and Glory. He withhold’s no good Matter from those who walk Tamiym (Blamelessly). Gen. 18:17-18, 27:28, He hold’s no Good Thing back!
A people to YESHUA! Forever! Psa. 78:5,6, 105:6-15, 135:4. A people Blessed Forever!
Chosen above all Nation’s, Psa. 20:1-, 22:23, 47:4
Choose’s our Inheritance, see “Word’s from YESHUA”, ……Receive your
Destiny. They are Wonderful!

The GOOD NEW’S, He used Plain, Simple People, also in the description of the word Tawm!
(To Disciple, to Perfect as they were! Isa. 8:16 Testimony, Torah. They were all taught by Only One, the Father).
Blameless/Innocent in all His Way’s. Great Truth! The Truth is we have only followed Some of His Commandment’s because of Lack of Knowledge/Revelation. That Only come’s by YESHUA.
There is a message coming about Original True Discipleship, The Revelation and Blessing’s from it and what YESHUA want’s to do that goes to His Prayer.

The Line, Son’s of Elohim, A Seed who were Blessed! Restoring,(WFY),,,,,and became the son’s of man…Now, Fulfilling what He began. Again in Psa. 19:7, Torah “Perfect”, :13, People Tamiym ( Upright ), Innocent!
Duet. 7:7, 33:3, Mark 10:20,21, John 14:15, 21, 23, 15:10.
Duet.33:4 Mosheh Commanded us a Torah, an Inheritance, of the assembly of Yaacov. ;10 They Teach…….
They Receive, Gen27:28, Duet. 33:28 What Blessing’s, What Inheritance! What Destiny’s!

The 12 Tribe’s scattered who have filled the earth, Who are they? They are in Us! YESHUA Know’s! He want’s to gather, Fulfill, Bring to the Knowledge, In His Higher Way’s, in His Everlasting Covenant, for His Purpose and Glory
Pray for His Revelation Knowledge, To Hear….to do His Will, In His Restoring of all Thing’s.

He want’s to do in us what He did in them! Disciple, Become Restored, Complete! His prayer in John 17-. Time of Fulfillment, To Receive the Abundance of Blessing’s for Us and our Loved One’s!

The Curse also is coming in His Judgement in these day’s. We know why thru scripture and History. I mentioned it in the Last time and it also can come to believer’s. See Jer. 6:16-19. Evil can also simply mean wrong. He has continually warned in His Word. He give’s us a Choice, Duet.30! We can choose Life Abundantly!
To Please Him in All our Way’s

YESHUA’S Testimony was to do the Pleasure ( Approval ) of the Father, Psa. 40:8, Torah, Midst of Inward Part’s, Jer.31:33