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2013/02/24 Messages – Introduction

What this messages are all about…

The Purpose of these Message’s for all who want a Closer Walk with our Wonderful   Lord and Savior YESHUA our Messiah. To give Knowledge of His Pure Word to know His Higher Way’s to be able to do His Will and then Walk with Him as did our Fore Father’s the Patriarch’s. “The Way” He gave in His Word, a Pattern from the Beginning.

His Pure Word, that is  His Specific Word’s for us, to Follow YESHUA. As did our Fore Father’s before there was a word written. That Name has been translated into many language’s. So we will use His Original Devine and Holy Name before Translation’s. His Word’s will become the focus of the written word we received as He is the Living Torah/ Word. The Word/scripture’s we received have been Translated and Interpreted. The purpose here is to Bring forth it’s meaning as close as we can to the Original. As all Translation’s from the Original will bring some change’s.

As One look’s at these Message’s  they will become one Message and it will bring Clarity to some thing’s not previously known and that knowledge will even become Revelation to Some.
His Word’s will become A Picture of One Word and One Truth.
My Prayer is that all will get Understanding thru it. The purpose is to  know His Truth ( John 14:6) to Bring Unity among the brother’s and sister’s. One Heart and One Mind.
HE want’s our Whole Heart’s in a Closeness with Him!

I Pray The Verse’s given in the Message(s) will open Mind’s to see the Wonderful thing’s He has for us out of His Word. As close as we can come to His Pure Word’s. To Know His Teaching’s that come thru His Discipleship