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2013/02/04 – (What is) The Power of Elohim – to encourage the Body of the Messiah

Prophetic Word given 2013, Feb.04 around noon

The Power of אלוהם Elohim:

Words in (parantheses) were not literally spoken but are included for better understanding

The Power of Elohim is not only a verse in the bible to quote every now and then or a sermon to preach about.
It is also nothing to write down on a card for christmas, greetings or birthday to remind or encourage someone with it.
You cannot pack This Power easily in a box (like in a paperboard container) to move it to another place or ship it to another country.
That Power you also cannot simply store in batteries and retrieve it due to time (whenever you like/need/want).
It is also not possible to measure or define it in pixels, meters, tons, bits and bytes or any other (human defined) measurement/scale unit
This Power you cannot pour into the ocean to have it equally scattered.
(here I asked him at this point of this listing = “of what HIS Power is NOT, will eventually end”?
His answer: I agree, I will stop here …that you don’t have to sit here and write for days and years…)

This Power is here, it is unique (and exclusive).
Einstein once had a sense of it but did not implemented it.
(He had a sense of the Power of Elohim but didn’t included it into his theory)
Why do “only” such a few people use (occupy) that (My Power)?

Have I not told you, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and you will receive Power and live my word.
Why most people do not want this Power?
Why do you not want this Power of unlimited (vast) Mercy and Love, the Power that set you free?

Why do you hang on to the stars and the moon who give you the times, instead of experiencing my infinity/endlessness?

Did you not know what you, yourself….. teach other people?
(talking about the teaching about 2.Cor.12:9)”…your power (Yeshua) is strong in my weakness” but nevertheless you are all so weak?

You cannot
 still the storms but expect from others to do it?
What a hyprocrisy!
What a pharisaism!

Go to the people, to those who are weak and sick and bound.
Help them, (those who are sick and weak), instead of diving down into your dead letters.
You will not lack or miss anything if you will do that and lay aside your ultimate permanent brain-filling bible studies.

Still “I” (Yeshua) am your teacher.
My Holy Spirit, who guides you into the real truth, He will lead you into freedom.
And “Only” in this freedom you will be able to help others in their weakness (not by your words from the dead letters out of countless bible studies).
Do what I told you to do and don’t worry about the “Knowledge”, which I don’t need from you.

The body
 (of the messiah) is sick and the only (few) ones who are helping are hopelessly overwhelmed in work.
And to many that I have called (to help), many of them finding lots of excuses, by the letters (the translated bibles, etc.), which I have not written.
Letters that sound like they are my word but have no power in themselves.

Listen to my voice and do what I tell you!
When you return to me, then I will restore everything,
Everything the liar has stolen from you.

Many of the burdens you have laid upon yourself I have not put on you.
You, yourself have packed them on you (trying) to please me.
But I am not pleased by these burden’s.
My desire is to remove the burden’s from you and replace them with my love and mercy.
Freedom and Joy and Power in My Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).
Fullness all the time without lack of Power.

This is My Power, that breaks the chains of bondages and makes you beautiful for me as my bride.
The Power unlimited in wisdom and life.
The Light that shines in the darkest night and makes you a target for the enemy, the accuser.

But when this, my Power become’s perfect and complete in you and my pure true light will then shine within you, then the enemy will not be able to hit you (as the target), because my light will be too bright for him and he will not be able to look at you (and target you precisely/ to kill your relationship with me).
Definitely he will miss the mark and hit and decimate his own army that is already at odds with themselves.
You don’t believe that the accusers army is hopelessly at odds with one another?
NO-one who is so full with hateenvy, quarreling and selfishness, (as the accuser is) he cannot have someone else as a partner like a close friend (think about that).
(Yes, they work together, but only because of a need and because they have a much greater hatred against me and my beloved…
and not because they are friends with each other)

But he (the accuser) uses the Disunity of my children and fights against them with all cruelty and great sophistication.
I wish you would be One with/in me and One within yourselves in True Honest Unity
This kind of Unity (oneness) is something that he (the enemy/accuser) fears alot.

So receive my Power, as bizarre it looks for you, because to man is beyond comprehension and unseizable.
(So take it all), that this Power can make you One, like I am One with my Father.

Would you mind dying for me?
כאפא (Keyfa) said this out of his impulsive character.
But he denied me because my Power did not yet have an effect in his weakness, because he had not learned it (what my Power is), even though he had already been a long time together with me.
So open yourself, that you will be able to receive my Power.
And then you have to die for my sake, (but) so do not worry, because this dying will turn into a Joy (My Joy), because the (so-called) loss will bring a prize/reward for you.
The prize/reward of life.

Pray and ask the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to help understand this word.
And if it speaks to you, aks HIM what to do.
I pray for you that your heart will be open to receive the full amount of the Power of Elohim.