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2013/01/23 – What if Yeshua would come tomorrow? ARE YOU READY? Prepared for the end times?

Prophetic Word given 2013, Jan.26 around noon

Are you ready for a weird question?
A question that sounds kinda hypothetic?
Be ready when ???? (Yeshua) speaks to you!

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He speaks to you His Word
to know His Heart and His perfect Will
and to give full understanding of this prophetic word.

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken,but those words are included for better understanding
or as “personal” comments/infos (please read in context)

I tell you what…
What do you think will happen if I (Yeshua) would come tomorrow?
I can tell you:
complete disaster and nothing else then disaster

You know why?
Because no-one would expect me to come (that soon=tomorrow)
(almost all) people would/have to suffer.

Find 5 people who expect (and believe) me to come tomorrow and then………
I would tell you when I will come.
But you won’t find five (people) today, nor tomorrow (of those who will expect me to return so soon)
So what will you do?

Are you ready?

No, you are not, because you lack forgiveness and repentance towards your brother(s).
Snakes are not crawling (openly) on the ground like the one you saw today, and when you come they (usually) flee.
(It happen to me that I saw a snake on the side of the road maybe an hour before I received this word.
Actually Yeshua is speaking here about spiritual snakes. He only gave me that example because it is winter now and cold.
Therefore very unusual to see snakes at all.)

(Real spiritual) Snakes hiding behind everything they can find.
Then, when you pass by, they snap at you (instead of fleeing away) and pour out their poisonous lies over/upon and within you.

How can you avoid that?

Impossible (by your own strength) because there are too many (too many snakes).
Some of them, and they are not a few you can find even in churches.
And those are the most poisonous (of all).

(Because) in and from the world you do not expect much truth.
But from church you would/could not believe that, especially when it comes through pastors and leaders.
Hard to believe but it’s sadly true.

It has not changed in the last thousands of years.
I saw it on earth with my own eyes.

Only the names and the titles changed
(from scribes and pharisees to priests and pastors etc.)
And the root remained the same.
What the root is you may ask?
(It is) Love of money and fame.