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2013/01/11 – PROPHETIC word to give understanding of real UNITY and the FATHER in Heaven

Prophetic Word given 2013, Jan. 11, 9:30pm

Many things seem to me were spoken with a jewish hebrew mindset.
We know Yeshua was a jew and He lived that life as a jew.

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He speaks to you His Word
to know His Heart and His perfect Will
and to give full understanding of this prophetic word.

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken,but those words are included for better understanding
or as “personal” comments/infos (please read in context)

My nation (land), my friends, my joy.
Here today, gone tomorrow and the day after tomorrow somewhere else?
No, (but) I am always here and everywhere.
I see everything and I don’t like seeing everything.
My sorrow are too painful that I have to experience in all things that happen in this world.

I carried the sins (of all people), bleeding unto the deepest depths of the heart, my soul was poured out in love.
But nevertheless they (people) don’t want to sit at the wedding with me at the table.
What’s the reason for their shame?
What bad thing have I done to them?

Is it not incredible how the greatest criminals find more acceptance then me, the one who loves them?
And then both will perish.
The one who made a pact/deal with the devil, the one who marry’s the sweet-talk (words) of the him (the criminal) and sign’s a covenant with him.

But they forget my covenant that I made with Abraham.
Yes, hardly anyone really knows that covenant (with Abraham) at all.
But even the covenant with Noah when I gave him the sign of the bow, they turned around and carried it to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Next year it will shake (I don’t know exactly what will shake and how).
When I dip my finger into the water deep unto the bottom.
shaking that mankind has never experienced before, until now.
shaking (quake?) full of might and love.
When I separate the wheat from the chaff and then reveal the nakedness of those who turn their back on me.

(There is) Might (power) before my face.

But there is rarely anyone before me who I can put the crown of life on them.
A life that serves me, a life full with strength and light.
But also a life that other people want to rob because it scares/frightens them.
But I set times and borders for every person.

Fear not (my flock) for the things that are about to come.
Rejoice. And also rejoice when they (your enemies) will be looking to take your life.
When I am talking about your life I am not speaking about your body, but that which is in a relationship with me.
Because I AM the life.

And this life that is eternal is what they want (to get), those who condemn and persecute you.
The voice of death is saying to them that they can/will get this (eternal) life from you as soon as they destroy (kill) your body.
In this driven manner by that lie, they try to catch your (eternal living) soul for them.
During that time I will be with (you) my beloved to take you out of there and bring you in, into my kingdom, in my arms.
Some (souls) I have to send back (again) because their time has not yet come.

If you have completed everything, then you can come to me.
Everything that I called you to do you have to complete.
But no man, almost no-one knows of what I have called him to do, because they don’t ask.
And most of the few who actually ask me, I will answer them and tell them what they have to do, (but) they don’t do it anyway.
I already told to some of them (even) ten times but they still don’t do it.
I am surprised more, that there are even more people that I haven’t told them anything but nervertheless they do exactly what I’ve called them to do.
You ask, how can that be?
This is very simple: because they really love me with all of their hearts and know My Will.
Because they are obedient in small things.
Obedient to keep my commandments, (which means first of all) to love me and their neighbour and not become one with the world and the ephemeral desires of this world.
Because they do not pursue dishonest gain (in the world).

Those are (even) rarely the famous (great) evangelists or preacher but those like the poor widow who gave everything she had to me.
They who trust me in All things.
Those who mourn with me and rejoice with me, about the same things that I mourn and rejoice.
A joy not in the spotlight of man but a joy about, that is to come and (especially) a joy of the one who is about to come (Me, ישוע/ Yeshua).
A very deep joy of the founder and perfecter of life.

Yes, I am coming soon, very soon!
In/on whom, how many will I find with such a joy?
No, I don’t come tomorrow and also not the day after tomorrow and I also don’t come next month.
But also I am not coming in 10 years.
Long ago before ten years I will not come anymore to take my bride, because she will already have been united with me.

Did you not hear the noise of rain?
As soon as you hear it, be alert.
This is the time when I will come back.

אליהו (Elyahu) knew when the rain would come because he prayed for it (and he had his ears opened).
O, wish I could see more of those who call unto me (for the desire that I come/return).
The waiting would be shortened.

Call unto me and I will hear.
Many (people) prophecy that I will return soon, but only a very few call to me that I shall come.
How should my father know, if you want, that I shall come or not?
There are only a very few with this deep deep desire to become One with me and celebrate my wedding.

Instead they (most people) cling onto this fleshly life and all the things that are connected to it.
Do you think it is more beautiful on earth instead of with me (in heaven in my presence)?

If ALL those who actually know it, their heads filled with knowledge about my return would call me.. yes, if ALL would call me simultaneously…
Oh no, not only call together in unity and love in the way that everyone knows it better then the other… (people come together but they are not in unity because everyone think he knows better what unity and love means then the other/ everyone else)

You would not have to wait any longer.
Truly I say to you, if you (all together) in Unity with One voice would call me...
I would be there

If you could understand that this means.
If you would know the power of prayer in love and unity
long ago you would have repented in sackcloth and ashes and abandoned all your theological nonsense.

I have told you already: Whatever you ask in MY name you will receive. I don’t give you snakes or skorpions.
I give you what you ask for.

But you quarrel even about the (my) Name (and the form)
You say: shall we now pray in the (name of the) Father or Abba or YHWHHoly SpiritJesusYeshua or LordGodor… (this list goes on and on)?
(you think yourself) What is the best?
Which one is most efficient and of experience the most approved, which form got the best results (from a human perspective)?

You Hypocrite!

Love me, love your neighbor, become in unity, forgive one another and confess your sins to each other.
And then gather together (as a loving unity).
Then I will reveal MY (true) Name to you that your prayers can become fulfilled in one moment.

My arm is not too short, that I am not able to save!
Nobody can be too far away from me that I would not be able to reach him.

Look at the stars in heaven/sky how they start to fall
(the word for “heaven” and “sky” in German is one and the same word, so it could mean the one or the other or both).
The more your prayers shoot up to heaven the more stars will fall down.
(got here a picture like if people shoot birds or something like that/flying objects).

Ask and it will be given, seek and I will be found, knock and I will invite you and open the door wide.

Pray for those who torture and persecute you, and I will keep my hand between you and them, that they will only be able to blame/revile you but cannot touch you (your body).
Did you not say in your childhood, when there was another stronger then you, standing against you: wait, until my big brother or my strong father comes….then…
Am I not your big brother, your strong father?
(I am) the Father (not like many earthly fathers), who does not ignore his children or stand passive beside and not act.
But I am not (only) a father who puts their children in the lap/bosom of the mother after they have fallen down or someone had beaten them.
I am more than this.

If you would recognize and trust me as your (holy mighty) Father, then I would position myself between you and your enemies.
Peace and protection, perfect and complete.

But you pass by me and go directly into the arms of the enemy (instead into my arms), as soon as they start to affront you from afar, instead of you rejoicing in me, to grab my hand and go together with me where I am.
(Yes, all this you have learned and seen from your fathers and likewise you do it the same now).

You don’t believe that it is possible to remain permanently with me?
Forget those (humanistic-psychological) theological lies and trust in me, the Father, whom it is NEVER too much to be surrounded by his children.
Very close in my hands, in my arms, on my lap, upon my shoulder.
There is no greater joy (for me) as this.

But I am sad because there are only such a few (people) who recognize, accept and do it.

Come to me, before my coming on the last day and will cast you out, away into the eternal flames where there is no return.
COME, because there is only a little time left!

As good as no-one believe, when the horde of evil go out (now/soon?) for their last beastial act of deceivement.
deceivement where even those who could barely stand, those who are extremely strong in faith and trust in me.
Only those who are in my hands, in my arms, on my lap or upon my shoulder will be able to stand.
Therefore, if you hear my voice, do not hesitate to come to me (instead of hardening your heart) and remain with me.

Trust me in all the storms that are about to come.
The waves that will wipe everything away which is not founded on my rock.

I am sending all my/the angels to do what they are called to do.
But you, man, trust in me and come to me before it’s too late.
Everything else surrender to me.
I know what you need even before you ask.