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2012/12/28 – I’m Sick of your titles, Yeshua is our teacher and shepherd

Prophetic Word given 2012, Dec. 28, 7:10pm

Read carefully, 
Seem to me a good amount of poetry within this word …
and don’t forget to proof the prophecy!

It is terrible (awful), almost unbelievable, that so many people have preferred the place of the eternal fire (hell).
Each individual person had (at least) 2 or 3 possibilities in his life to come to me.
Nevertheless I am doing nothing that would lead people away from me.
I omit nothing in trying everything to bring them closer to me.
Some I call(ed) two or tree times others fifty or even hundred times, anyway they don’t turn away from their iniquity.

The Brothers Grimm, Snow White and Mother Holle (fairytales and their authors), what do they have to do with it?
They bring children into an illusionary world.
Yes, children need inspiration for their fantasy…and they love it.

People like you, who tell them (the children) stories about me and my greatness.
Stories where they can dive in to the world of angels.
Floating, flying, doing signs and wonders.
Not out of witchcraft and idolatry (like fairytales), but in true love to all people and the (my) creation.
Things that let the (their children’s) faith grow stronger and blossom.

When they start to speak to animals and understand what they (the animals) answer.
Like Balaam as he spoke with his donkey.

When they speak words into darkness, Words of light, Words of Salvation, Words of truth, Words of faithBlessings to My People.
Who is not against me is for me, if he allow me to effect (freely) their life.

And (then) I will provide him (them) with all the necessary equipment, to go and carry the truth of my light out, into the darkness.
“I could of I should of… Almost this and/or that….” excuses do not help if someone does not want.
I will remove the fear if someone is willing and ready.

It shall become visibleglorious splendid the things that I will work through simple people.

You give yourself titles (like pastor, etc.)
But titles does not bring you closer to me.
Willingness of the hearts and Love to me is what I am searching for and what brings you closer to me.

I am sick of your titles. I cannot hear of them any longer. 

Am I not the good shepherd who leads you to the still waters to the green pastures?

Where are all the thousands of thousands of shepherds coming from. 

Those who guide the flocks over stony deserts and dry valleys into dirty unclean cities, where there is almost no fresh grass, no tasty water?
Only desolation and desperation.
Please Look, how they hunger and thirst for my righteousness and you refuse them when they start to search independently (for themselves)

I pick you up and bring you to me and show you what you have to do.
Why do you hang on man’s opinions and traditions?
Have I not spoken, have you not heard my words?

Why do you trust in the dead letter
 and do not flow in my love (which is my living word)?
Is my love not enough that you trust in traditions?
(that you think you need to keep on trusting in traditions)
Do you not have anything else other then old rituals (traditions)
and let my children desperately go astray (to meander)?

Look at the Manna that I give you daily.

But No, you store it into your barns and depends on your mood, you scatter (share) it. Then instead, burn your barns and (then) build on my promise.
I promised that I will be with you until the ends of the earth but you prefer to choose the end according to your own desires
When do you free yourself for my coming, for my love, for all that I have for you?

You cannot receive anything because
 you did not plead (wholeheartedly).
I know your afflictions and your needs.
Why do you cry/yell always (for your needs) instead bringing me precious souls?
Souls that are much more precious then your junk all your works of traditions.

You gave titles to yourself 
and you also gave me a title.
Shall I mix with you to do as I would be one of you?
Yes, I did that (~2000 years ago) and you have not expected more from me then from man.

So are your prayers
 not more than if you were asking (for things) between each other.
Do you have a coin (human values) for me?
Can I borrow this or that?
Can you help me out here and there?
Can you explain to me this or that?
Human explanation from people about human fleshly problems.
Do you think all of the sudden you can fly because of this or that?

If the blind leads the blind, will not sooner or later both of them go astray or fall into the ditch?

Why do you not trust me for the one Who I Am?

יהוה (YHWH) is my name
 and I can do what no man is able to do!
You don’t have to beg me (always) for things that you already have.

I don’t need your knowledge.

But I need your hearts that I can start to prepare the End (of this world).
(I am searching for) People who are willing to marry the King of all kings.
Decorated with the splendor of His (divine) majesty/ glory

Be aware that you do not get deceived

Lies are growing
 and growing in this world like Babel once grew and the knowledge is growing.
But this all is like grass, today it grows and tomorrow it will be cut off, (or) like the flower, today it blossoms but tomorrow it is withered.

Seek first my kingdom
, my wisdom, my righteousness, my light and my love and you will have everything you need.
Because I stand on my word.
I remain faithful to those who love me and keep my commandments (Word).
Man, what are you that you made me so small – so little, that I am even smaller then yourself.

Who is listening
 to my words?
I speak to you, you, who you have called yourself my children.
To you, those you gave yourself titles as pastors, shepherds, teacher, evangelists and apostles.

I am your teacher! I am your shepherd!

My Holy Spirit enables you to carry my eternal good news (gospel) into this world.
The Truth of My Name! 
The Truth of my Love,
I Am The Truth.
An everlasting kingdom, where there is no suffering, no pain, no unrighteousness, no mourning.
And I will wipe away the tears from all of them who were weeping for every soul who perish (got lost).