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2012/12/24 – Christmas, the feast of peace ?

Prophetic Word from Yeshua,
given 2012, December 24, 7:20pm.
while taking a shower.

This word is not about a discussion whether Christmas is a pegan feast
or if it might be a good oppurtinity to share the gospel
or if it the accurate day of his birth or like some assume
the conception of the Messiah in the Womb of Mirjam (Mary).
I haven’t asked Yeshua to give me a word about that subject,
…was not peasant to finish the shower so quick to grab something to write.

INFO: Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding

Within the prophecy about Christmas He spoke of another subject.
It is in it’s own seperate post.

Christmas, the feast of peace ?

No,……………it is everything else than this.

Outwardly it is so nicebeautifully decorated but christmas is everything else than a
»feast of peace«
It is not about the discussion if this feast points to the correct day (of my birth) or not.

I have not desired that feast.
Mankind prefer to celebrate my birthday instead of my wedding.

But as much as it is named »feast of peace« there is only very little peace in the land.

Look how much war is in this world, and even by them, who celebrate christmas as a pleasant (reflective) feast it is literally war.

You cannot see that but I see that, because I am looking into the hearts of men and not on the artificial smile (simper).

Inside in the hearts it is very dark.

You see many fathers and sons smiling at (towards) each other but deep inside they are deadly enemies.

There is hatredanger, no desire of reconcilliation, unforgiveness, disputes, envy, jealousy, embarrassment (imbroglio).

And this is the majority.
The same is with daughters, women, with many spouses, within relatives and friends, in almost all families.

And (most of) those who go into church on this day I would rather cast out (from church) immediately

He gave me a picture here (for that) when he cast the money changers and sellers out of the temple. Mt,21:12

But because the priestspastors and reverents do not preach my (true living) word I do not go in there at all.(in their services, etc.)
It disgusts me and I will spit them out of my mouth (Rev. 3:16).

They have perverted my birth, they have reviled me.

All glory that was present at my birth they splashed with black ink (paint).

Why I did not want to have this feast?
Because I knew what man would create out of it.
Man created that (feast) – and through the years it became a pure *media* spectacle, a consumer-mentality, highest grade idolatry.

NOTE: **
the way he spoke the word *media* (in German as given) it sounded it could mean either… the common media like the news OR something like an occult vessel (plural) OR both.

 Christmas, a feast of suffering, a feast with the sound of DEATH .

There is no other day (within the year) where more people jump into Hell as on this day(s).

Think about why I did not (never) want it…
I am weeping over every single soul!

Peace and love cannot be found in consumer (possession / materialism), nor within relatives, nor with friends.

(True) Peace and Love you can only find in me.
I am faithful and keep my word.

He, who comes to me I will not reject (cast out) but we will have communion and he will/can call me father (Abba).
father who cares.
father who is faithful, loyal and keep’s all his promises.
But also a father who is rightheous.

You cannot expect to get a gift (from me) if you do not do what I tell (told) you.
(It is the) A gift that is hidden deep in the heart.
present that is the true fulfillment and completion in your life.
A gift that you will bring back to me because it is (for you) too precious for you.
It is holy and perfected, it is my love.
My love!